Hotter countries located close to the equator line on earth have a difficult time living without any repercussions. Fortunately, humans always invent genius things to make life easier. One of them being a cooler but what is better than a cooler? A cooler on wheels of course!

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50 Quart Xtreme

☞ Insulated lid and wall 
☞ The capacity of 84 cans
☞ Heavy-duty so good for any terrain

Is that what came searching for? heavy duty coolers with wheels? You came to the right place!

Packed with the necessary information and top list of products, this article will guarantee to give the best knowledge on what product best suits you among the Top 7 large coolers on wheels.


We understand what you might need and that you purchase the correct item which are large coolers with wheels so we narrowed some points that you should read and consider before jumping straight to the product section.


Most people just want a normal cooler that would fill the basic need of keeping bottles of any liquid cold but some like to straight-up show-off and buy the priciest one they can get their hands on. Depending on what you prefer, is it economical? high rated? High quality? Or is it big enough? You have the answer to that question so make sure to know your needs very well.


When it comes to coolers, everyone would prefer big cooler with wheels because why not? It might be problematic to move it here and there due to its size. That is why you need wheels to support that weight and good quality ones as well.


The correct type of wheel is also important as just any wheels are not reliable. Check whether the product’s wheels seem smooth and big enough to provide a hassle-free situation. Consider the terrain as well because taking a home-based cooler on wheels on a hiking trip wouldn’t be fun for the cooler.


Yes, wheel number matters like previously mentioned with the type, its beneficial to know the number of wheels you might need as most have two wheels and some have four which are mostly extra-large and used for parties or backyard BBQ. Two-wheel based are easy for transporting, for example, the boot of a car.

  • Cooling Capacity

This refers to how many beverages or bottles you can place in the cooler to keep them cold. As there is a wide range of products that have different capacities, its safe to say you can find the right one.


What good is a cooler if it doesn’t do its job? Make sure that this feature is not overlooked or shown unconcern as it’s a vital quirk that a cooler must have to keep your drinks cold for extended periods.


Lastly, the cooler needs to be a certain standard of durable because going on trips and rough terrains, will it last longer or will it be damaged by the time you reach your destination? A lot of various materials are used to make the cooler so be sure to see which company has promising material of which the cooler would be made of.

That should do for heavy-duty coolers with wheels checklist. This should help you a lot when choosing the product. We made a shortlist of products that are best in the market and here are the Top 7 heavy-duty coolers on wheels.


50 Quart Xtreme

☞ Insulated lid and wall 
☞ The capacity of 84 cans
☞ Heavy-duty so good for any terrain
Price on Amazon
52 Qt Quantum

☞ Lockable telescope handle
☞ Wheel for easier transportation 
☞ Shelf inside to utilize more space
Price on Amazon
Coleman 100-Quart

☞ Heavy-duty wheels 
☞ 5 days of cooling 
☞ Leak-resistant channel 
Price on Amazon
80 Quart Qt Rolling

☞ The capacity of 20 gallons 
☞ Keep cold for days
☞ More convenient features
Price on Amazon
Glide Pro 110

☞ UV and infrared technology for sun protection
☞ The special foam inside the body
☞ Horizontal telescope handle
Price on Amazon

☞ The capacity of 37QT / 35L
☞ Heavy-duty build
☞ LLDPE materials allow for food safety
Price on Amazon
GiNT Rolling Cooler

☞ 53QT of capacity
☞ TPE exterior design 
☞ Two tie-down loops
Price on Amazon

1. 50 Quart Xtreme 5 Day Cooler with Wheels by Coleman


  • Insulated lid and wall
  • The capacity of 84 cans
  • Heavy-duty so good for any terrain
  • Has cupholders
  • Handle for pulling


  • Extra insulations provide cooling guarantee
  • Quite a high capacity
  • Economical price


  • Low-quality material
  • Heavy for its size

Price on Amazon

Coleman coolers are quite highly rated due to their amazing features. This one contains the ability to keep bottles or cans cold for 5 days straight! Because of its multi-insulation with the temperature at relatively 90-degree Fahrenheit. Big party means bigger capacity needed and henceforth, it can keep itself filled on about 84 cans roughly.

Heavy-duty in terms of rocky or sand terrain, it does keep up well even when it’s loaded. If it gets dirty, use E-Z clean wipes to scrape off any dirt due to its smooth material build and its lid can support 250 pounds so just take a break and sit on it without the worry of it breaking. Cupholders and locking telescope handle provide an extra edge to it as it’s now made more convenient to use.

Overall, all that you need in a cooler is present here so why not buy it? Link below!

2. 52 Qt Quantum Roller by Igloo


  • Lockable telescope handle
  • Wheel for easier transportation
  • Shelf inside to utilize more space
  • Cool Riser Technology
  • Tie-down loops


  • Wheels help with moving
  • Quite inexpensive
  • Not extra heavy


  • Low-quality material
  • Wheels not for other terrains

Price on Amazon

Nothing is wrong with having a simpler and economical cooler with wheels. It could be that you might have limited funds to invest in a cooler and your users would be less than the companies that are just throwing expensive coolers with extra fancy specs at you without listening to your demand.

This small and value-for your money cooler has telescope handle for a suitcase like rolling feature, wheels might not be high quality but these are good enough. It’s cool riser technology progresses and enhances cooling, has a ledge inside to keep additional items for cooling beverages or condiments. Lastly, internally fitted tie-down loops that enable us to hang more gear to the surface of the cooler.

Like they say, “It isn’t much but its honest work”, this little guy might not be exploding with capacity or size or any other features but it’s quite low-priced and that’s exactly what you were looking for. Give it a look yourself below!

3. Coleman 100-Quart Xtreme 5-Day Heavy-Duty Cooler with Wheels by Coleman


  • Heavy-duty wheels
  • 5 days of cooling
  • Leak-resistant channel
  • Have-a-seat supports 250 pounds
  • Large tow handle


  • Big capacity of 160 cans!
  • Can handle rough terrain
  • Keeps cold for 5 days


  • Big capacity of 160 cans!
  • Can handle rough terrain
  • Keeps cold for 5 days

Price on Amazon

The last one was a low-end cooler but this is the exact opposite of that cooler as this monster of a cooler holds up to 160 cans and keeps them cold for 5 days due to extra insulation installed inside. Has a lot of other features as well, you can sit on it, has built-in cup holders, and has heavy-duty any terrain handling wheels for that extra protection during an adventure or party, etc.

Another useful feature is its leak-resistant channel that lets out any extra amount of water without having to tilt the cooler. This works best for hot days where its hard to keep it cool and the ice keeps turning into water, this quirk should be adopted by other cooler manufacturers as well. Compact and less space taking design, made in the USA with pollution-less production of the coolers.

To conclude, if its big events or family picnics, either way, no one can deny it’s an absolute beast as far as insulated cooler on wheels are concerned. No doubt, this is one of the heavy duty coolers with wheels in the market. Grab yours below!

4. 80 Quart Qt Rolling Cooler by Clevr


  • The capacity of 20 gallons
  • Keep cold for days
  • More convenient features
  • High-quality material
  • Smooth 4 wheels
  • 4 different colors


  • 4 wheels for extra ease transportation
  • Store up to 70 cans and 50 bottles
  • Easy lids and handles
  • Lockable wheels


  • High pricey
  • Takes a lot of space

Price on Amazon

This ice chest is made specifically for parties or BBQs, large capacity holds more drinks then you can have and is quite stylish looking. It might take some space in your home or the backyard but it holds more than 120 total beverages and keeps them cold for days. Has a nozzle to drain the excess water, the body is made of smooth steel that was powder coated.

The convenient features it has included a storage tray that can hold more bottles, has double hinges that give access and are detachable, a bottle cap opener, a separate cap catcher after popping a few bottles open by the opener and the drain nozzle already mentioned. That is a lot to take in for not just any cooler but one of the top-rated coolers with wheels you can get your hands on.

Robust, dense body and the icing on the cake is its wheels, 4 large and super smooth working wheels allow it to roll over wherever you please. Lock them once there and forget worrying about it rolling down the street.

Just another perfect cooler but is it worth the money? Try it yourself to find out! Link below.

5. Glide Pro 110 Roller by Igloo


  • UV and infrared technology for sun protection
  • The special foam inside the body
  • Horizontal telescope handle
  • 2 even wheels
  • Drain plug


  • In-expensive and affordable
  • Large wheels allow for easy shifting here and there
  • Easy to clean
  • Body’s material prevents degrading


  • Heavy in terms of transporting in a car
  • Side handles not sturdy

Price on Amazon

This eye-catching and fancy igloo cooler packs more than you might imagine, with foam inside the body assists the drinks to keep extra cold. Its body protects itself from the harmful UV and infrared rays of the sun which in turn keeps it from wearing out. A great feature is a telescoping handle, that igloo has recently come out with, needs 50 percent less effort to lift it. Comfortable grip for towing this cooler and great smooth wheels allow for smooth as silk rid.

Let’s not forget the most important thing, a capacity which can hold 110 total bottles or cans. The terrain does not affect its wheels so take it out anywhere, it is also worth mentioning that this cooler is highly rated and there are reasons for it. Its high quality and barely lacks anything that the insulated cooler on wheels might possess. Weighing a mere 30 pounds, some might even call it lightweight compared to other larger ones that weight more than most mountains.

That’s about it for this baby, if you like it then buy it as I do recommend amongst the other coolers. Link below!

6. VIVOHOME 37 Quart Can Cooler on Wheels By VIVOHOME


  • The capacity of 37QT / 35L
  • Heavy-duty build
  • LLDPE materials allow for food safety
  • Convenient hatch open


  • High-quality overall
  • Heavy-duty design means it can handle the terrain
  • Drain hole to remove extra water


  • Limited capacity compared to others
  • Over-priced

Price on Amazon

Do not let its price take your mind of it as to why should you pay for such an expensive cooler that has less capacity? Let’s us tell you exactly why you should buy it. Excellent materials used to create this cooler, high-grade LLDPE that ensures food is preserved and protected.

Durable and sturdy, UV light has no effect on it and hot and cold-resistance. Its sturdiness allows it to take a few hits before being left useless as it uses rotomolded construction which no other cooler in this category possesses. High-end insulation ensures cooler works for what it is intended to do.

Keeping food and drinks cold for days which we like in coolers to have.

This cooler checks into heavy duty coolers with wheels list and buy it before it’s sold out! Click the link below!

7. GiNT Rolling Cooler with Handle by GiNT


  • 53QT of capacity
  • TPE exterior design
  • Two tie-down loops
  • Extendable handle


  • Lightweight
  • High quality and sturdy wheels


  • Less capacity compared to others which have more than 100
  • Not a lot of features given its price point

Price on Amazon

Yes, it looks like an orange and black Bugatti Veyron because its color is what will catch people’s eye.

Good insulation helps keep drinks or food-related items cold for up to 36 hours with 86-degree Fahrenheit. Its durability keeps it up there with all heavy-duty coolers, comes with a small table that can be used for keeping food or drinks on top of it.

Not to forget its wheels are specially made for any terrain, even though it does not have detachable hinges that make cleaning from the inside easy. Big handle and those any-terrain wheels make moving it a laidback task.

Big drain nozzle as well to remove that water after the ice has melted away and another fun feature is that they have a hidden tray to hide those snacks from the kids or anyone. Food basket in it keeps the food dry instead of damp and wet and keeps it a nice cold temperature.

They have shown and proved an ice retention test that keeps the ice from being completely melted for 8 days! Its nominal price coupled with its not-over done features plus it looks attractive, for this price is a steal given the quality standards it has so I do recommend this one and I might just get this one for myself. Limited stock and it is selling fast so grabs yours quick!


  1. Are Lifetime coolers ever on sale?
    Ans. Yes, on amazon and mostly on the brand’s website.
  2. How long can a cooler work?
    Ans. Depends on the cooler’s type and thickness. Insulation varies from cooler to cooler.
  3. Can I leave it in the sun?
    Ans. UV protected coolers are safe and most are.
  4. Can I use dry ice in my cooler?
    Ans. Maybe, if the specs suggest you could use it then it should work.
  5. How should I store my cooler when not in use?
    Ans. The garage is recommended.
  6. What is the best cooler for the beach?
    Ans. Going fishing or for a beach party, it depends on your choice.
  7. What is the best beach cooler with four wheels?
    Ans. The coolers with two wheels and not four has a handle and is fully insulated.
  8. How to clean beach coolers?
    Ans. Rinse from inside if went to the beach with it, drain the water from the nozzle.
  9. How much ice should I put in my cooler?
    Ans. About 10 – 12 pounds, it also depends on how many drinks you want to put in the cooler.
  10. If the cooler tips over, will it leak out water from the inside?
    Ans. No, all coolers are made with that in mind, they do not leak unless they are broken or damaged.



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