There are plenty of headphones that though possesses the required features but does not allow adjustability. Nowadays, there are many brands that make models that are stiff models that are confined to certain shapes and sizes of the head. 

The key to having a great set of headphones is their level of comfort, output quality, and adjustability. To have the right product, here are some features that will help you to get the best headphone.

Features are…

Adjustability and comfortability 

It is difficult to explore the headphones that fit if you have a big head. Make sure the headphone you are going to buy has an adjustable headband. These are the ones that come with a large headband. Otherwise, 

The sound quality and sensitivity

The high quality should not be compromised. The sensitivity and the sound pressure level (SPL) are similar terms that are used for headphone specs that help to indicate that how loud a headphone can go. 

Mostly, the range of headphones lies within 85-120dB per milliwatt. 



This is the electrical resistance that is displayed in Ohms. the high impedance shows more resistance that implies more power. Below 32 ohms requires less power whereas the headphones with the 120 ohms are high-end. 

Frequency Response

The frequency response is measured in hertz. Many headphones have a response of 20 to 20000 Hz that actually matches the hearing of a human begin. 


The noise-cancelling headphones possess electronic chips and microphones embedded in them, creating an inverse sound wave and feeds it back into the headphone that cancels the sound. 

This feature works perfectly with the constant, low frequencies yet is less effective for the mid-range frequencies and the above. So, maintaining concentration and focus on your work and require battery power. 


The drivers are the most important component that pairs with the headphones that turn electrical signal in the sound pressure (creating the sounds). The drivers indicate the diaphragm that is measured in millimeters. The larger the driver the larger the better the sound. 

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