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Finding the best budget spinning reel for fishing is not a chore with the best guide and reviews. If you are looking for the best spinning reel under 100, there are multiple choices for every type; fresh-water fishing, inshore, offshore, and surf saltwater fishing. 

Understanding the major components of the fishing reel is important to have enhanced performance functions that are discussed in the guide. 



Daiwa BG Fish Spinning Reel 

- Material: Synthetic
- Fishing Line Type: Braided

- 6:1 gear ratio

BUYER’S GUIDE For Best Spinning Reel Under 100

We will help you choose the best spinning reel under 100 that offers high-end performance along with exceptional construction, essential components, and least maintenance functionality. 

Let’s have a look at the best spinning reels under $100 for every kind of fishing regardless of where you will be using them. 

Spinning reels differ from baitcasting reels in a good way. They offer versatility and the simplest functionality for the best spinning reels under $100, which adds to the convenience when it comes to casting any kind of tackle, including lures and live bait rigs. 

Why Spinning Reels Are Better Than Other Alternatives

  • Easy to use
  • More durable and sturdy
  • Require minimal practice and experience
  • More balanced and comfortable

Things to consider before buying 

While making a purchase for the best spinning reel 2021, here are some of the features you must not overlook.

Construction material

A solid body and a strong bail wire add to the strength and durability of the reel when it comes to operation. There are two most common materials used to make a spinning reel reliable.


  • It is more durable than other alternatives
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Suitable for demanding environmental conditions
  • Best spinning reel saltwater


  • Lighter in weight
  • More suitable for freshwater fishing

Gear Ratio

Gear ratio refers to the number of times bail spins on the spool in order to retrieve the line, with every turn of the reel’s handle. It determines how much power you can put into the battle with the fish on the line. 

Larger ratios offer faster retrieving of reels and they are suitable for any smaller fish. 

Smaller ratios are useful for heavier tackle and larger species line. For instance, ratios between 4:1 and 5:1 offer slower yet powerful retrievals. 

Drag Systems

When a fish attacks the lure, it is important to hold the line firm against the attack, until the line comes off the reel when the fish is hooked. It plays an important role in better performance as there is a lot of pressure being put on the reel.

Spinning reels come with two different drag; front and rear. 

Front drag uses larger washers and is considered more durable when it comes to strength. Whereas, the rear drag system is a lot easier to adjust on the fly in the fight with the fish. Rear drag is also useful if you are using light or ultralight tackle and line. 

You can find the best ultralight spinning reel under $100 for line and tackle under 100 without compromising the quality. 

What you must not overlook is the smooth adjustment on the line, which holds the line tighter without losing its setting. 

Ball Beatings

Ball bearings give the reel a smooth operation and convenience. A cheap reel without some decent bearing can be frustrating. The quality of the bearing plays a significant role in determining the smooth performance. You can find the best cheap spinning reel without compromising the quality by balancing various factors. 

Evaluating bearing performance is determined by the quantity and quality. Higher the number of bearing better the performance. High-quality bearings are essential for saltwater because corrosion can significantly affect performance. 

Line Capacity 

Matching the right rod with the spinning reel, an angler can use the line for as low as 2 pounds of weight or as heavy as the largest saltwater fish. The line capacity of the reel affects the size and shape of the whole setup. Paying careful attention to the reel’s capacity can save you a lot of weight and also space. Besides that, a light line on a high capacity reel can lead to tangles and spool issues. Whereas, the heavy line combined with the light reel results in reducing the line length that is essential for a heavier tackle. 

Spool Design 

There are two types of spool designs; internal or skirted. Most modern spinning reels have skirted reels. Experienced anglers prefer using the old school internal spools, but they are prone to tangling if you are not experienced or in the game for a long time. 

For every skill level fisher, skirted reels are more suitable. They also offer the same performance as a casting bait. 

Anti-reverse Handles 

As the name specifies, anti-reverse handles prevent the reel’s handle from spinning backwards. It offers a solid hook-set when the fish lure or bait. The anti-reverse system works in conjunction with the drag system, ensuring a secure and tight line when the force or pressure is applied by the fish in the attack.

7 Best Spinning Reel Under 100

Considering high-quality ball bearings, high-end drag, right gear ratio, and fastest anti-reverse mechanism, we have assembled a list of the top 7 best spinning reels under 100.




Daiwa BG Fish Spinning Reel

- Material: Synthetic
- Fishing Line Type: Braided

- 6:1 gear ratio

Boat Rock Sea Spinning Reel

- Materials: Metal, Aluminum

- Interchangeable handle

- Thick metal bail

Carp 5+1BB Ultralight Saltwater Fishing Reel

- Material: Metal, Stainless Steel, EVA

- 0:1 gear ratio

- 8 to 10 kgs drag

10+1BB Spinning Fishing Reel

- Materials: Stainless steel, aluminium, graphite, metal

-Fishing Line Type: Wire

-CNC aluminium spool

SHIMANO Sienna FE Spinning Reel

- Material: Metal

- 9 pounds maximum drag
- 01:1 gear ratio

Pflueger PRES10SCB Spincast Fishing Reel

- Material: Aluminum

- 5 bearing system

- Dual titanium pins

Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel

- Material: Synthetic

- 5 pounds max drag pressure

- Anti-reverse roller bearing

Let’s have a detailed view of each product with essential features and specifications.

1. Daiwa BG Fish Spinning Reel- Best Cheap Spinning Reels

daiwa Bg Spinning Reel

Price on Amazon

Key Features

  • Weighs 0.25 pounds
  • 6 x 5 x 4 inches
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Fishing Line Type: Braided
  • Handle Material: Aluminum
  • Digigear System
  • Air Rotor
  • Dynamic Cut Aluminum ABS spool
  • Waterproof drag system
  • Carbon ATD
  • 4 inches line per handle turn
  • Manual return bail
  • 6:1 gear ratio
  • 5 maximum drag
  • Infinite anti-reverse system

Daiwa has gone through a lot of changes over the years, and we’d like to start with the Daiwa Bg Spinning Reel. This device just cannot be beaten when it comes to exceptional durability and ease of use. It has an aluminium frame and comes in eight different sizes to pick from. The torque and power are extremely remarkable! It’s made of an all-aluminium body and side plate and is completely weatherproof.

The aluminium spool has adequate room for a variety of fishing techniques. Plus, there’s more. Twistbuster II and Air Rotor are two premium quality features included with the spinning reel. Furthermore, the reel is well-known for including driving gear. Over-sized variants provide longer and smoother gear, as well as a higher power. With the Daiwa Bg Spinning Reel, you have a very slim possibility of making a mistake.

  • Durable buildup
  • Aluminum body
  • Lightweight
  • Waterproof carbon ATD

  • Requires frequent lubrication

2. Boat Rock Sea Spinning Reel – Best Spinning Reel Under 100

Spinning reel under 100

Check Price

Key Features

  • Weighs 349 grams
  • 13 x 12.5 x 8.5 cm
  • Materials: Metal, Aluminum
  • Smooth performance
  • Increased line capacity
  • Interchangeable handle
  • Comfortable knob
  • Thick metal bail
  • High-strength mainframe

The construction of this 13BB + 1 spinning fishing reel is durable and resilient. Aluminium and metal are among the materials utilized in its construction. It is light in weight at only 349 grams, making it simple to handle. A fishing line is made of wire having increased line capacity. Furthermore, the fishing rod’s handle is not only comfy but also interchangeable.

Ball bearings are made of stainless steel 13 + 1 in construction. This spinning reel has a CNC aluminium spool, which makes it more durable. Furthermore, it includes a comfortable EVA knob. This rod also has a thick wire bail that helps to avoid line tangling and friction. Its high-strength mainframe also helps in enhancing the robustness of this rod.

  • Reduction friction
  • Sturdy construction
  • High-quality mainframe
  • Lightweight

  • No cons to be found

3. Carp 5+1BB Ultralight Saltwater Fishing Reel – Best Ultralight Spinning Reel Under $100

Best spinning reel bests budget

Check Price

Key Features

  • Weighs 346 grams
  • 12 x 11.5 x 7.6 cm
  • Material: Metal, Stainless Steel, EVA
  • Large capacity metal spool
  • Free spare plastic spool
  • 5 + 1 ball bearings
  • 0:1 gear ratio
  • 8 to 10 kgs drag
  • Ultralight and strong body
  • Stainless steel main shaft
  • Interchangeable CNC rocker
  • Powerful metal spool
  • Stopping power up to 22 pounds

Carp 5 + 1BB ultralight saltwater fishing reel comes with a strong buildup using materials like metal, stainless steel, and EVA. Regarding the spool, it has a large capacity sturdy and strong spool. You will also get a spare plastic spool with this rod and that is totally free. The weight of this rod is very minimal which is why it is being called an ultralight rod. Therefore, it weighs only 346 grams only.

When it comes to the shaft, know that this fishing reel comes with a stainless steel main shaft. Its powerful metal spool assures it high-end quality. The maximum drag is up to 10 kgs. moreover, this fishing rod offers an interchangeable CNC rocker. Lastly, the stopping power is up to 22 pounds.

  • Very lightweight
  • High-quality buildup
  • CNC rocker (interchangeable)

  • Plastic spool could be better

4. 10+1BB Spinning Fishing Reel- Best Spinning Reel Under 100 for Saltwater

10+1BB Spinning Fishing Reel- Best Saltwater Spinning Reel Under $100

Check Price

Key Features

  • Weighs 260 grams
  • 13 x 12.5 x 8 cm
  • Materials: Stainless steel, aluminium, graphite, metal
  • Fishing Line Type: Wire
  • 10 + 1 stainless steel ball bearings
  • CNC aluminium spool
  • Graphite & metal construction
  • Interchangeable handle
  • Comfortable EVA knob
  • Thick wire bail

This 10 +BB spinning fishing reel comes with sturdy and strong construction. There are many materials used in its construction including aluminium, metal, graphite, and stainless steel. When it comes to weight, it is easy to handle as it weighs only 260 grams. A wire is used as a fishing line. Moreover, the handle of this fishing rod is not only comfortable but also interchangeable.

Regarding ball bearings, these are fabricated of 10 + 1 stainless steel. This spinning reel uses a CNC aluminium spool making it sturdier. What’s more, it comes with a comfortable EVA knob. Also, this rod comes with thick wire bail that helps in preventing line friction and tangling.

  • Interchangeable handle
  • Sturdy construction
  • EVA knob

  • Could not find any

5. SHIMANO Sienna FE Spinning Reel- Best Bass Spinning Reel Under 100

spinning reel

Price on Amazon

Key Features

  • Weighs 0.06 pounds
  • 10 x 6 x 4 inches
  • Material: Metal
  • New M-Compact Body
  • Oscillation gear
  • Propulsion line management system
  • Wind knots from forming
  • Super stopper II technology
  • Anti-reverse system
  • Dyna-Balance mechanism
  • 9 pounds maximum drag
  • 01:1 gear ratio
  • 28 inches line retrieve

The Shimano Sienna spinning reel is one of the greatest Shimano spinning reels, and it is regarded among the best because it has a propulsion line control system that ensures minimized backlash and casting longer than predicted.

Its rotor has a Dynamic Balance design that prevents wobbling while in operation, and unlike low-quality reels that twist while retrieving and dragging, this spinning reel will not twist thanks to its power roller design. This highly rated spinning reel also has a graphite spool, side plate, and frame, all of which ensure long-term use.

  • Decent buildup
  • Ideal for amateurs
  • Smooth Reel

  • Gets seized during use

6. Pflueger PRES10SCB Spincast Fishing Reel- Best Spinning Reel Under $50

Pflueger PRES10SCB Spincast Fishing Reel under 100

Price on Amazon

Key Features

  • Weighs 8 ounces
  • 4 x 8.2 x 6 inches
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Ambidextrous Hand Orientation
  • Handle Material: Stainless Steel
  • 5 bearing system
  • Corrosion resistant ball bearings
  • Precise Gear Alignment
  • Dual titanium pins
  • Instant anti-reverse system

The PFLUEGER president spin cast reel is also one of the best and most versatile spin cast reels that most anglers will find. As it comes with a slew of interesting features that strive to make your next fishing trip an enjoyable one, and durability is assured thanks to five steel ball bearings that are resistant to corrosion.

When it comes to the PFLUEGER spin cast reel, extra durability is assured thanks to an aluminium frame that aids in precise gear alignment, and thanks to its instant anti-reverse construction, this spin cast reel makes instant or quick hook settings a breeze.

  • Rugged construction
  • Sturdy design
  • Quick delivery

  • Could not lock line in a place twice

7. Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel- Best Cheap Spinning Reels

Okuma Ceymar spinning reel under 100

Price on Amazon

Key Features

  • Weighs 0.5 pounds
  • 5 x 4 x 4 inches
  • Material: Synthetic
  • Ambidextrous Hand Orientation
  • Fishing Line Type: Monofilament
  • Oiled felt drag system
  • 5 pounds max drag pressure
  • Anti-reverse roller bearing
  • Brass pinion gear
  • 2 tone anodized spool

For all those fishing enthusiasts out there, the Okuma Ceymar Spinning Reel is a powerful piece of equipment. The sturdy arms, which are equipped with forged aluminium and EVA knobs, will do an excellent job. It’s a powerful and lightweight spinning reel made specifically for freshwater and saltwater fishing. For lighter catches and big water fishing, reel sizes typically vary from C-10 to C-65. The elliptical and highly accurate gear system will serve you well in the long run. The quick anti-reverse bearings provide the best possible performance.

Spinning reels are small and light, having blades that are exceedingly tiny in order to balance the rotor. The innovative and high-performing design can catch even the toughest fish while also preventing sliding. Furthermore, the slim blade and aluminium components improve control and durability while reducing weight. Overall, it’s a one-of-a-kind and lightweight design that ensures a smooth and pleasant ride.


  • Anodized spool
  • Ergonomic grip
  • Multi-disc drag mechanism
  • Comfortable handle
  • Compact design


  • Slow gear ratio

The crux of the whole idea is to find the best spinning reel under 100 for every kind of fishing. Having a comfortable fishing day out, it is important to understand your personal preference prior to anything for the best budget spinning reel. For instance, if you are left-handed or right. A value-priced reel offers both left-handed and right-handed operation. 

The Best reels under 100 can provide the best performance and durability if chosen wisely. Choose wisely!

To look for baitcasting reels, CLICK HERE.


1. What are spinning reels suitable for?

In comparison to casting bait, spinning reels are good for saltwater shoer fishing, especially surfcasting. To avoid more steps in baitcasting, spinning reels comes as a good option for freshwater fishing. 

2. Is spinning reel better than baitcasting?

The baitcasting reel features better performance for heavier line and it offers longer casts than spinning reels of the same size. A spinning reel offers a smaller and narrow spool, which is harder to deal with larger diameter lines. 

3. What do the numbers on the fishing reels determine?

The numbers 1000, 2000, 3000, and more on the reel shows the diameter of the spool. Larger the diameter, the more line you can spool on the reel. A fishing reel with a number 1000 on it means it can hold around 165 yards of line.

4. What is the gear ratio on the spinning reel?

Gear ration determines the speed at which the reel can pick up the line. If you have a gear ratio of 6:31, it will rotate the spool 6.3 times for each 360 degrees turn of the reel handle. 

To appreciate the excellent fishing excursion, the best rods for bass are essential. For an angler, finding the best baitcasting rod for the money can be summarized by an equation that is as follows:

Technique + Power + Actions = Big Bass

However, there are also some significant factors to be considered that can help you in choosing the best baitcasting rod. These factors include rod action, rod power, length, material, distance, accuracy, leverage, and comfort.

Editor's Pick


abu Garcia BMaXC662M

Weighs 4.6 ounces
106 x 7 x 7 cm
Made of graphite

Buying Guide To The Best Baitcasting Rods For Bass

To buy the best baitcasting rods for bass, there are some important factors to ­­consider including;

  • Rod action
  • Rod power
  • Length
  • Handle
  • Material
  • Accuracy
  • Distance
  • Leverage
  • Comfort

Comparing these factors of one product from another will help you in choosing the best bass fishing rod for the money.

Rod Action (Action = Confusion)

Rod action tells how much a rod can be bend under a specified pressure from the tip to the end of the rod. A baitcasting rod offers five stages of action, including;

  1. Extra fast
  2. Fast
  3. Moderate fast
  4. Moderate
  5. Slow

rod action

Extra Fast

It has a 15% flex factor. The maximum level of sensitivity and control is available. The disadvantage of extra-fast action is the risk of hooking up too quickly and pushing the lure away from the bass when it strikes.


Fast action rods have a flex range of 20-30%. Bass fisherman employs this as one of their most regular techniques. It has a high level of sensitivity as well as a longer casting distance. Carolina rigs, drop shot rigs, Texas rigs, mojo rigs, jerkbaits, spinnerbaits, swimbaits, and buzzbaits are among the most popular lure types.

Moderate Fast

It has a flex range of 30-40%. When you need better castability, the moderate-fast can be a wonderful solution. Spinnerbaits, swimbaits, jerkbaits, and squarebills all work nicely with this motion.


It has a flex of 40-50 percent. When you need to cast a long distance but don’t want to sacrifice rod sensitivity, moderate action rods can be a terrific option. Treble-style lures are usually constructed with moderate motion.


These rods have a flex of 50% or greater. Slow action rods aren’t commonly used because it’s tough to hook a bass on a strike with them, but they do allow you to utilize a lighter line on your rod. Steelheads can be caught using slow-action rods and hard lures.

Rod Power (Power = Pressure)

  • The amount of force required to bend a rod is referred to as its power. They can handle a variety of line sizes and lure weights because of the varied levels of rod power.
  • When bass fishing, you will most likely use a rod with a medium-light to heavy power rating.
  • The power you choose will be determined by the fishing technique, lure, and line you intend to use.

The following are the categories of a rod power:

  1. Ultralight
  2. Light
  3. Medium-light
  4. Medium
  5. Medium-heavy
  6. Heavy
  7. Extra-heavy


  • A fishing rod’s length normally ranges from 6 to 12 feet, so consider the type of fishing you intend to do and your fishing area when choosing a length.
  • Beginner anglers should go for a length of around 7 feet.
  • If you want to make short, accurate casting, a short rod of 6 feet or less is excellent.


  • Handles are available in cork, rubber, EVA foam.
  • In the wintertime, a cork handle should be softer, but it may retain some heat.
  • A split grip rod is ideal for casting because it allows you to use the entire length of the rod to produce the spin.


  • A rod is normally made of fiberglass or graphite, though sometimes a combination of the two is used.
  • Fiberglass rods are more robust and less sensitive than steel rods.
  • Graphite rods are far more responsive and lightweight than fiberglass rods.
  • The bulk of high-end fishing rods are made of graphite or an unusual carbon-fiber combination.

What is better? Graphite Vs. Fiberglass?

The cost of graphite is more, but it has greater stability, toughness, and sensitivity. These are the bass rods you want to go with, and you can sometimes find a composite blend, such as some of the options listed above.

Fiberglass rods are incredibly flexible, but they don’t have the same strength and longevity as graphite rods. As a result, the price is reduced.

The following video demonstration will help you in better understanding:


  • The capacity to throw larger distances is gained by lengthening the rod, but accuracy is lost in the process.
  • Know that the rod can stretch up to 51 degrees at 5.5 feet.
  • The rod can stretch up to 58.3 degrees at 7 feet.
  • The rod can stretch up to 64.2 degrees at 8 feet.
  • As can be seen, the longer the rod is, the less precise it becomes.
  • Because of this, if you want to capture bass that is sticking tight to cover while fishing with a circular bait, you should use a 5 or 6-foot rod.
  • If you want to cast a considerable distance, you’ll want to go with the longer rods.
  • If you are fishing a smaller water body, using a jig, casting a shallow flat, or trying to cast top-water lures, the shorter rods are better.

Utilization of Leverage

  • A longer rod is required when fishing deep with crankbait rods for fishing. 7-foot or longer rods enable you to achieve a better hook set on a deep-hanging bass.
  • Rod length also affects leverage. The more leverage you have, the longer the rod is.
  • Longer rods also provide more setting power when a bass strikes, which is significant.

Comfort Level

  • Longer rods increase your overall comfort level by allowing you to cast farther distances.
  • These will be uncomfortable for older anglers who are accustomed to using shorter rods.

Top 7 Best Baitcasting Rods For Bass

After considering some vital factors like rod action, power, length, handle, material, accuracy, leverage, and comfort level, we have assembled a list of the top 7 best baitcasting rods for bass.

ImageNameCheck Price
abu Garcia BMaXC662M

Weighs 4.6 ounces
106 x 7 x 7 cm
Made of graphite
Check Price
Portable Travel Spinning 6.8FT Rod

Weighs 6.1 ounces
41 x 1.97 x 1.97 inches
Materials: fiber, ceramic, carbon, cork
Check Price
Entsport E Series Baitcast Rod

Weighs 1.75 pounds
52 x 5 x 3 inches
Made of carbon fiber
Check Price
Ugly Stik GX2

Weighs 4.8 ounces
5 x 2.25 x 1.75 inches
Graphite and fiber construction
Check Price
St. Croix Mojo

Weighs 3.9 ounces
80 x 3 x 3 inches
Made of premium SCIII Carbon
Check Price
Daiwa Tatula Casting Rod

Weighs 0.14 kilograms
83 x 5 x 5 inches
Made of carbon
Check Price
Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Rod

Weighs 8.0 ounces
43 x 3 x 1 inches
Made of graphite and fiberglass
Check Price

1. abu Garcia BMaXC662M Baitcasting Rod- Best All Around Baitcasting Rod

abu Garcia BMaXC662M Baitcasting Rod- Best All Around Baitcasting Rod

Check Price

Key Features

  • Weighs 4.6 ounces
  • 106 x 7 x 7 cm
  • Made of graphite
  • Has 2 sections
  • Guide type: stainless steel
  • 6 inches length
  • 4 feet shrink the length
  • EVA handle material
  • Carbon fiber cloth construction
  • Texas rigged hook
  • Lightweight and balanced

This casting rod weighs only 4.6 ounces. When it comes to construction, this rod is made of graphite making it sturdy. Abu Gracia casting rod comes in two sections. Regarding the guide type, it is stainless steel. The handle material of this rod is EVA. The dimensions of this rod are 106 x 7 x 7 cm.

Concerning length, know that the length of this rod 6.6 inches. However, the shrinking length of this 3.4 feet. Its carbon fiber cloth construction makes it even more robust. It comes with Texas rigged hook. This fishing rod is lightweight and balanced. Overall, this casting rod is super amazing for its performance.


  • Sturdy buildup
  • Texas rigged hook
  • Lightweight
  • Balanced


  • No cons

2. Portable Travel Spinning 6.8FT Fishing Rod- Best Bass Fishing Rod For Beginners

Portable Travel Spinning 6.8FT Fishing Rod- Best Bass Fishing Rod For Beginners

Check Price

Key Features

  • Weighs 6.1 ounces
  • 41 x 1.97 x 1.97 inches
  • Materials: fiber, ceramic, carbon, cork
  • Solid and lightweight
  • 6 inches maximum length
  • Ceramic guide rings
  • Decent protection
  • Moisture-wicking cork grip
  • 4 sections design
  • Easy to assemble
  • Stable reel seat
  • Fastener locking nut

If you are looking for a portable fishing rod, this could be the best rod to go for. For weight, you should know it is very minimal that is 6.1 ounces. When it comes to construction, know that it is made of many materials including ceramic, carbon, fiber, and hook. The guide rings are fabricated of ceramic. However, this baitcasting rod offers very decent protection.

The maximum length of this rod is around 82.6 inches. Moreover, the design of this rod comes with 4 sections. Also, you will get a moisture-wicking cork grip. Know that this bass fishing rod comes with a stable reel seat. These best baitcasting rods 2021 have a fastener locking nut that makes it easier to capture the bait. Lastly, this rod is easy to assemble.


  • Ceramic guide rings
  • Easy to put together
  • Stable and balanced
  • Lightweight


  • Could not find any

3. Entsport E Series Baitcast Rod Bass Fishing- Best Casting Rods 2021

Entsport E Series Baitcast Rod Bass Fishing- Best Casting Rods 2021

Check Price

Key Features

  • Weighs 1.75 pounds
  • 52 x 5 x 3 inches
  • Made of carbon fiber
  • Medium-heavy power mode
  • 7 inches length
  • pieces
  • Lightweight and sturdy design
  • Ceramic inserts
  • Stainless steel guides

The Entsport Camo is an excellent choice for spinnerbait lures. This 7-foot retriever provides you with the casting distance, leverage, and ability of a fast retriever. It’s a fast-action rod with excellent portability. The rod breaks in half and splits into two tips that can be swapped out. One half is for light cover, while the other is for medium-heavy cover that can battle through hardcover.

The rod is made of carbon fiber that weighs 24 tonnes. The rod is both light and strong. Stainless guides are an excellent way to reduce line friction and prevent line fraction. The rod also has a rust-free metal cover and an EVA high-density handle. These features aid in keeping the rod safe for the duration of a fishing trip. The baitcasting rod’s best feature is that it’s meant to provide you more control while reducing hand and wrist fatigue.


  • Good buildup
  • Safe reel lockdown
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable


  • Not suitable for heavy load

4. Ugly Stik GX2 Baitcasting Fishing Rod- Best Bass Fishing Rod For The Money

Key Features

  • Weighs 4.8 ounces
  • 5 x 2.25 x 1.75 inches
  • Graphite and fiber construction
  • Delivers stability and sensitivity
  • Yield maximum durability
  • Clear tip design
  • Medium rod power
  • 6 inches rod length

With a topwater lure, the Uglystick GX2 is used to generate an explosive surface bite. The GX2 is suitable for line weights of 15 lbs and can be used with spinning reels. It can cast 1/8 to 5/8 oz. lures from a distance. It can, however, resist heavier lures if desired.

This freshwater baitcasting rod has rapid action and is available in one or two parts, depending on your needs. It has a little larger handle and a nicer reel seat than the standard 6 ft. model. The rod is built of a fiberglass and graphite composite and is designed to last a long time. It’s small and delicate, and it’s ideal for bass fishing. Without any tension, you can use the pole to catch fish weighing up to 55 pounds. This is a high-end rod that can handle anything.


  • Stainless steel guides
  • Handles channel
  • Affordable


  • The long handle feels odd

5. St. Croix Mojo Bass Baitcasting Rod- Baitcasting Rods For Bass Fishing

St. Croix Mojo Bass Baitcasting Rod- Baitcasting Rods For Bass Fishing

Check Price

Key Features

  • Weighs 3.9 ounces
  • 80 x 3 x 3 inches
  • Made of premium SCIII Carbon
  • Fortified resin system
  • Unparalleled strength
  • Integrated poly curve mandrel technology
  • Split grip handle
  • Contoured cork handle
  • Slim-profile ferrules
  • Aluminum oxide rings
  • Fuji ECS reel seat
  • Flex coat finish
  • 8 inches length
  • Medium power
  • 5 years warranty

The Mojo Bass is designed to blend the power needed to cast bigger lures and jigs with the precision needed for lightweight precision flipping. This combination provides the best of both worlds to the user, resulting in a highly versatile rod. You could probably only fish this rod for the entire season, so if you’re on a budget and want a nice all-around baitcasting rod, this could be it. There aren’t many rods that can combine light presentation techniques with enough casting power when it’s required.

The blank is made of SC-II graphite, which is ST Croix’s premium graphite material that is used on all of their high-end rods. The blanks were made utilizing St Croix’s Integrated Poly Curve technique, which is a proprietary method. This method seeks to eliminate the natural transition points seen in any rod’s curve. Removing these spots allows for a considerably higher level of sensitivity from tip to handle, as well as a stronger and faster action rod.


  • Flex coat finish
  • Fortified resin system
  • Affordable


  • No cons

6. Daiwa Tatula Casting Rod- Best Baitcasting Reels

Daiwa Tatula Casting Rod- Best Baitcasting Reels

Check Price

Key Features

  • Weighs 0.14 kilograms
  • 83 x 5 x 5 inches
  • Made of carbon
  • 8 to 14 pounds test
  • Carbon fiber braiding technology
  • Super volume fiber graphite
  • Fuji alconite ring guides
  • 10 to 7.7 inches in length
  • Precise and sensitive
  • Micro-pitch blank finish

The Daiwa Tatula Casting rod range of baitcasting rods has one goal in mind: to be as light as possible. The Tatula is made with Daiwa’s X45 Bias construction, which reduces the amount of resin in the blank, which contributes to the weight of most current fishing rods. This weight loss, however, is not at the sacrifice of power, precision, or sensitivity.

The Tatula is a powerful rod that, when paired with a lightweight baitcasting reel, can throw some extremely small baits with pinpoint precision and subtle presentation. The Fuji Alconite guides are among the best on the market, and when combined with the unique lightweight reel seat, the rods’ hardware matches the blanks flawlessly. The Tatula is suitable for a variety of freshwater lure fishing applications, with lengths ranging from 6’10” to 7’7″ with a wide range of powers and actions.


  • Carbon fiber braiding technology
  • Precise
  • Sturdy buildup


  • No cons

7. Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Rod- Most Durable Casting Rods

Piscifun Torrent Baitcasting Rod- Most Durable Casting Rods

Check Price

Key Features

  • Weighs 8.0 ounces
  • 43 x 3 x 1 inches
  • Made of graphite and fiberglass
  • Medium-heavy power
  • Powerful and unbreakable rod
  • Detects faintest nibbles
  • Lightweight and sensitivity
  • EVA grip
  • Zirconium inserts
  • Stainless steel guides
  • 18 lbs max drag

The Piscifun Torrent baitcasting rod offers optimum flexibility and endurance. It’s a two-piece rod with a medium-heavy action. It can be used in both salt and fresh water. The rod is sturdy and can bend up to 75 degrees in either direction if necessary. It’s used to catch catfish, bass, tuna, salmon, and other species.

The rod’s bottom is made up of 80% rigid, robust, and powerful material. In addition, the rod’s tapper is light and responsive to the tune of 15-20%. When a fish is trying to touch or consume the bait, you may feel it. The model we’re talking about is the 1st generation 2psc medium rated 6 foot. 6-inch model. This crankbait rod for bass fishing incredibly adaptable and suitable for both beginners and intermediate fishermen.


  • Suitable for saltwater and freshwater
  • Flexible performance
  • Comfortable grip
  • Affordable


  • Flimsy tips


Finding the best baitcasting rods for bass is not easy and to choose the best product, consider its power, action, distance, big bass, techniques as significant. In our recommendation, the best casting rod is abu Garcia BMaXC662M Baitcasting Rod as it works explicitly and easily handles your lure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of baitcasting rods?
The Benefits of Baitcasting Rods

Casting accuracy, thicker fishing line, and control are the key advantages of using a baitcasting rod over a spinning rod. Lures may be gently lowered into the water and put exactly where you want them.

A baitcaster’s line comes off the spool in a straight motion towards your selected target, rather than uncoiling, which gives it more control than a spinning reel. As a result, the line guides on the casting rod are significantly smaller in diameter, allowing for a more precise and controlled cast.

At short distances, several casting tactics can be used, such as softly and correctly pitching lures into deep cover where fish are suspected to be. A single finger may also manage the amount of drag while fighting a fish by placing it over the spool, reducing the amount of time you need to make last-second adjustments.

What type of line should be used with baitcasting rods?

Because baitcast reels were not meant to handle light lines, use 10 pounds or higher. Larger diameter lines are easier to remove from the spool and are less likely to overrun. Use 17-pound monofilament for learning reasons because it is much easier to manage.

Why is baitcaster better than spinning?

Baitcast reels can sustain heavier lines and permit for lengthier casts than spinning reels of similar size. The spool on a small spinning reel is smaller and narrower, making it difficult to use large diameter lines. These lines may be handled by small baitcast reels, which allow more casting range.

Why do baitcasters have two handles?

Bait caster reels include two handles to make it easy to find the handles without having to look at the reel. The double handles provide more balance while reeling in to ensure a smooth movement, as well as the possibility of increased power when cranking rods on the reel.

What rods for what lures?

Medium power rods are more suited for treble hook baits, as well as any bait with an exposed hook, as a general rule. To set the hook on these baits, you’ll need less force. Other weedless lures, including as rigs, texas, frogs, jigs, and other weedless lures, require medium-heavy to heavy-power rods.

Should I get a baitcaster?

When casting, baitcaster reels allow you more lateral agility. This is why competition and pro anglers like to use a baitcaster reel because they can cast their bait and hooks right on target. Baitcaster reels have faster retrieve rates than spinning lures. They also have a significantly higher line capacity.


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There are lots of activities to do in the summer that will keep you in shape or help you become in better shape while also providing some real adventure. For example, baseball, basketball, swimming, and mountaineering can not only make you enjoy but also these sports will help you in building a better physique than before.

Most of us can’t get through a workout without breaking a sweat. The amount of wet things you create is determined by a number of factors, including:

  • The amount of hard work out
  • The weather conditions
  • Your fitness level
  • The environment in which you exercise

So, enjoy these fun outdoor activities that make working out feel like fun.

8 Sports That Make Working Out Feel Like Fun


Stadiums provide plenty of room for bodyweight exercises. Get there early, whether it is a small park or a major stadium. There is no insufficiency of staircases at stadiums. Sprints, one-legged hops, double-leg leaps, and bear crawls are all outstanding exercises, to begin with. When the game begins, attempt to walk about as this is especially important if your seats are not comfortable. To soak in the atmosphere, go for a brisk run-up to the upper deck or around the stadium.


Basketball is one of the best all-around workouts you can do. As you speed up and down the floor, shooting hoops improves your thighs, calves, and core while boosting your stamina. So, get some friends for a two-on-two or three-on-three basketball game. Make your basketball game more challenging by making the losing team do 30 pushups or burpees, while the winners just have to do 15.

Climbing On A Mountain

Climbing is a terrific way to spice up your workout by adding excitement and adventure. Mountain climbing (and running) is an excellent method to stay in shape. Your legs, arms, back, and shoulders will pummel because of mountaineering. However, double-check that you have all the climbing equipment you will need for your workout before you depart.

Run A 6 Minutes Mile

You might not run a 6-minute mile, but you can train to run your quickest mile time. Take the long view and use the spring and summer to become in top running shape. To assist you to attain your goal, start by timing yourself to determine where you are to run a sub-6 minutes mile.


Jump to the water. Swimming is one of the finest total-body exercises available, and it will increase your cardio while also working your forearms, calves, biceps, quads, and pecs. Check out any nearby lakes or natural water bodies and organize an outing with a few friends. Simply keep an eye out for potentially harmful swimming situations, such as riptides, and swim in a protected place.


Exploring the surroundings while riding a bike is a pleasant way to burn calories. Look out for a peaceful route in your town, or take on a steep route for a challenge. Riding gives you excellent leg exercise by simultaneously working your quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and calves. It will also offer your ankles and knees a breathing space from hitting the pavement if you run frequently.


Take a group of friends out for a game of football, but without the risk of causing a concussion with a heavy tackle. Be alarmed for the pain you will feel the next day if you are not used to sprint training. To loosen up your legs, use the foam roller and go for a stroll or a light jog.


Jump in a kayak if you want to be on the water but it’s not quite warm enough to swim. It is a fantastic approach to work on your upper body. Arms, biceps, shoulders, back, triceps, and core are all worked out during paddling.

If you do not know how to kayak, the following video will help you:

What Does It Signify If You Not Sweat Much When Exercising?

Dehydration is the most prevalent cause of lack of perspiration during exercise. Before an exercise, dehydration implies your body will be very dehydrated. And, because sweat is mostly made up of water, a lack of it may prevent your body from sweating.

Speak with your doctor if you are adequately hydrated but still don’t sweat. Hypohidrosis is a condition in which a person cannot sweat. In this condition, your body cannot sweat regularly, causing it to overheat. As a result, it can cause heat exhaustion or heat stroke, both of which can be fatal.

What Does It Signify When You Are Working Out & Sweating Profusely?

It is not unusual to sweat significantly during a workout. Because of their activity, the clothing they wear, or the indoor or outdoor climate, some persons may sweat more than normal while exercising. Others, however, may experience excessive sweating during an exercise because of a condition known as hyperhidrosis.


Excessive sweating, or sweating more than normal, known as hyperhidrosis. This disorder does not cause people to have more sweat glands than others. Instead, the sympathetic nerve that governs sweating becomes oversensitive, resulting in excessive sweating.

Hyperhidrosis is classified as primary and secondary hyperhidrosis.

Primary Hyperhidrosis

Primary hyperhidrosis is a condition that is frequently inherited. Up to two-thirds of hyperhidrosis sufferers have a familial history of excessive sweating. Sweating happens most frequently on the hands, feet, underarms, face, and head.

Secondary Hyperhidrosis

Secondary hyperhidrosis occurs when sweating is caused by a condition other than hyperhidrosis, and it generally begins in adulthood. Sweating might happen all over your body or in just one spot.

What Is The Treatment Of Excessive Sweating?

The AAD suggests the following therapies for more complicated disorders that don’t respond to antiperspirant:

Iontophoresis: It is a medical device that temporarily blocks sweat glands by delivering small electrical currents to your hands, feet, or armpits while submerged in water.

Botulinum toxin injections: This procedure uses Botox injections that help in blocking the nerves that trigger your sweat glands momentarily.

Prescription cloth wipes: These wipes include glycopyrronium tosylate, a substance that can help you stop sweating beneath your arms.

Prescription drugs: Some prescription drugs can temporarily reduce sweating in different parts of the body.

Surgery: Surgery may be a possibility in more severe situations. Sweat glands are removed or the nerves that transport messages to the sweat glands are treated in this procedure.


Maintaining a workout regime can be hard but if you add some adventure and fun to it, it can get amazing. This article covers the best sports that can make you sweat like a pro and you will not need any workout sessions. Also, the sweating conditions like hypohidrosis and hyperhidrosis have been discussed.



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As easy as hitting a tennis ball looks it requires much practice and patience. Whether you are a beginner, intermediate or professional, there is always room for improvement. There always is something that you must not be aware of that can significantly level up your game.

Considering how you can always improve your performance from forehands to backhands and serves to volley, here are some of the most important tips you can practice.

10 tips to level up your tennis game to the pro

It may seem a little trivial to you, but everything from the gear you are using to the shoes, clothes, and warming up your body before and after the game significantly affects your game.

Let’s have a look at these beginner tips that everyone who is really into playing tennis like a pro benefits from.

1. Get the right racquets

Starting off from the very important factor, racquets, beginners need to get hold of the racquets that not only fit their playing style but are also comfortable in the hands. Having the right feel of the racquets helps in more convenient and comfortable handling during the game.

For beginners, here are some of the things they need to see when it comes to getting the right racquet, especially if it is their first time.

  • A lightweight racquet allows players with free movement and enhances focus more on the game than the handling of the racquets.
  • A racquet with a big head size enhances accuracy.
  • A racquet with a higher stiffness rating. Stiffness rating is the amount a racquet deflects during the ball contact. It is directly proportional to the energy loss. A racquet with a higher stiffness rating results in less energy loss as compared to racquets with a lower stiffness rating as it bends more with contact to the ball.

What a beginner needs when it comes to racquets is a good swing-weight, a sweet-spot, and not being too heavy, and a lightweight stiff racquet is a way to go.

2. The right fit; shoes.

You cannot take a step further if you are not in a perfect pair of best tennis shoes. Beginners must know that once they can freely move on their feet without any pain or discomfort, they can focus solely on the game and not their aching foot.

Here are some parameters that every beginner must consider before getting on the ground.

●       Foot type

To avoid any long-term discomfort, the right fitting matters the most. There are various foot types, such as pronated foot, supinated foot, and neutral foot. Having a little assistance in getting to know your foot type and finding the shoes as per the requirement must be an important step for beginners. Here is a quick guide to what type of shoes perfectly complement what type of feet.

  • Pronated foot: Shoes with lateral support
  • Supinated foot: Shoes with adequate cushioning to avoid ankle injury or potential rollover.
  • Neutral foot: Shoes with better stability.

●       Game style

Coming to the game style, baseline tennis players require shoes that come with built-in lateral support. It helps in moving from side to side without sliding off the backfoot. A suitable level of toe reinforcement can benefit players in a better game.

●       Type of court

The type of court, the ground you will be playing the game on significantly affects the type of shoes you are wearing. Speaking of the court, durability, shock-attenuating, and cushioning are key considerations for the court and the type of shoes.

3. Footwork on the court

Unlike most of the players, footwork must not be overlooked. Have you ever saw a pro using the right amount of their feet and the court. That’s the catch. Go for various drills that cater to the excellent footwork. You can either go for training or watch matches of your favorite pro players to understand how they do what they do and why.

4. Always keep eyes on the ball

When it is said, eye contact is sexy. Every pro player is always in eye contact with the ball. There is nothing as important as a ball in the court or in the surrounding. It helps in keeping the concentration where necessary, thus enhancing the accuracy, and also helps in predicting the next shots, once you get the drill.

5. Warming up and cooling down

Warming up before the match means you need to get your body in the form. Doing some stretches will help you in enhancing your agility. You will better be able to stretch and hit the ball at various angles on the court once you have a warmed-up body.

6. Have a game plan

It may sound more winning and convenient to go with the flow, but it is not when it comes to playing tennis. If you want to play like a pro and give something to the opponent to worry about, always have a game plan, and do not forget to stick to it. For instance, if you are the opposite of a weak backhand, give more of it to them till the time they get annoyed by the consistency. Hence, the game is in your favor.

7. Do not break the patterns

There is no need to add versatility to the game. If you have set gameplay or a pattern there is no need for something to add to the play that you have never done before. It does nothing but adds mental stress understanding what to imply to make your game better, which in turn ruins the game.

8. Enhance your speed

Speed is crucial when it comes to playing tennis. To keep up with the opponent make sure you have the right grip on the ground while you are on the go. Doing some exercises like skipping rope is proved to be best in increasing speed, footwork, and coordination.

9. Stay hydrated

E everything revolves around keeping your focus intact. If you are not focused on the game there are chances that you will lose. Do not let those game breaks go to waste. Keep your water with you all the time and even a little snack would not hurt.

10. Practice makes the man perfect

Do you think the best players in the game have been there without any effort? It takes years of practice that even starts from an early age. As soon as you know that this is what you like to do or will be doing, get on the court. Making the best out of your free time, utilize it in a way that benefits your game.

Whether it is a hobby or a professional start to a career knowing what matters the most helps in achieving your targets sooner and better. From the tennis gear to the techniques, game patterns, or pro-game styles everything plays its part in enhancing the game. You know your game the best and how to play like a pro you need to understand that it is not just the skills but the right gear, types of courts, and the observation that aids in leveling up your game.



Combining functionality with design, today’s best diver watch under 500 is capable of offering the best features. Fulfilling the very purpose of a diving watch, you will find a wide range of configuration from automatic movements to premium features such as Sapphire crystal, exchangeable straps, and matching steel bracelets with dive extensions.

Editor's Pick



Citizen Men's Eco-Drive

Movement: Eco-Drive Solar
Display: Analog
Case Diameter: 48mm

Things to consider before buying | Best Diver Watch Under 500

Choosing the best inexpensive dive watch without compromising the quality can be overwhelming, especially if you are not aware of what to look for or if it is your first time buying the best inexpensive dive watch.

Well, we have made this comprehensive guide to help you out in making the right decision when it comes to looking out for the best features that help in enhancing the performance of the watch.

Water resistance 

Speaking of what diver watches are made for, it is important to measure the depth it can take without concern of being damaged by water. Water-resistance is a rating to determine the maximum depth of water a watch can take. 

Here is the capability of a watch as per the water resistance rating;

  • 200 meters: You will find the best divers, aka diver watch, with a water resistance of 200 meter, which is more than enough for diving, swimming, and water contact for any period of time. 
  • 100 meters: Whereas there are watches with 100 meters of water-resistance rating, but they are okay-ish for swimming, but not diving. 
  • 30 to 50 meters: Besides 100 meters and 200 meters water-resistant watches, you will also see divers with 50 to 30 meters of resistance in the water. Speaking honestly they are generally just “splash-resistant”, which means they are fine to wear for a daily routine where you just have to encounter rain or eater splashes from washing hands. 

How to find the best water-resistance?

Well, this rating is not hard and fast. The resistance for water is measured and tested at the time of manufacturing, which means that with time when the parts or the components of a watch degrade or wear after time, the originally measured water resistance rating may not stand to the same degree. 

Dive Bezel

Dive bezel rotates and allows the user to track the elapsed time, generally up to 1 hour. This feature comes really handy to the divers to gauge how much oxygen is left in their oxygen tanks before they need to resurface. 


Dive watches now can be worn to time just about anything. You can time work break. Pizza in the oven, nap time or any other thing. They are exceptional when it comes to day to day life. 

Types of dive bezel

Speaking of the dive bezel, you will see two most common types that offer the same functionality, but a configured differently in a watch.

  • The most common bezel is usually outside the watch, on the case.
  • The other type is often called “Super Compressor”. They are installed inside the watch. 

ISO certification 

There is always a set of standards to measure the quality of a watch. ISO certification offers a set of specific requirements that are necessary for a dive watch to be functional under deep water.

This feature is usually seen in high-end, expensive watches, but you can find the affordable options that come with ISO certification. This feature is not necessary for everyone unless you are a professional diver. Looking for an ISO certified watch adds additional security to your watch under water. 


Lume, in simpler words, is a luminescent paint that is used on the parts of the watch that needs to be visible in the dark. The Lume is charged up by direct lighting, and emits glow in the places where it is dark. 

It is important to note that all Lume is not the same when it comes to brightness and longevity. Some watches offer exceptional Lume that glows in the dark and under deep water brighter as compared to other alternatives. Besides the brightness, high-end Lume last longer.


Being legible in one glance is what a dive watch must be capable of. Go for a watch that offers higher legibility, which helps in better and fast reading or understanding of the time. Best luxury dive watches are expensive but they come with a high-end Lume. with small and nor clearly visible numbers and hands, it becomes frustrating and useless for divers to have a watch. 


There are two different types when it comes to the display of the watch; analogue and digital. This factor solely depends on personal preference. If you are comfortable with a digital display and you feel like it will assist you better, go for it, and if you are into a classic and traditional look, analogue is the one for you.

Choosing the display solely depends on your personal preference. Go for the display that you are most comfortable with as it will help in increasing the performance of the watch and convenience. 

Accuracy (Movement) 

The most important is to understand the movement of your watch as it directly and significantly affects the accuracy of the time to the second. 

There are two basic types when it comes to the movement.

  • Mechanical movement

Mechanical watches have hand-made components inside the watch that moves in order to keep the watch ticking. In mechanical watches, you need to wind the watch manually, which does not only require time and again winding, but if you forget to wind the watch it can leave you stranded without time unless you find another source to set the right time – accuracy compromised. 

  • Quartz (Eco-drive or automatic): 

Quartz or eco-drive, the automatic watch does not need to wind manually. The only thing you need to do is wear a watch. These watches have a rotor inside that keeps spinning with the movement of the wrist of the person wearing it. You can also find some best automatic watches under 500 that do not compromise the quality.

Additional factors 

Besides the technical bits of a watch, you need to look for other features that can enhance the working, durability, and appearance of your watch. Getting the best diver watch under 500 is not a problem if you are sure of what to look for.  

  • Build quality; it enhances the life of a watch.
  • Longevity or durability; eliminate the need to change or repair the watch time and again.
  • Brand; no doubt with bigger brands, comes high-quality.
  • Price; for more professional use, invest in a good watch that will last longer instead of a cheap watch that would not last long. 
  • Colours; colour options for the strap enhances the versatility of the watch.
  • Design and style; to make you watch an allrounder, go for the design that complements your personality. 
  • Adjustable or interchangeable straps or bracelet; it enhances the multifunctionality of the watch as per your need and requirement.

Top 6 best diver watch under 500

Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive – the best professional dive watch
Price on Amazon
SEIKO PROSPEX BLACK – best dive watches under $500Price on Amazon
CASIO G-SHOCK RANGEMAN GW9400 – best digital diver watch under 500Price on Amazon
Seiko Prospex SRPD11 Automatic Divers Watch- best scuba-diver watchPrice on Amazon
Glycine Combat GL0081 Diver Watch- the best professional dive watchPrice on Amazon
Luminox 3059 EVO Men’s Watch- best diver watch under 500Price on Amazon

Here are some of the best diver watch under 500 that offers the best performance and quality at a reasonable price. 

1. Citizen Men’s Eco-Drive – the best professional dive watch

Citizen Men's Eco-Drive diver watch under 500

Price on Amazon


  • Movement: Eco-Drive Solar
  • Display: Analog
  • Case Diameter: 48mm
  • Band Material Type: Rubber
  • Band Width: 24mm

Calling out all the adventure seekers and professional, this watch is designed to give the best performance under adverse conditions. Embellished with the best features and innovative technology, this watch comes first on our list. 

Citizen, keeping quality, performance, durability, and comfort a priority, offers polyurethane band that comes with an extender so that you can easily wear it with a wetsuit. The eco-drive technology powers up the watch using natural or artificial light, which eliminates the need for batteries. 


  • Easy to read dial
  • Eco-drive technology
  • Rubber band with buckle closure
  • Stainless steel case
  • Japanese quartz movement with analogue display


  • The rubber band is a little annoying and inconvenient on direct skin.

2. SEIKO PROSPEX BLACK – best dive watches under $500

Seiko Prospex SRPD11 Divers Watch under 500

Price on Amazon


  • Movement: Automatic
  • Display: Analog
  • Case Diameter: 45mm
  • Band Material Type: Stainless steel, Black-ion plated
  • Band Width: 22mm

Wanna feel just like a mission on black ops, this watch is the one for you. This all-black-everything diver watch is perfect from an architectural flair to casual outfits and wetsuits. This watch stands its ground for the best inexpensive dive watch under 400 with its larger case that stands out at 45mm. The ion-plating finish not only makes it the most durable but also classy and stylish. 


  • Automatic movement
  • Stainless steel case offers durability
  • Safety lock feature
  • Luminous hands offer bright visible display


  • Hardlex crystal reflects too much light.

3. CASIO G-SHOCK RANGEMAN GW9400 – best digital diver watch under 500

G-Shock Rangeman GW-9400 diving watch under 500

Price on Amazon


  • Movement: Quartz
  • Display: Digital
  • Case Diameter: 53mm
  • Band Material Type: Rubber
  • Band Width: 22mm

Speaking of the best dive watches under $300, Casio G-Shock is one exceptional piece that offers the best quality, durability, and also functionality in almost every kind of environment. 

Being a little bulkier than other dive watches, this watch has a resin that offers better shielding to the casing from vibrations and shock. It uses Casio’s solar technology, which means it charges itself using artificial and natural light, despite how weak the source is.

This watch ensures a more practical appearance with its digital face, which perfectly distinguishes it from traditional dive watches. 


  • Solar power
  • Quartz movement Analog display
  • Protective mineral crystal dial window
  • Digital compass, altimeter, barometer, thermometer, sunrise and sunset date
  • Daily alarms with snooze
  • Water resistance up to 200 meters


  • No con to be found yet.

4. Seiko Prospex SRPD11 Automatic Divers Watch- best scuba-diver watch


  • Movement: Automatic with Hand Winding capacity
  • Display: Analog
  • Case Diameter: 45 mm
  • Band Material: Stainless Steel
  • Band Width: 22 mm

This best diver watch under 500 is exceptionally remarkable. The manual movement it allows is automatic with hackable second hand having a Calibre 4R36. Its construction makes it robust and sturdy as it is specifically designed with stainless steel case and band. When it comes to the diameter of the case, know that it comes in 44.5mm, and the case is 13mm thick. The Seiko Prospex also offers a safety lock feature. The diver watch displays day and date also. Being water-resistant, this watch is a smart choice to go for!

You will also get a warranty and manual cards with this watch.


  • Adorable design
  • Hand winding movement
  • Sturdy
  • Black PVD coating
  • Warranty


  • Hardlex crystal reflect light

5. Glycine Combat GL0081 Diver Watch- the best professional dive watch


  • Movement: Automatic
  • Display: Analog
  • Case Diameter: 42 mm
  • Band Material: Stainless Steel
  • Band Width: 22 mm

This diver watch is made of amazing quality as stainless steel is used for its manufacturing. The movement of this watch is automatic and when it comes to the display, know that it is analog. Being an ideal watch, know that the diameter of the case is 42 mm and the band width is 22 mm. This watch has excellent construction efficiency. And as compared to other consumer watches, this one is much superior. It is, after all, expensive as compared to those.

In bright light, the blue on the face shows beautifully. The gold is not too dazzling, but it adds a soft touch. It is too flashy, but it strikes the right balance. The bracelet is true of excellent design.


  • Good quality
  • Beautiful design
  • Sturdy


  • A little expensive

6. Luminox 3059 EVO Men’s Watch- best diver watch under 500


  • Movement: Precise Swiss-quartz movement
  • Display: Analog
  • Case Diameter: 44 mm
  • Band Material: Polyurethane
  • Band Width: 23 mm

The Luminox 3059 is part of the brand’s Navy SEAL range, which is made to military specifications. The 44mm watch is remarkably light thanks to its polyurethane shell, which is equipped with tritium gas tubes for continuous illumination. This rugged diver, with a Swiss quartz rotation, an orange dial, a unidirectional dive bezel, and a contrasting black rubber strap, is designed for the most demanding of environments.

This watch offers easy to read display and for sure, you are going to love it!


  • Decent buildup quality
  • Unidirectional dive bezel
  • Easy to read


  • Could not find any

Runner up diver watches

Here are some of the diver watches that offer decent performance, quality, and functionality that can be trusted without any questions asked. 

  • ORIENT RAY II – a cheapest luxury dive watch
  • VICTORINOX SWISS ARMY INOX – the best multipurpose diver watch
  • GLYCINE COMBAT SUB – the most versatile casual and formal dive watch
  • BULOVA Precisionist CHRONOGRAPH – the best maximalist multi-dial dive watch


The question of finding the best watches under 500 comes to the only answer; research and review. To make sure the product you are going to purchase meet all the standards along with your personal preference. Once you are sure why, when, where, and how much will you be wearing the watch, you can easily prioritize what makes any watch the best for you.

Thought of best budget vintage watch, CLICK HERE. Field watches are as strong and durable in performance as divers watch. If you are looking for an alternative to a divers watch in best value, have a look at the best field watches under 200 that won’t disappoint you in any way.


  • What is the best diver watch under 500?

Speaking of quality and durability, ORIENT RAY II is the best dive watch. It is highly revered closest to a ROLEX SUBMARINER watch under 200. Casio Men’s Duro Analogue and Invicta 8932 Pro Diver Collection also offers the best price without compromising the quality. 

  • What is a dive watch?

As the name specifies, diver watches are specifically designed for the divers to keep track of how long the diver was underwater along with decompression calculation, and keep a log of how much oxygen is left in the oxygen tank.  

  • Where can I wear a dive watch?

Being made with versatility in mind, these watches can be worn to casual meetings, business formal meetings, sports, and obviously underwater. It means that you can style diver watches to anything, anywhere. 

  •  What is the best watch for scuba diving?

Depending on the water-resistance rating, a diver watch can be worn for scuba diving. The higher the water resistance rating, the better the watch. SEIKO excels in producing watches that speak for itself when it comes to underwater performance. SEIKO PROSPEX is the best diver watch for scuba diving. 

  • What watch can go the deepest in the water?

With enhanced technology and high-end durability, there are a lot of watches that can dive deeper than a human as per their price and manufacturing. OMEGA ULTRA DEEP PROFESSIONAL diver watch holds a world record for the deepest dive. 

Price on Amazon

Key Features

  • Flexible racket
  • The frame is made of graphite
  • Has nanoair spring
  • Weighs 3U
  • Offers G4 grip

Arcsaber 001 is the best badminton racket, however very cheap regarding cost. It is an incredible product for amateurs in view of excellent quality for significantly less money. We should examine its specialized subtleties now. Arcsaber 001’s weight goes under the 3U evaluation, having a weight of very nearly 88 grams. The holding size is G4, an extraordinary grasp that we see even on the costly Yonex Rackets. Arcsaber 001 flaunts a huge sweet spot because of its isometric shape.

Yonex was supposed to be the “Apple” of the rackets’ market. Be that as it may, this one-piece from them has made it wrong. Yonex Arcsaber 001 is a pocket-friendly badminton racket exceptionally intended for fledglings. Indeed, even middle players can likewise utilize this. It may not be appropriate for cutting edge players, yet an incredible piece to have in your pack! It is made of graphite with a NanoAir spring and a graphite shaft. The shaft is adaptable and gives the plentiful capacity to the hits, anyway not very great. This racket is best for defensive styled players who need to improve their game.

Yonex Arcsaber 001 is a model from the 2014 Yonex editions, yet it actually beats most rackets with its excellent execution. This racket can not be contrasted with the highest level ones clearly, yet it actually is supposed to be unparalleled in this classification. It is extraordinary compared to other badminton rackets for under $100.


  • Comfortable and easy grip
  • Cheap in price
  • Offers huge sweet spot
  • Compatible for defensive players
  • Excellent performance


  • Not good for expert players

Customers’ Reviews Over The best Badminton Racket

These are extraordinary rackets. I got some of these to supplant some true poor ones that came as a feature of a set. These play truly well. It offers fantastic control and great force. These rackets are ideal for the learner to the beginner players. The cover gave does not totally cover the racket. Yet, an excellent and lightweight racket. This is useful for moderate players.


  • Lightweight
  • Great support
  • Stretchable
  • Comfortable
  • Fantastic design


  • A little expensive

Price on Amazon

Key Features

  • Decent looking shoes
  • Possesses extra padding
  • Comfortable and durable
  • Flyknit technology
  • An incredible blend of padding
  • Lands securely from higher jumps
  • Keeps feet dry

Nike has always satisfied its clients with regards to basketball shoe-production and it is for sure the best basketball shoes ever. With the usage of Flyknit technology and an incredible blend of padding, this is the best pair of shoes for playing basketball outside. Flyknit tech uses high-strength strands that make the shoe light-weight and gives extending and breathability. Unexpectedly, Nike has utilized the two of its Zoom Air and Max Air innovations in this shoe. It helps in landing securely from higher jumps.

Lebron XVI has an adaptable rubber outsole, which gives you an amazing push and can save you from pronation. Discussing the inside, it has a full inward sleeve that offers a sock-like fit. Around the lower leg, the part is a stretchable collar, which offers help for the lower leg and furthermore assists with getting the shoe on and off without any problem.

Discussing the upper part of the shoe, it has an arrangement of mesh around it which permits the flow of air keeping the feet dry. The shaft is estimated to be around 4 inches from the curve. Much the same as in Lebron 15, Lebron 13 additionally has Flywire cables that stretch out from midfoot covering the impact points and give a total lockdown. This backs your feet and keeps them set up.

You do not frequently observe such sleek glancing basketball shoes on the lookout. Indeed, Lebron XV is an exemption. Generally speaking, these are truly cool and fantastic basketball shoes as should be obvious from the image. Lebron XVI comes in the following color tones: Black with Metallic Gold, and Red with Metallic Gold.

Customers’ Reviews Over The Best Basketball Shoes

People who bought the pair of these basketball shoes are really happy about their purchase. The buildup strategy behind these sneakers is just amazing that fulfills the customers’ needs up to the mark. The padding of these basketball shoes is super comfortable and it perfectly fits the feet. You can wear it all the long day and you would not get tired of it and reviews clearly depict that your feet will stay in the comfort zone.

You can not play b-ball wearing tennis shoes that you use while hanging out as it requires an alternate kind of shoes. As you need to kick the ball immovably and giving such hard strokes to the ball with common shoes is unimaginable without getting injured. Likewise, you need to run quickly and what not to accomplish for winning your fight against rivals. Considering all these factors, Nike has designed these shoes and buyers are totally satisfied with the purchase saying it worth the money.

Home gyms are trending and outgrowing in popularity because life has become pretty massive and we usually do not find any time for ourselves. If you are in the same boat, I have got your back! So, are you looking forward to making your gym at home? If yes, I have prepared a list of the best home gym under 500 dollars. Affordability is the major thing to be considered because you always purchase as per your budget. So, my preference was products under 500 dollars, but first, we need to check the buying guide for a home gym.

Editor's Pick


Weider Ultimate Body Works

Foldable and can be stored
Offers cable and pulley system

A Buying Guide To The Best Home Gym Under 500 Dollars

Buying a home gym is not as easy as you think and you have to analyze everything before making a purchase. A home gym is something that requires a massive investment so it has to be the best. So, before buying the best home gym under 500 dollars, you need to consider the following factors seriously.


  • Making a home gym under your decided budget is the major factor to consider.
  • Check the price of the home gym you want to buy and see if it comes under your spending budget or not.
  • If yes, have a happy shopping and if not, go for any alternative possessing the same features.  


  • A home gym is a waste of space without resistance, so consider it as significant as the design and the buildup.
  • It offers a sizable stack of weights that is generally up to 150 pounds.
  • You can go for increased weight with a pin system also.
  • In this budget, you can enjoy vinyl stacks instead of metal ones as they are more pricy.

Muscles’ Training

  • You must know first what muscles you will be allowed to train, tone, and strengthen.
  • Some machines focus on the core parts along with arms, shoulders, and glutes.
  • Some machines provide you a full-body workout and maintenance as they come with different pieces to build every muscle.
  • If you can work with one machine, you will need lesser additional pieces in your home gym.

Weight Capacity

  • Weight capacity is a very significant factor as it decides if you can workout thoroughly and comfortably or not.
  • If your machine has a high weight capacity, even a larger person can use it.
  • Weight capacity also depends upon the buildup material of the machine. If the machine is durable, it can bear with higher weights.
  • If you exceed the weight-bearing capacity of a machine, you won’t get the expected support from its seat, back, and frame.
  • Different machines have different weight capacities, so choose the one that is appropriate for you.


  • Once the machine is assembled, you can know the weight of it and analyze if it is portable or not.
  • If you plan to move the machine, it needs to be portable.
  • Generally, a home gym weighs 75 pounds which is not easy to move.
  • For such home gyms, you can select a dedicated spot for it and do your daily workout there.
  • There are also lightweight machines available of around 15 pounds.
  • So, if you want to move your machine, pick the one lightweight.

Easier Assemblage

  • The easier assemblage of the machine is very important if you want to make it work fast.
  • Some machines require no assemblage and are always ready to work.
  • Others come in multiple pieces and take very long to get installed.

Workout Guide

  • A workout guide is very vital to use the machine properly and to get fine results.
  • So, choose the machine coming with a workout guide to take the best out of it.


  • If your home gym comes with a broken part or missing of certain pieces, your warranty will guarantee that any issues are dealt with without costing you any additional money.
  • Many machines have just a 90-day warranty, so you should be sure you review your machine and search for any deformities immediately.

Top 5 Best Home Gym Under 500 Dollars

Weider Ultimate Body Works- Build Home Gym Under 500Price on Amazon
BowFlex Home Gym Series- Best Home gym Under 500$Price on Amazon
BodyBoss 2.0 Full Body Workouts- Best Compact Home Gym Under $500Price on Amazon
Marcy Multifunctional Home Gym Station- Exercise Equipment Under $500Price on Amazon
Gold’s Gym XRS 50- Best Home Gym Under 500 DollarsPrice on Amazon

I have enlisted the best home gym under 500 dollars and they all are very capable of getting the title. So, let us see what they have to offer.

1. Weider Ultimate Body Works- Build Home Gym Under 500

Key Features

  • Offers a weight-bearing capacity of 250 pounds
  • Padded with a foam material
  • Equipped with wheels and can be moved
  • Foldable and can be stored
  • Offers cable and pulley system
  • Has 59″ L x 27.5″ W x 48″ H measures

The Weider Ultimate Body Works is a perfect home gym and is worth thinking about when you are looking for home gyms under $500. Weider Ultimate Body Works is a home gym based on resistance. The resistance bands give users the alternative to add the resistance up to 50 pounds from their own body weight using the 4 movable power bands. The link and pulley arrangement of the resistance offers upgraded flexibility and changing the scope of movements.

You can appreciate about 50 unique kinds of activities with this machine. This unit includes a movable incline seat with wheels and a pulley on the two sides. The machine incorporates a squat stand, nylon handles, and a cushioned glide board. Weider additionally offers you an exercise guide and this contains more than 100 body-molding works out.

This home gym machine is built of sturdy steel tubing. It weighs under 80 pounds. It can hold up to 250 pounds of the user’s weight. This machine can be folded and you can enjoy easier storage of it. It is likewise outfitted with wheels so you can slide it away feasibly. You will get this machine with a warranty of 90 days, so check it right after purchasing and make your purchase worthy.


  • 50 types of exercises
  • The resistance of 50 pounds
  • Adjustable power bands
  • Adjustable workout bench
  • Robust buildup
  • Foldable and portable
  • Comes with wheels 90 days warranty


  • More efficiency to build muscles would be appreciated

2. BowFlex Home Gym Series- Best Home gym Under 500$

Key Features

  • Offers 25 plus exercises
  • Offers 200 pounds rod resistance
  • The bench can be converted to a rolling seat
  • Comes with a built-in rack
  • Has multiple cable pulley positions
  • Has horizontal bench press
  • Maximize your gym space

If you are looking forward to a home gym with the best resistance, you need to go for Bowflex. Probably the best thing about this Bowflex machine is its simple to use nature and resistance adjustability framework.

When it comes to the specification of this machine, know that the feat permits you to change the machine’s resistance essentially by attaching the poles to the hook, and go from simple to super however in one single move. More than that, all the rods consolidated game an overall resistance of 210 pounds, which is more than you will actually require, so it is pretty amazing.  

In any case, remember that it doesn’t update if you out-strength it. Then, it bolsters more than 25 exercises on account of its adaptable plan. The seat additionally changes over into a moving seat for when you need to deal with your cardio It likewise has an inherent media rack, which permits you to safely put your tablet or telephone, and watch an exercise program as you work out. Furthermore, it looks gigantic, the home gym machine folds, saving you bunches of room, particularly if your place is little.


  • Decent resistance adjustability
  • Foldable design
  • Supports multiple exercises
  • Slidable bench


  • Can not be upgraded

3. BodyBoss 2.0 Full Body Workouts- Best Compact Home Gym Under $500

Key Features

  • Stimulates all bulky equipment and machines
  • Portable home gym
  • Offers easier workout of the whole body
  • Lightweight, compact, and versatile
  • Offers 300+ exercises

If you are looking for the best compact home gym under $500, the BodyBoss 2.0 Full Body Workout machine could be the most appropriate choice you can make. This compact home gym machine is extremely lightweight and portable, so if you are not a person who stays dedicatedly at home, you can buy this machine and can carry it wherever you go with yourself.

Its name says itself that you can do a full-body workout with this machine. This machine comes with a robust piece that lies flat on the floor so that you can work it out easily. This Vectorfit base is a stress-tested piece, works on all anchor points up to the pressure of 500 pounds. So, it can feasibly deal with everything you can make it go through.

You are offered a variety of 10 colors and you can choose yourself. The workout bar of this portable machine is collapsible and foldable. You are offered two 30 pounds resistance bands, two handles, two limb straps, and a door anchor, making your machine the best. Interestingly, the resistance bands can be shortened or lengthened by using the anchor’s points for enjoying easy or difficult workouts. This home gym machine does not come with a written instructions guide but you will get a PDF of it.


  • Portable and compact
  • Variety of color options
  • Durable anchor’s point
  • Full-body workout system


  • No written instructions’ guide   

4. Marcy Multifunctional Home Gym Station- Exercise Equipment Under $500

Key Features

  • Made of heavy-duty steel tubing
  • Comes with 150 pounds weight stack lock
  • Has dual action press arms design
  • Has removable curl pad
  • Has high-density boxed upholstery
  • Has removable and adjustable curl bicep pad
  • Has 300 pounds maximum weight capacity

Only one look at the MWM 990 from Marcy is sufficient to know that this home gym is priceless. With its subtle dark and red-colored design, it would look like the trendiest machine ever. This multi-exercise machine highlights a hardcore steel development and a 150lb weight stack along with a 10lb resistance band.

The activities you can enjoy by using the MWM 990 are standard for this reach which is something worth being thankful for. You can hit your pecs with both chest press and flye arms; your back with a multi-point lat pulldown bar; and legs with a cushioned leg designer.

It additionally accompanies a preacher pad for linking bicep twists. Be that as it may, you will be even more motivated, with a gigantic outline of activities stuck onto the main column. So, overall this could be the best pick in this price range.


  • Trendy design
  • Offers full-body workout
  • Workout chart


  • Time taking assemblage

5. Gold’s Gym XRS 50- Best Home Gym Under 500 Dollars

Key Features

  • Offers resistance of 280 pounds
  • Comes with a combination of chest press/butterfly arms
  • Comes with 4-roll leg developer
  • Comes with a high and low pulley
  • Offers vinyl weight stack of 112 pounds

Last but not so least is the Gold’s Gym XRS 50 which is truly the best home gym under 500 dollars. No machine can beat the durability it has to offer and it provides you with the feasibility of a full-body workout as well. The framework of this machine is specifically made of steel. When it comes to the seats, know that it is padded and are stitched with a vinyl cover. The handles are pretty soft and comfortable and you can handle them for regular use.

Gold’s Gym XRS 50 offers feasible assemblage and once you are done with a variety of pieces to work, you will have multiple options to workout. It comes with a combination of chest press and fly station for doing upper body exercises. When it comes to its 4-roll leg developer, know that it is used to strengthen your lower body and to enhance the leg muscles.

This compact machine also accompanies high low pulley bars along with a lat bar to bolster your whole-body workout in your home. It requires a great effort to assembling it for the first time. It comes with numerous pieces that you will need to attach and it will drag you up to a few hours. As it comes with an instructions’ guide, so it will not take much of your effort.


  • Durable buildup
  • Exercise chart
  • Multiple exercises
  • Thick vinyl cover


  • Assemblage takes time


Finding a home gym that is up to your requirements is not that easy because machines are designed with high complexity and it must be precise in their working. To ensure the quality of your product, you must check customers’ reviews first and analyze if it fulfills the considerations of your buying guide and then decides accordingly. You can undoubtedly count on my mentioned list of the best home gym under 500 dollars and make your purchase. I assure you would not regret it. Have a happy shopping day!


What is the best home gym under 500 dollars?

If you are looking forward to the best home gym under 500, you can rely on the following:

  • Weider Ultimate Body Works
  • BowFlex Home Gym Series
  • BodyBoss 2.0 Full Body Workouts
  • Marcy Multifunctional Home Gym Station
  • Gold’s Gym XRS 50

Can I add more weight to the stack?

It depends on the model you are using that if you can add more weight or not. Some of the home gyms are designed specifically to only fit the plates that are included in them, whereas others can be adjusted to get more of them. You can also try to customize it with other types of weights and you need to be careful so that no damage occurs to the plates and materials in the process.

Is a home gym better than a gym?

A home gym has many benefits than going to a gym center. Going out and managing time daily is somehow difficult, but on the other hand, home gyms offer convenience. It also saves from annual gym fees and you do not have to worry about gym clothes. But an actual gym is also very recommended because you get a trainer as well. So, it is up to your convenience that what you opt for.

What equipment do you need for a home gym?

It depends on the type of workout you want to do. If you want to lose weight, you will need some other equipment and if you want to build or strengthen muscles, you need some other sort of tools. If you want to lose weight, you need cardio machines including a treadmill or elliptical. If you are looking forward to building or strengthen muscles, you need to look for a squat rack, bench, barbell, dumbbells, and some weight plates.

What is the best affordable home gym?

The home gyms coming under 500 dollars are nothing but a bunch of bounties. The best affordable home gyms are as following:

  • Weider Ultimate Body Works
  • BowFlex Home Gym Series
  • BodyBoss 2.0 Full Body Workouts
  • Marcy Multifunctional Home Gym Station
  • Gold’s Gym XRS 50
best outdoor basketball shoes

Key Features

  • Reliable and durable
  • Soft cushioning
  • Uses Micro-D Technology
  • Allows quicker movement
  • Very cozy fit

Finding the best basketball shoes is not that as easy as you think and it takes much more of your efforts to pick the right one. While making a purchase on a pair of the best outdoor basketball shoes, you need to consider some factors that can make your purchase flawless and it includes durability, buildup materials, shoe dimensions, shoe cushioning, traction pattern, pricing, and your playing style. While considering all these features, the very best basketball shoes in my recommendation are Under Armour ClutchFit Drive 2.

Under Armour is a well-known brand for making sports gear and it never disappointed even its single customer. These basketball shoes leave a very profound impact on the users because of its ClutchFit Drive 2. These basketball shoes are remarkable regarding their cushioning as they use Micro-D technology. The cushioning of these shoes is a bit solid to add more durability and also permits quicker movements. With this firm cushioning, do not worry as your comfortability level would not be compromised.

When it comes to the traction, its UA ClutchFit D2 possesses a herring-bone as similar to multidirectional traction. As these shoes come with better coverage, proper cushioning, and rubber outsole, so it will be more compatible to hard cuts and quick cutbacks. Its ClutchFit Drive 2 spec comes with a durable upper and it is somehow very flexible. The material of it is not much more upgraded from ClutchFit Drive 1 but it is no less in any respect.

I recommend you to purchase a half size smaller than your standard to take into consideration for a cozy fit. The shoe needs a few areas like the forefoot and that might have been improved by Under Armor. All things considered, the shoes offer incredible help, the shoes feel somewhat heavier than a large portion of the outside basketball shoes out there, gives a decent measure of traction, and comfortable padding.

So, overall, it can be the best purchase of outdoor basketball shoes and I won’t recommend you to sway from it. Even if you use them once, you will never get over them. With these shoes, nothing can stop you or slow down your morale while playing and you will be entering the battle zone with a new type of confidence, so make sure you enjoy a valuable purchase.


  • Decent traction
  • Provides remarkable support
  • Good for amateurs
  • Made for power guards
  • Comes at a reasonable price


  • Feels a little heavier

Why Basketball Shoes Are Significant?

Basketball shoes are essentials for every baller who has to step into the basketball field. You can not play basketball wearing the same sneakers that you use while hanging out as basketball requires a different type of shoes. Right? As you have to kick the ball firmly and giving such hard strokes to the ball with ordinary shoes is not possible without getting hurt. Also, you have to run fast and what not to do for winning your battle against opponents. So, you just need to have the best basketball shoes for outdoor playing.


Price on Amazon

Key Features

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Weighs only 78 grams
  • Made of carbon fiber
  • Specifically designed for amateurs
  • Easier to swing
  • Has the dynamic optimum frame
  • Comes with Aerotec beam system
  • Has high tensile slim shaft
  • Flexible playing
  • Offers stronger grip

Assume you need your racket to do the talking while badminton, you ought to have the best badminton racket for it. The adaptability of a racket chooses the nature of the game, and so you have to bad in badminton and play hard just like you own The Best Racket so far. Your racket is the improving device for your game, and even if you plan to play single or twofold, you should play perfectly. If you are searching for your need to know what is the best badminton racket, I am here to help you out.

The most important reason to go for this racket is that it is overly lightweight, as it weighs only just 0.172 pounds. This super fantastic racket goes under the 6U class. Li-Ning Windstorm can be hung to 30 pounds of pressure, adequately massive to help you in those ground-breaking smashes.

You should be pondering that this is a light racket; how might it give the adequate capacity to smashes your opponent? Indeed, with its 30 lbs of pressure and a flexible UHB shaft, it deals with different factors and gives incredible strength and control. Shaft Flex gives improved adaptability, which further helps you apply force precisely what you need for half or full smashes, and it would not fail you in the battle zone.

With regards to its buildup, an amazing kind of Nano Carbon Fiber is used in structuring the frame and design of this lightweight racket. When it comes to its more detail, the handle of the racket comes with outstanding grip, and it does not feel an inappropriate fit in your palm. This significantly decreases the weightiness of the racket without compromising strength and mobility.

When it comes to its extraordinary framework, know that its Aerotec Beam System and Dynamic Optimum Frame, the racket is made considering the aerodynamic framework specifically. It is exceptionally intended to lessen air resistance that is very elementary for its maneuverability. This fundamentally decreases the tension on the wrist, and consequently, you do not get drained soon. This best badminton racket brings about a serious edge over your competitor. Undoubtedly, this is a great pick amongst other badminton rackets specifically for amateurs to learn it masterly.


  • Ultralightweight
  • Decent for a defense playing
  • Flexible shaft
  • Powerful and strong grip
  • Sturdy buildup quality


  • A bigger frame would be appreciated

Customers’ Reviews Over The Best Badminton Racket

According to the buyers, this racket has decent characteristics. The grip can possibly be overlaid with another grip if you like the additional pad and holding. Also, it comes with the scratch-off code, which makes buyers truly happier! An incredible racket with a lightweight feel, ideal for unforgettable hits, and offers quick safeguard. One thing that disappointed buyers, however, was the packaging. Li-Ning Windstorm does not accompany a case, so it’s merely the racket itself. The big box does not have more room for additional safety, yet there was just one line of bubble wrap and the sensitive racket itself.


A single crankbait rod can help you with everything you require when fishing. But should you spend over $100 to get the best crankbait rod? No! That is not mandatory at all. In this review, we will review 7 products to find the best crankbait rod under 100 dollars.

Editor's Pick


Falcon Rods HD Casting Rod

☞Length: 6’6” Med
☞Manufacturers: Falcon Rods

Additionally, we shall put down all the details you need to know before buying them. Thus, this is an ultimate guide you need to read before going out to shop.

Things to consider before buying the best crankbait rod under 100 dollars

Before you buy your crankbait rod, there are some things you need to consider. These are:

Rod action:

One of the essential features of a crankbait rod is the taper. This is because it defines the rod action. In turn, the rod action will define its flexibility or stiffness to hook or catch fish. The actions will vary from extra slow to extra-fast. For long casts, slow action rods will the best and vice versa.

The rod length:

The length of the rod is important in many different ways. One reason is that the length of the rod determines the rod action meaning that the longer the rod is the more distant will be the throw of the lure and will cast more line whereas shorter rods make sure you strike precisely. The average length of the crankbait rods is around 6ft 6inches to 8 ft.


A crankbait fishing rod having a thick breadth at its shaft limits the quick action. Ultimately, this will make it a quick action rod.


Normally, reels are powerful when applied at different points that reel with 5:1 or 4:1 ratios. This is to regulate the crankbait and give more strength to crankbait huge fish. Acquire a reel with many lines potential to confront the winds.


Now, there are profoundly technoscientific crankbait rods. With that in mind, you should ensure you purchase the one that best suits your requirements. Subsequently, taking a minute to think of your need before searching for the rod is prudent.

There are many advantages to choosing a crankbait rod with many specifications. Ordinarily, as your skills advance, the additional features of your rod will help you i.e., you will not buy another rod.

Easy Handling and Use

Easy handling and usage of the crankbait rods ensure lesser fatigue and efficient play. It is therefore important that you may look for the handle design, weight, and structure of the rod as well it’s the desired length that you are capable to support easily. Further smooth crank baiting and line retrieval ensure higher efficiency and lower stress on your muscles.


Torque is one of the most important technical considerations in the crankbait rods among other features. It is important to note that if the rod shows more torque the crank baiting is easier given that you have high line recovery and gear ration.

Pressure on The Wrist and Ease of Retrieval:

Depending on the kind of rod you have selected is better to choose the rod that fits your fishing needs as well as your handling preferences. The rod should have a design that is easy to balance and initiate crank baiting with precision.

Lure weight Capacity:

Lure weight capacity determines the distance that the rod will offer. Heavy lure travels farther as compared to lightweight lure. In the same way, the lightweight lure is perfect for shallow water crank baiting whereas heavy lure makes sure to work with deep water crank baiting.

Line Strength and Weight:

Line strength on a crankbait rod as the lighter line travels farther and reaches deep with heavier crankbait whereas the heavy line means more strength and gives more power to fight back heavy fish.


The flexibility of the rod should be checked as if you need faster action rods then you must select the ones that flex on their tip whereas the ones with medium speed may show flex in the middle and the slower ones make sure to give a full flex of the rod.

Dragging Capacity

Dragging capacity is also a crucial factor. As a fact when you are using crankbaits technique you must be expecting bigger fish to come to your lure hence you need to look for more dragging capacity. Shorter rods are more likely to drag the fish quickly while the longer ones may need time to drag in the lure with fish.

8 Best Crankbait Rod under 100 dollars

Falcon Rods HD Casting Rod

☞Length: 6’6” Med
☞Manufacturers: Falcon Rods
Price on Amazon
KastKing Perigee II Fishing Rods

☞Length: 7′ M&MH
☞Manufacturers: Eposeidon
Price on Amazon
falcon rods bucoo sr

☞Length: 6’6”, 6’8”, 7’, 7’4”, 7’5”
☞Manufacturers: falcon rods
Price on Amazon
SeaKnight Kraken Fishing Rods

☞Length: 2.1M – 6’9”M
☞Manufacturers: SeaKnight
Price on Amazon
Lew’s Speed Stick TP-1

☞Length: 7’ M
☞Manufacturers: Lew’s
Price on Amazon
Abu Garcia Vengeance

☞Length: 7’ MH
☞Manufacturers: Abu Garcia
Price on Amazon
Lew’s Speed Stick 6’7″

☞Length: 6’7” M
☞Manufacturers: Lew’s Fishing
Price on Amazon
Lew’s Fishing David Fritts

☞Length: 7’/MH/MT
☞Manufacturers: Lew’s Fishing
Price on Amazon

1. Falcon Rods HD Casting Rod the best crankbait rod under 100 dollars

Key Features

  • Length: 6’6” Med
  • Manufacturers: Falcon Rods

One may say that Falcon Rods is a household name, but more than that Falcon Rods HD Casting Rod is an efficient piece of equipment. It features 100 percent graphite blanks, original Fuji guides, natural cork handles and Fuji presented blank seats. One of the vital designs that many manufacturers employ today is blank-through seat design.

This allows you to have a direct connection with your rod blank. Which, in turn, gives better responsiveness as you fish. This is a feature that caught our eyes in this rod too. With its features, this rod can be employed in varying freshwater and saltwater situations. Even though it just comes in 1-piece models, the rod is among one of the best crankbait rods under 100 dollars.


  • Comfortable and good quality
  • Cheap
  • Quick response


  • Light action

Price on Amazon

2. KastKing Perigee II Fishing RodsFuji O-Ring Line Guides, 24 Ton Carbon Fiber Casting

Key Features

  • Length: 7′ M&MH
  • Manufacturers: Eposeidon

All Perigee II two-piece fishing rods are constructed with Toray 24-ton carbon matrix KastFlex blank technology for power, strength, and accuracy. Available in 29 sizes from an ultra-light spinning fishing rod to a heavy 7’ spinning rod and a baitcasting rod ranging from medium to heavy power. Use them for bass fishing rods, trout fishing, walleye fishing, or as a salmon rod, catfish rod, steelhead rod, or saltwater fishing rod.

KastKing Perigee II graphite fishing poles are one of the best value rods in the fishing tackle market! Don’t be confused by the low price. Even better, these are simply one of the lightest rods you’ll find under $100. You’ll fish all day without fatigue and have the power to spare because of our high carbon blanks that offer a powerful, yet lightweight rod.


  • Good quality and design.
  • Extremely comfortable and light.


  • Not designed for moderate or large fish

Price on Amazon

3. falcon rods bucoo sr baitcasting rod

Key Features

  • Length: 6’6”, 6’8”, 7’, 7’4”, 7’5”
  • Manufacturers: falcon rods

With the introduction of the LowRider series twenty years ago, Falcon pioneered the use of low-profile single-footed guides to improve casting performance. The BuCoo SR continues the legacy of LowRider technology. Genuine Fuji guides are placed for the best possible casting performance. Sensitivity is further enhanced by the use of a Fuji exposed blank reel seat. Blank technology takes another step forward. Each BuCoo SR uses multi-grade carbon fiber material with Falcon’s “Cobra-Cloth” reinforcement. The result is a rod that is stronger, lighter, and more sensitive.

The product is designed to be highly sensitive and the presence of Blank Technology makes it a perfect product to be used in different water bodies. The gripping involved is made up of EVA exposed foam and that is quite comfortable to be handled on for a longer run.


  • Comfortable gripping.
  • Great value for money option.
  • Involvement of Fuji Guides for better user experience.
  • Carbon fiber to ensure the durability of the product.
  • The involvement of LowRider technology provides perfect casting performance to the users.
  • Extreme sensitive.


  • Gripping wear off quite often.

Price on Amazon

4. SeaKnight Kraken Fishing Rodsthe best crankbait rod

Key Features

  • Length: 2.1M – 6’9”M
  • Manufacturers: SeaKnight

The Kraken fishing rods are constructed with high-level 30T+40T, X-shaped Carbon Fiber Blank – which makes the rod lighter and stronger than other rods.

The high quality deep pressed Fuji frame gives the Kraken rod extremely superior performance in casting distance, accuracy while dissipating heat more efficiently.

High-density EVA gives greater sensitivity and durability, adds to your control and fishing comfort; Special design on the handle, more comfortable, which allows you to spent long days on the water with minimum fatigue.

The exquisitely designed lightweight body, high quality treated epoxy, precision line wrapping, ergonomic sleek real seat, secure hook protector gives you tournament performance at a truly affordable price.


  • Light and strong
  • Specially designed handle


  • Not telescopic

Price on Amazon

5. Lew’s Speed Stick TP-1 IM8 Casting Rodcomfortable crankbait rod

Key Features

  • Length: 7’ M
  • Manufacturers: Lew’s

These rods feature premium IM8 graphite blanks that are lightweight, strong, and sensitive. Then there’s the Winn Grips handle with patented Dri-Tac technology split grips to provide the ultimate rod control and touch in all kinds of weather. Rod guides are American Tackle’s MicroWave guide system for ultimate line flow efficiency to eliminate wind knots, improve casting accuracy, and increase casting distance. The first guide looks and acts like a tiny funnel so that the line shoots directly through the rest of the small diameter guides strategically located along with the blank.

The Lew’s Speed Stick IM8 Casting Rod offers a lot of performance for a price that can make everyone smile. Technique specific, these rods are designed to help you hone in your bass-catching skills with top-tier performance. To detect even the slightest bites and provide hook-setting confidence, IM8 graphite is used to give you tournament quality feel. Also featured are premium Winn Grip Handles for a better feel in adverse conditions along with American Tackle Microwave Guides for greater line control and even more sensitivity. Lew’s custom skeletal SoftTouch graphite reel seats help reduce weight and deliver incredible comfort.


  • It is very sensitive to light
  • Comfort


  • Terrible strength

Price on Amazon

6. Abu Garcia Vengeance Casting Fishing Rod – lightweight fishing rod

Key Features

  • Length: 7’ MH
  • Manufacturers: Abu Garcia

Although the name might sound awkward, this is a crank baiting and baitcasting rod we have tested and confirmed. Even with its cost (under 100), this rod still comes with tones of amazing features. These include the SS line with titanium oxide inserts, durable EVA split-grip handle, and a 24-ton great-modular lightweight blank.

Another notable highlight is that this rod comes in six models ranging from 6′ 6″ – 7′ 6″. This is in medium t heavy power forms for the rod. Interestingly, this will give you a comfortable angling from every situation. Additionally, a hook-keeper that secures your lure or hook is a bonus that you will never want to miss. Rather than its potential to pop out, we can say that this rod is what you need to consider.


  • Lightweight
  • Unique balance and strength
  • Durable


  • One-piece rod

Price on Amazon

7. Lew’s Speed Stick 6’7″fast action rod

Key Features

  • Length: 6’7” M
  • Manufacturers: Lew’s Fishing

Walleye Spinning. Anglers will enjoy premium IM8 graphite blanks, Lew’s exclusive skeletal reel seats, and Fuji Concept O guides in the Lew’s Custom Speed Stick rods for walleye trolling. Walleye trolling models feature heat shrink handles with a cork grip area to allow these models to easily come out of rod holders, but still offers a comfortable grip.

The Lew’s Speed Stick is a spinning rod specifically designed for fishing walleye. It is a medium extra fast action rod, for people that want a little extra sensitivity when they are jigging. It also has cork grips with a total Rod length of 6 ft 7. Weighing in at around four and a half ounces this is heavier than the St. Croix rod.


  • Comfortable grip
  • Fast action rod


  • No hook hangar

Price on Amazon

8. Lew’s Fishing David Fritts – Perfect Crankbait Speed Stick Series Rod

Key Features

  • Length: 7’/MH/MT
  • Manufacturers: Lew’s Fishing

This heavy action rod is designed with 42 million glass mixed blanks. One of its highlights is that it provides a great range to select from. Thanks to its lure rating that ranges from 1/4th to 3. The blend of various materials caught our eyes. We found this quite effective since it applies the appropriate material for each section of the crankbait rod.

The rod has a high-density EVA but caps and stainless steel hooks that are cushioned. We commend the comfort that this offers. You may want to give it a try and see what we mean by comfort! You may find other crankbait rods that come in its price range but this remains the best choice.


  • Great value for money option.
  • Durable stainless-steel frame construction.
  • Rust resistance designing.
  • Lightweight graphite reel seats.
  • Amazing flexibility.
  • Cushioned hoods for extreme comfort.


  • Gripping is not up to the mark.

Price on Amazon


So, Guys! These were one of the 8 best crankbait rods under 100$ for you. We have tried to cover a huge range of products so that we can extract the best one out for you. We have tried to work on the quality, affordability, and accessibility so that you can get the best one.

Each product included here comes up with a unique set of features that will help you in making your fishing experience even more exciting. So, check out the features, pros, and cons given against each product and then select the best one depending upon your needs.


1. What rod is best for crankbaits?

7 to 8-foot cranking rod. As it will cast a bigger medium and deep-diving crankbait much better than a 6′-6” rod will. The longer length allows energy to load up into the rod, making long casts easier. On the other hand, a 6′-6” cranking rod will be a better choice when fishing smaller crankbaits.

2. How fast should I reel in a crankbait?

6.8 mph is the speed you should go for.

3. Do you need a weight with a crankbait?

Yes, you can alter the performance characteristics of hard baits like jerk baits and crankbaits by adding weight to them. Most anglers are familiar with adding weight to a jerk bait to cause it to suspend, a technique that is important when fishing cold water. But adding weight can also change the action of the bait.

4. What is a good gear ratio for crankbaits?

A slow reel is an ideal choice for most crankbaits. A reel with about a 5:1 gear ratio is going to help you get your baits to their maximum depth and also give you a superior feel, so you know exactly what’s going on with your lure.

5. When should you throw a crankbait?

Late fall and early spring when bass roam the shallows are ideal times to throw a square bill crankbait. The short bill crankbait can be slowly cranked through shallow brush when the water is still cold in the early spring.

6. Should I get a medium or medium-heavy rod?

When fishing with spinnerbaits, use at least a medium/heavy power rod because of the larger single hook.  A medium/heavy rod with a fast action provides a great balance for most spinnerbaits up to half an ounce. When fishing baits greater than half an ounce, an extra fast action will provide better casting.

“Why are my feet always juggling inside the shoes while I’m running?” Do you have to face a similar problem every time you go for a sprint? It is an issue that people with narrow feet have to face and it is more common than you think.

Editor's Pick


Brooks Men’s PureFlow 7

☞Material: Stretch-woven fabric
☞Sole: Rubber sole

To make your running sessions relaxing and positive – you need the right shoes. And thus, our team has mentioned some of the best running shoes for narrow feet that are a perfect solution to this problem.

Best running shoes for narrow feet – A buyer’s Guide

Mentioned below are some of the research-based factors that can help people with narrow feet in choosing the right product.


The upper portion of the shoes should always match the shape of the feet. Any type of shoe can never be a perfect fit whose shape is not in alliance with the feet of the user. Also, look for comfortable upper material. While running comfort should be the utmost priority.

Ankle Collar

In modern shoes, padding is used to protect the ankle. The ankle collar is made from a comfortable material. Always remember that it should perfectly hold the ankle. If the ankle collar doesn’t hold the ankle properly, the heel tends to slip forward. Also, make sure that the material of the ankle collar doesn’t irritate you.

Heel Counter

People with narrow feet can’t afford shoes without a heel counter. Without a heel counter, there’s no stability and the foot is free to move. With the addition of the heel counter motion of the ankle becomes comfortable. Also, stability comes naturally along with it.


Often due to the free movements of narrow feet inside the shoes, the toe gets rubbed with the shoes. Prefer a toe box that allows a little movement and does not touch the toes. But it must not disturb the balance of the shoes.


The outsole is very important for the durability of the shoes as well as for comfort. It is the only part that has to be in contact with the ground constantly. Always try to have an outsole made of flexible and durable material. It should also not influence the comfort level of shoes. The rubber sole is one of the best choices for running shoes.


The midsole plays an important role in shifting the pressure towards the outsole. It should be soft enough to make the feet comfortable. Also, stiffness should be there to some extent to complement the outsole. In short, it should be a perfect blend of softness and stiffness.

8 Best running shoes for narrow feet

Brooks Men’s PureFlow 7

☞Material: Stretch-woven fabric
☞Sole: Rubber sole
Price on Amazon
ASICS Mens Gel Nimbus

☞Material: Textile material
☞Sole: Rubber sole
Price on Amazon
New Balance Men’s 1080v8

☞Material: Synthetic Material
☞Sole: Synthetic sole
Price on Amazon
Brooks Women’s Ghost 12

☞Material: Mesh
☞Sole: Rubber sole
Price on Amazon
ASICS Women’s Gel

☞Material: Synthetic Material
☞Sole: Rubber sole
Price on Amazon
Brooks Women’s PureCadence

☞Material: Synthetic mesh
☞Sole: Rubber sole
Price on Amazon
Mizuno Women’s Wave Inspire

☞Material: Synthetic Material
☞Sole: Rubber sole
Price on Amazon
adidas Women’s Ultraboost 19

☞Material: Synthetic material
☞Sole: Synthetic Sole
Price on Amazon

1. Brooks Men’s PureFlow 7 – Best running shoes for narrow feet

Brooks Mens PureFlow 7 Review | Running shoes for men, Fashion shoes, Shoes

Key Features:

  • Material: Stretch-woven fabric
  • Sole: Rubber sole

Brooks Men’s PureFlow is one of the best choices for narrow feet. The upper of these shoes has a snug-fitting to match the shape of the feet. Proper cushioning is provided to keep the feet relaxed and tight at the same time. Moreover, its soft tongue and ankle never leave marks in the feet.

While running it is very important to carry as little weight as one can. These are lightweight shoes, very easy to carry while running. Also, the outsole has a very good grip. The runner never feels slippery and always maintains a good friction level. Furthermore, high-quality durable material has been used in its construction.

One important criterion for running shoes is breathability. However, some users faced some concerns with the breathability. We recommend using breathable socks to minimize this effect.


  • Lightweight
  • Good design
  • Well-cushioned
  • Snug-fitting
  • Very good grip


  • Less breathability

Price on Amazon

2. ASICS Mens Gel Nimbus 20 Trail Running Shoe – comfortable running shoe | ASICS Mens Gel Nimbus 20 Trail Running Shoe | Athletic

Key Features:

  • Material: Textile material
  • Sole: Rubber sole

These shoes are specially designed for men with narrow feet. ASICS offers these shoes with textile material and a rubber sole. The rubber sole is the most recommended sole for runners. Special fluidRide midsole from ASICS is used to keep a balance between the bounce and cushioning.

Also with the help of this midsole weight is minimized and durability is maximized. The heel is very well cushioned. Users can freely run without the tension of heel injury. The outsole is very durable with an appropriate grip. With these shoes, you can also select a slim fit size.

Such size options provide the freedom to choose the shoes that perfectly match the feet shape. With all these features still, some people think that these shoes are a little extra firm. If you can deal with it, this is a very good option to think about.


  • Comfortable heel.
  • Smooth
  • Responsive
  • Slim fit size available
  • Durable outsole
  • Very good grip


  • Extra-firm

Price on Amazon

3. New Balance Men’s 1080v8 – Fresh Foam Running Shoe

New Balance Men's 1080v8 Running Shoes: Shoes & Bags

Key Features:

  • Material: Synthetic Material
  • Sole: Synthetic sole

Made fully with synthetic material New Balance 1080v8 is a good option to go with. Export quality shoes with a synthetic sole are never going to let you down. The midsole of the shoes is prepared using fresh foam. Always, there’s a touch of special comfort with this midsole.

Overall construction is high-quality and most of the factors are looked after. The toe box is kept wide to provide proper space to the toe. Never the toe of the runner touches the front end of the shoes. Another great prospect that this product offers is its breathability.

Still, some people are not in favor of these shoes due to some factors. Heavyweight is one of the issues that disturb the comfort zone of some runners. Also, these shoes may lack a bit of responsiveness at times.


  • Narrow size available
  • Breathable
  • Accurate size
  • Flexible
  • Smooth ride
  • Great toe box


  • Heavy
  • Lack a bit of responsiveness

Price on Amazon

4. Brooks Women’s Ghost 12 – cushioned running shoeBrooks Ghost 12 Laufschuhe Damen peacoat-blue-aqua im Online Shop von  SportScheck kaufen

Key Features:

  • Material: Mesh
  • Sole: Rubber sole

Brooks is always praised for producing high-quality shoes. Ghost 12 are imported shoes designed for women. They are an appropriate choice for running with narrow feet. Durability and smooth ride are the top features of these shoes. Moreover, a reliable outsole with a great grip enables the runner to run in any conditions without any fear.

Furthermore, to ensure the comfort level each and every corner is well-cushioned. The ankle is well-protected as well as the heel. The inner sole is removable, the runner can adjust it according to his preference. Also, the tongue is made up of very soft material.

Yet keep an eye on the toe box while buying these shoes. According to some users, the toe box is very narrow. It can hurt the toe badly sometimes. To solve this problem, you can go for a half size up shoes.


  • Slim fit
  • DNA Foam midsole
  • Optimum cushioning
  • Insole is removable
  • Comfortable


  • The toe box is extra narrow
  • You may need to buy half size up

Price on Amazon

5. ASICS Women’s Gel-Cumulus 18 running Shoe – durable running shoe for narrow feet  

ASICS Women's Gel-Cumulus 18 Running Shoe, Aqua Splash/White/Pink Glow, 5  2A US: Shoes & Handbags

Key Features:

  • Material: Synthetic Material
  • Sole: Rubber sole

Gel-Cumulus are imported shoes with synthetic construction. As in most modern running shoes, it also has a rubber sole. Natural toe to heel fitness is always there while running. It also helps in increasing stamina. Runners don’t lose concentration due to the tightly fit shoes.

Also, it has a FluidRide midsole that compliments other parts of the boot beautifully. It is a beautiful blend of both the bounce and the cushioning. Moreover, it also helps in decreasing the weight and increasing the durability of the shoes.

For narrow feet, a runner needs a shoe with a slim fit but still having a wider toe box. In these shoes, there’s a narrow toe box that doesn’t attract most of the runners. To solve this issue consider half size up shoes always.


  • Well-cushioned
  • Comfortable
  • Reliable
  • Slim fit
  • Good range of colors


  • Narrow toe box

Price on Amazon

6. Brooks Women’s PureCadence 7 Road Running Shoe – flexible sole running shoe | Brooks Women's PureCadence 7 | Running

Key Features:

  • Material: Synthetic mesh
  • Sole: Rubber sole

PureCadence 7 is a specially designed pair of shoes for women. Women with narrow feet can buy these shoes to have a good time while running. These imported shoes with a rubber sole guarantee comfort and stability. Responsiveness is also another great feature that can make your running experience incredible.

Although you get one of stability or responsiveness at the same time. But in these shoes, Brooks brings a beautiful balance of both. Runners can easily run wearing them for a longer period. Lightweight helps in increasing the stamina of a runner. The tongue is padded to make it sure that it never leaves marks on feet.

The Upper of the shoes lacks a bit of breathability. In the summer season, it becomes difficult to run for long. Always wear breathable socks with these shoes. It helps in making feet dry.


  • Lightweight
  • Responsive cushioning
  • Very flexible sole.
  • Rounded heel


  • Less breathability

Price on Amazon

7. Mizuno Women’s Wave Inspire 14 Running Shoe – breathable running shoe | Mizuno Women's Wave Inspire 14 Running Shoe | Road Running

Key Features:

  • Material: Synthetic Material
  • Sole: Rubber sole

Women with narrow feet often take very much stress during running. They should try Wave Inspire 14 and take a new start as a runner. These fully synthetic shoes are capable of taking care of narrow feet. A rubber sole provides extra flexibility and comfort. The design of these shoes is also liked by women.

Keeping in mind the women runners these shoes are constructed with lightweight material. Women can easily carry them all day. Moreover, to keep the feet dry a breathable material is used. It never takes it longer to dry the sweaty feet.

Furthermore, cloud wave technology used in these shoes is the latest technology. It is used to keep the shoes stable. Still, with all these features, you have to deal with a narrow toe box. Runners suggest to have half size up shoes to solve this problem.


  • Breathable
  • Lightweight
  • Dynamotion Fit technology is used in these shoes
  • Cloudwave technology


  • The toe box is a bit narrow

Price on Amazon

8. adidas Women’s Ultraboost 19 – slim fit running shoe | adidas Women's Ultraboost 19 Running Shoe | Road Running

Key Features:

  • Material: Synthetic material
  • Sole: Synthetic Sole

We all are already with the quality of Adidas. Ultraboost 19 is another quality product constructed with textile and synthetic material. A synthetic sole adds an extra flavor to these shoes. It makes running easy as never before. Although the shaft measurement is kept low top from the arch.

Furthermore, to increase the performance and responsiveness, Ultraboost 19 includes an incredible cushioning. The Upper of the shoes is very light and supportive. While running the feet are always at ultimate comfort due to the soft upper. Its heel counter is also one of the reasons behind its high performance.

Lightweight shoes are often more recommended for running. Due to extra weight, some runners tend to avoid these shoes. However, the weight carrying capacity can vary from person to person.


  • Slim fit
  • One of the best cushioning
  • Comfortable
  • stable heel counter


  • Heavyweight

Price on Amazon


That is all from our side. We have tried our best to provide you with every detail that is important in choosing the right shoes. All the data provided is research-based and highly accurate. Now all you need to do is get rid of your old shoes and buy the best running shoes for narrow feet.

These shoes are great for running and provide more stability and grip. Furthermore, they help in increasing the speed and stamina of a player. Go ahead and match your requirements. We hope you find the right product and have great running sessions.


1. What type of toe box is best for shoes?

A wider toe box that allows feet to expand is the best option.

2. Should I buy specialized shoes for narrow feet?

Yes, you should buy them as soon as possible. They can solve many running problems instantly.

3. Which outsole is best to have for running?

The rubber outsole is mostly preferred for running. It provides extra flexibility to the runner.

4. How to solve the problem of a narrow toe-box?

Always look for a half size up shoes. It helps a lot to solve this problem.

5. Is it possible to get slim fit shoes for narrow feet?

Yes, it is fully possible. The top brands produce specially designed shoes for narrow feet.

6. Which shoes are best for running, loose or tight?

Tight shoes are the best for running. A runner cannot run properly in loose shoes.


Do you wish to get muscular and aesthetic? Staying active after your 50s can do wonders for your health and fitness. To maintain your independence as a senior, you should work out daily to help reduce your Geriatric depression and stay in tiptop shape.

It may not be possible for some seniors to go to the gym daily so home exercise equipment is there best option. Stated below we have organized a well- researched and in-depth guide for you to pick the best home exercise equipment for seniors.

Marcy Recumbent

☞ Dimensions: 55.5 x 25 x 37.5
☞ Manufacturer: Impex

The ultimate buyer’s guide to the best exercise equipment for seniors:

You need to be very careful before buying any fitness related gear for seniors. Specifically, emphasize these factors to ensure their safety and comfort.

  • Easy to Use:

Equipment should be easy to use and should require minimal support or individual guidance. Because of declining years, non-intimidating fitness gear help boosts confidence and keeps seniors motivated.
Fitness gear should be senior-friendly so they can get on and off easily. This feature is a must for individuals that experience some kind of physical activity. A machine that is lightweight, space-efficient, and durable is more preferable.

  • Durable Design:

Equipment quality is a key factor when you want to purchase the best exercise fitness gear for a senior person. The product should be made from the finest-quality material because that ensures its sustainability and durability.

  • Low Impact Exercise:

Joint pain is the no.1 cause that prevents seniors from doing any physical activity. So, the exercise machine should be very gentle towards their aging-joints and have a minimum impact.

  • Comfort & Security Level

Ensure that the equipment is comfortable and safe to use because if the seat height is not right or the structure of the equipment is not stable. There is a chance that seniors may not be able to finish their whole workout routine.

Several models of fitness gears were specifically designed each year; for senior and aging citizens to ensure their best possible comfort while special security features were added for extra safety.

  • The Flexibility and Adjustments

Various fitness gear options are available for seniors, ranging from different frame sizes to multiple weight options. But make sure that the purchased product is adjustable and flexible so that the equipment can be adjusted accordingly.

  • Clear Instructions

The user manual should be handy and have clear instructions for elderly users. The font should be bold and easy-to-read. Buttons of LCD monitor should be minimal and easy to read and use.

List of the top 8 best exercise equipment for seniors:


1. Marcy Recumbent – best exercise equipment for seniors

Key features:

  • Dimensions: 55.5 x 25 x 37.5
  • Manufacturer: Impex

With ME-709 resistance power, Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike is considered one of the best exercise bikes for older people. It features a compact structure and user-friendly design. Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike offers the highest mobility with its easy mount and the dismount feature which makes it suitable for seniors.

The seat is padded with high-quality foam to ensure more solace. To help maintain the right posture, it comes with weighted pedals and features convertible foot cords. The machine is also equipped with a digital LCD screen that is extra vivid and very easy to use. The monitor features an extra-large font size for a display to make it more senior-friendly.

The product is highly praised for its easy to assemble and sturdy structure by customers but there are some concerns regarding the pedal length that might not be ideal for everyone.


  • Compact design
  • 8 resistance modes
  • Equipped with a magnetic resistance system
  • User-friendly
  • LCD Space efficient


  • High-tension setting are not included
  • No pre-planned workouts included

2. Stamina InMotion – portable exercise equipment for seniors

Key features:

  • Dimensions: 24 x 18 x 12
  • Manufacturer: Stamina Products, Inc.

Stamina InMotion is equipped with many useful features specially designed for elderly citizens. Due to its compact and space-efficient design, it is a portable and easy to use a piece of fitness equipment
With its adjustable tension, you can increase or decrease the intensity level according to your physical stamina. This machine can be used either sitting or standing so it is customizable according to the user’s needs.

It is available in three vibrant colors. Stamina InMotion provides a low-tension workout which can help boost blood circulation.

According to customer reviews, they loved its compact design and sturdy structure but this machine may not be suitable for tall people.


  • Portable and space-efficient
  • Light-weight
  • User-friendly
  • Customizable
  • Multi colors available


  • Not the best option for tall people

3. Exerpeutic 300sr – easy to use exercise equipment

Key features:

  • Dimensions: 33.07 x 18.9 x 46.06
  • Manufacturer: Exerpeutic

The Exerpeutic 300sr is an effective piece of equipment that can be used by people of all ages for their workout routines. The V-belt double-drive transmission system ensures its noiseless use. The compact and user-friendly design makes it space-efficient.

The product also features 8 levels of convertible resistance that control the magnetic tension system for the best workout experience. The LCD screen is easy to use and displays all the essential features in vivid fonts.

Customers are pretty satisfied with the quality and design of the machine yet there are some concerns regarding the quality of the seat cushion.


  • Easy to use
  • User-friendly
  • Convertible according to your needs
  • More solace]
  • Digital LCD


  • Seat cushion a bit more low quality

4. DeskCycle – durable workout equipment for seniors

Key features:

  • Dimensions: 22.9 x 11.5 x 11.1
  • Manufacturer: 3D Innovations

DeskCycle Mini Exercise bike is the best option if you want to lose weight and gain some muscles without going to the gym. You can also use it at home or office which makes it ideal for seniors.
With its easy yet smooth motion, you can work out anytime to improve your fitness goals. Its specifically designed frame is very gentle towards joints. It can be customized with the help of the featured 8 resistance settings.

According to customer reviews, the product is easy to assemble, light-weight, and portable piece of equipment whereas there are some complaints regarding the functionality and quality of the LCD screen.


  • High-grade quality
  • Advance magnetic resistance
  • 8 different levels of mechanism


  • Wears down after some months due to regular use

5. Vaunn Medical – convenient exercise equipment for seniors

Key features:

  • Dimensions: 14.96 x 11.81 x 6.69
  • Manufacturer: Vaunn

The Vaunn Medical is a pedal exerciser specially designed for physical therapy. It can help you improve your cardiovascular endurance and lose those extra pounds on the way.

Due to small and space-efficient design, it can easily be placed under a desk and to be used while working in an office. It is very gentle towards the joints so it would be a perfect choice for seniors.
The product also features a digital LCD screen and displays the revolution count and calories. It is a great piece of workout equipment that can improve blood circulation.

Many customers praised the product for its light-weight and portable design but, the knob at the top didn’t do anything for some users.


  • Portable
  • Came full assembled
  • Stable frame
  • Digital screen


  • Foam at handlebars are not of the right size

6. Cubii Jr. – user-friendly exercise equipment for adults above 50

Key features:

  • Dimensions: 23.15 x 17.54 x 10
  • Manufacturer: Fitness Cubed Inc

Cubii Jr. is made from a specifically designed ergonomic structure that offers the perfect elliptical bike experience. It is gentle on the joints and its high-quality material ensures the best workout experience.

It can be connected with Fitbit to track progress. It is also customizable with 8 levels of resistance to match your physical activity. It is an effective machine that can show results in a smaller amount of time.

The majority of the customer reviews are pretty satisfactory yet there are some complaints regarding the quality of the pedals.


  • User-friendly design
  • Easy on your joints
  • Different levels of resistance
  • Easy to assemble


  • Not budget-friendly

7. Exercise Ball – exercise equipment safe for seniors

Key features:

  • Dimensions: 67cm
  • Manufacturer: URBNFit

Exercise balls can do wonders on your core muscles and can help to do a workout in the middle of any activity. It is made from a non-toxic, anti-slip, and high-quality plastic material to ensure that you don’t have to worry about falling out in the middle of your workout.

The product also includes a handy pump for an easy filling.
According to the customer reviews, it is a great product for a great price but some people were not happy about the available color choices and size chart of the ball.


  • Perfect for core
  • Made from the highest-quality plastic
  • Anti-slip and safe for use
  • Perfect for yoga


  • The size chart is not well-developed
  • Not a good option for short people
  • Limited choice of colors

8. Folding Exercise Bike – affordable workout equipment for seniors

Key features:

  • Dimensions: 22 x 20 x 55.5
  • Manufacturer: Lanos

The XTERRA Fitness FB350 Folding Exercise Bike is an easy to use, user-friendly, and an inexpensive option for senior fitness freaks. The seat is padded with high-quality foam to ensure some extra solace and handlebars are added for some extra care.

It is space-efficient and easy to assemble a piece of equipment. The pulse monitor is an interesting feature for people who are a little old, to manage their target range of resistance.

The frame of XTERRA fitness FB350 folding exercise machine is made from high-quality steel to make it more stable and noiseless.

The product has many happy customer reviews whereas there are some complaints regarding a loud clicking sound coming from its gearbox.


  • Easy-grip pedals
  • Padded seat
  • Computerized LCD screen
  • Stable Frame
  • Bottle handler


  • Low resistance


Exercise equipment doesn’t have any age limit. Therefore, you can use any exercise equipment according to your physical needs.
Make sure you have some prior knowledge about the different workouts so you can design a specific workout routine that can work with your physical limitations. Also, follow a strict and healthy diet plan to boost your fitness goals.

Read the user manual very carefully and try to follow the manufacturer’s instructions for the best of your safety.

In the end, it is up to you if you want to go to the gym or stay at home but you need to stay physically active to achieve lasting health benefits.


  1. What is the Best Exercise Equipment for Seniors?
    Our pick, the Marcy Recumbent exercise bike would be the best exercise equipment for seniors to stay home and stay fit.
  2. What Kind Of Cautions Are To Be Kept In Mind By The Seniors When Exercising?
    Read the user manual very carefully and try to follow them. You should adopt a senior-friendly effective workout routine. Religiously follow your fitness routine to get the best results otherwise you are not going to see any changes in your body.
  3. How Often should Seniors Workout?
    20 to 30 minutes daily workout is recommended for seniors.
  4. What are the Best Strength Training Exercises for Seniors?
    Some of the best senior strength training exercises include squats, calf raises, etc.
  5. Are Exercises Safe for those with Arthritis?
    Yes. Strength training exercises are proven to help control arthritis pain. These help in blood circulation and muscle support.
  6. What are Other Good Aerobic Exercises for Seniors?
    Zumba, aquatic, etc. classes are popular aerobic exercise options for seniors.


Whether played as a hobby or as a profession, a tennis player needs to have the best tennis racquet to beat his/her competitors or fellows. Though, it might seem like an easy bet, the quest towards finding the best might be difficult and tiring.

To relieve you from the stress, we bring to this review guide on how to pick a tennis racket suitable for all players. Here, we will enlist the best tennis rackets for you to choose from.



Babolat Drive Max 110

☞ Color: Blue/Black/White
☞ Manufacturers: Babolat

How to choose a tennis racket for a definite win – the ultimate tennis racket buying guide:

When searching for a great tennis racquet for you, it can be hard to determine exactly what to look for. To form the list above, I looked at the main factors:


The size of the head impacts the size of the racket. The larger the head, the greater the impact. Choose the racket with a head size that suits your needs the best. Access what extent of impact you are looking for and then buy the one that fits you.


The length of a racket has a strong influence on the maneuverability. A longer club feels heavier when swinging but increases the swing weight and increases the range. For example, when serving, the two extra centimeters can be helpful. The normal length of a racquet is 27 inches, but the maximum length of a tennis racquet is 29 inches.


Heavier clubs have more mass, transfer more power to the ball, and remain more stable when they go through the ball. But this does not mean that lighter rackets do not have power! A higher weight helps the racket to remain more stable at the point of impact without being moved by the ball.


Although some clubs have the same weight, they feel different. That’s because of the weight distribution. Some clubs have more weight on the head, some on the grip. To find out which weight distribution suits you better, you should simply take two clubs to the next practice session and change every few minutes.


The hardness of a frame describes the degree of deformation when the ball hits the string. Manufacturers’ materials are becoming more and more modern and manufacturers are now able to produce very light rackets. For a lightweight racket to withstand the stresses of a tennis match, a certain amount of hardness is required. The harder the frame the more energy is transferred to the ball.


The string ratio describes the number of the cross and long strings of the racquet. A tighter string pattern gives more control, while a more open string pattern gives more spin, through more string movement, resulting in more friction and ultimately more string wear.

  • GRIP

Modern rackets have grips that absorb a lot of vibration and improve comfort. Each player also has individual preferences in the size of the grip.

List of the top 7 best rackets:


1۔ Babolat Drive Max 110 Tennis Racquet – how to pick a tennis racket for powerful shots

Key Feature

  • Color: Blue/Black/White
  • Manufacturers: Babolat

With the Drive Max 110, Babolat serves up some serious power and comfort to the 2.0 through 4.0 level player. It’s also not a bad option for the crafty doubles player looking to regain a lost step. Offering a luxurious sweet spot, this very forgiving oversize racquet handles smooth from the baseline.

Thanks to its maneuverability and 27.5″ length, the Drive Max 110 supplies the speed and leverage for aggressive serving. The lightweight is perfect for quick exchanges.

All in all, this is a great option for the singles or doubles player looking for an easy swinging racquet that offers huge power and high comfort.


  • Comfortable Grip Size
  • Better Spin Capability
  • Powerful shots


  • Stiffness
  • No casing and Unstrung

2۔ Senston 27 inch Tennis Racket Professional Tennis Racquet – affordable tennis racket for beginners

Key Feature

  • Color: Blue/White
  • Manufacturers: Senston

Well, if you are in the market for a great tennis racquet, then consider yourself lucky. The Senston 27’’ Tennis Professional Tennis Racquet wins on so many levels. It comes already string with good vibration control and a perfect control grip.

This stick is high-grade and made from Carbon Fiber material. It has a one-piece molded technology that makes it high-intensity and durable. You will love the good hit acceleration and powerful strokes.

Other then the racket not having any vibration damper, it is a whole deal towards success.


  • High quality and durable material
  • Not expensive
  • Good for beginners


  • It has a vibration damper which makes it comfortable to play with
  • It’s not expensive which makes it good for beginners

3۔ Babolat 2019 Boost D – perfect adult tennis racket size

Key Feature

  • Color: Blue/Black/White
  • Manufacturers: Babolat

The Babolat racquet is a budget-friendly option as its price is lower than the average one. The racquet is very maneuverable, which is convenient for intermediate players. Its frame is made of carbon fiber, and it features synthetic gut strings.

The racket is 27 inches long, which means that it is appropriate for adults. The racquet allows any vibration damper to be added to it, you just need to fit the damper between the strings.

This racquet is an original Babolat product – even though it is made in China, it is designed in France. The cover of this racquet is lightly padded so that it can protect the item. Keep in mind that only one racquet can fit in this cover.


  • Light
  • Maneuverable
  • Easy control


  • Some users warn that the racquet cracks easily after being used for less than a year.
  • The strings are basic, and you’d better restring the racquet when you receive it.

4۔ HEAD GRAPHENE 360 RADICAL MP – best buy tennis racket

Key Feature

  • Color: Black/Red
  • Manufacturers: HEAD

ve all vibration from the racquet. Some people report that the racket seems to be too deaf, we don’t see it that drastically, but we understand where this tendency comes from.

The Radical MP weighs “only” 10.4 oz, has a swing weight of 323, and a 97,65 head. In summary, it is the best all-rounder of HEAD 2020. Everything can be done very well with it, “radically balanced” would be the appropriate slogan here, but the marketing people of HEAD probably see it differently.


  • Good in all areas
  • Easy on the arms


  • too “dull” or “numb” for some players

5۔ Wilson prostaff team tennis racket – Easy to use wilson tennis racket

Key Feature

  • Color: Black/White
  • Manufacturers: Wilson

With the Prostaff team racquet Wilson delivers solid all-around performance at a great price. At 10.5 ounces strung, the Pro Staff Team is designed for the intermediate player who wants the undeniable benefits of maneuverability.

The Pro Staff Team should also appeal to the dedicated beginner who wants a racquet that will reward continued improvement.  On groundstrokes, the Pro Staff Team swings fast, making it easier for less advanced players to swing for power and spin.

The firm beam construction gives the string a crisp and lively feel, and the 100in² head provides enough control to inspire confidence when selecting ambitious targets.


  • Easy to use
  • Accessible for a range of players
  • Larger head size


  • Large impact

6۔ Wilson Tour Slam Lite Tennis Racket – best wilson tennis racket

Key Feature

  • Color: Blue/Black
  • Manufacturers: Wilson

The Wilson Tour Tennis Racquet has a 112 square inch head and is a curiously large racquet that offers more power and solace. It has a major hitting territory where fledglings can undoubtedly strike the ball.

It is 27.5 inches in length which gives a chance to hit the ball with more energy. With this length, you can without much of a stretch achieve the ball and have more turn and power.

All things considered, the Wilson Tour Tennis Racquet is an incredible racquet for amateurs since it is light, underpins each strike, and skips the ball back with more vitality. The only thing that makes it a bit inconvenient is the feel of the handle.


  • Moderate weight
  • Exceptionally moderate
  • Adequate size
  • Strong
  • Intense


  • Excessively extensive grasp

7۔ Wilson Energy XL Tennis Racquet (EA) – Durable wilson rackets

Key Feature

  • Color: Yellow/Black
  • Manufacturers: Wilson

Kitted out with V-Matrix Technology and a V-Lock Bridge, these racquets smash the competition with concave geometry and dramatically imp0roved responsiveness. A 105 sq in face offers a substantial sweet spot and reduced string reverberation, serving to increase velocity even on off-center shots.

Braided nylon strings with stop shock sleeves and a tighter 21 mm head beam combine for improved rigidity. Combined with a super-oversized head, students can focus on form and follow-through instead of mustering enough power to get the ball back over the net.

A 27-1/2″L frame extends the reach of shorter players and provides better leverage. These Wilson racquets are geared towards bringing the heat and keeping games fast and fun.

The only thing that makes it a bit limited for a certain type of player is that it has an extremely wide head.


  • Titanium-Alloy
  • V-Matrix
  • Frame Synthetic
  • Leather Grip Nylon Strings


  • Super-Oversized
  • Head, Wide Body


Our team conducted full in-depth research on the durability and performance of seven different tennis rackets. We hope that the guide helped you on the journey and you were able to conclude what you need.


  1. Does a good tennis racket make a difference?
    Yes, a good tennis racquet makes a huge difference. However, if you are good at tennis then you will probably still be good at playing with a range of racquets.
  2. What tennis grip size should I use?
    You can measure your grip size using a ruler. With your hand open and fingers extended close together, align the ruler with the bottom lateral crease of your palm, and measure to the tip of your ring finger. Keep in mind, it’s easier to increase handle size on most racquets.
  3. What is over grip tennis?
    An overgrip, aka overwrap, is a soft, padded, clothlike tape wrapped around the grip of a racquet, and are commonly used in the sport of tennis, badminton, squash, and pickleball.
  4. How heavy should my tennis racket be?
    300 grams (or 10.6 ounces) is an average weight for a racket. Less than 285 grams (10 ounces) are considered light. More than 310 grams (or 11 ounces) are considered heavy.


The swoon-worthy scene in movies when the protagonist slides off their bike and take their helmet off in slow motion has inspired a lot of teenagers to wear helmets. I mean, don’t we want to steal the spotlight taking our helmets off whilst we are parking our bikes?

If yes, then that’s excellent! But your primary purpose to wear a helmet should be your safety, as this helps protect brain, neck, and spinal injuries, etc.

Editor's Pick


Schwinn Thrasher

☞ Fit System: Dial Adjustable
☞ Visor Included: Detachable

A good quality helmet can be very expensive to find, but we’ve got you covered! Including all the necessary information you need this article will help you discover 7 best road bike helmet under 100 that are a hit in the market!


This section will help you identify and learn the importance of certain key features of a cool bicycle helmet. Make sure you read through this so that you expect and yield the best out of your purchase.

  • Safety Standards

First and foremost, you should ensure that your helmet is certified and deemed safe to use by experts. It must conform to the standard relevant to your area. If you are living in the United States it should be CPSC certified. If you live in the UK or Europe it should meet EN 1078 European Standards. Safety certifications are a crucial requirement of professional triathlons.

With the fast pace of technology, new and improved measures for protection are continuously being introduced, Multi-directional Impact Protection System, or simply MIPS is a notable one. This is an ultra-shock proof layer in the helmet that is extremely resilient to crashes. This is highly effective in preventing concussions, and neurological injuries, etc. It must be noted that helmets with a MIPS layer come with a higher price tag.

  • Bike helmet fit

Whether you need a helmet to wear while cycling to school or the mountains, it must fit perfectly on your head. It should not be too loose or too big. It should fit snugly against your chin. To get your ideal size the best option is to try it before buying. However, if you are shopping online, measure the circumference of your head and match it against the perimeter of the helmet.

Are you going to use the helmet for casual use, travelling, or professional use? The answer to this question will determine the weight of your helmet. Helmets don’t have to be a burden on your head, but the ideal weight for you depends on your usage. If you are riding your bike on rocky terrain, get a strong, well-built helmet preferably made from polycarbonate or aluminum. If you are a professional cyclist go for a lightweight one, as weight varies indirectly with speed.

More key features that complement the fitting of the helmet include retention systems and adjustable straps. These are designed for easy tightening and loosening of the helmet even while riding. So look out for their adjustment ranges before making your purchase.

  • Bike helmet comfort & design

Bike helmets come in a variety of models and designs. Comfort is perhaps a vital quality that you should look for, as helmets are worn to avoid nuisances not become one. An internal foam padding is what you need to not only give comfort to your head but also to soak sweat. The sweat soaking quality will especially come in handy in summers.

Ventilation is another thing you should look for. The more the vents the higher the airflow and less sweaty the ride. It must be remembered that as vents reduce the area and weight of a helmet, they should have an extremely resilient and strong exterior.

If speed is your need then you might have to compromise on ventilation and get an aerodynamic helmet. What is aerodynamics? This is a feature that is specially designed for high-speed efficient cycling. The only drawback is that the vents need to be sealed off so that the surrounding airflow does not disturb your speed. An aerodynamic helmet promises you a smooth speed like that of light!

You are now fully equipped with all knowledge regarding helmets. Without further ado, let’s move to the products section and read road bicycle helmet reviews where we have 7 awesome bike helmets picked out for you.


Schwinn Thrasher

☞ Fit System: Dial Adjustable
☞ Visor Included: Detachable
Price on Amazon
JBM International

☞ Fit System: Adjustable System
☞ Visor Included: Removable
Price on Amazon
Zacro Adult

☞ Fit System: Adjustable System
☞ Visor Included: Removable
Price on Amazon
Raskullz Mohawk

☞ Helmet Size (cm): 48-52 cm
☞ Inner Material: EPS Foam
Price on Amazon
Retrospec CM-1

☞ Inner Material: EPS Foam
☞ Fit System: Adjustable System
Price on Amazon
Basecamp Specialized

☞ Fit System: Adjustable
☞ Visor Included: Detachable
Price on Amazon

☞ Fit System: Adjustable
☞ Visor Included: Detachable
Price on Amazon

1. Schwinn Thrasher Bike Helmet



  • Suggested Rider Age Range: Adult 14+
  • Helmet Size (cm): 58-61 cm
  • Construction: EPS with Two-piece PVC Microshell
  • Fit System: Dial Adjustable
  • Visor Included: Detachable
  • Est. Helmet Weight: 356 grams


  • Very cheap
  • High crush resistance
  • Unisex style
  • Good ventilation
  • Lightweight


  • No notable cons reported as of yet
This best commuter bike helmet is a top seller. A favorite of all teens and adults, this will be your best companion. It is very lightweight, weighing an astounding 0.7 pounds (356 grams). It fits a standard head of 22.88 to 24.5 inches. In other words, both males and females aged 14 and above can easily wear it with ease. For customizing the grip of the helmet it features a 360-degree dial retention system at the rear, as well as adjustable side straps. So, fitting wise you will certainly have zero complaints.

It also has a detachable visor. This will help you protect against sunlight, rain, and dust, etc. The internal foam padding feature gives this helmet the best value bike helmet award! This padding adds plays a vital role in the overall comfort of the helmet.

Moreover, it has 21 flow vents all around it to provide your air from all sides. This makes this helmet ideal for summers! This model is available in over 15 cool colors. The color range ranges from bright pinks to carbon. You will for sure find your favorite color helmet in this model.

The quality is noteworthy, and the price point this comes at makes this a crowd pleaser! Regarding the quality, a customer had this to say, “Having now used this helmet after crashing head-first on a bike ride, I can attest that this is a good helmet. I wore this helmet in a crash that resulted in a trip to the ER and did not suffer any head injuries besides a few scratches. I was so satisfied with the job this helmet did that I purchased the same one again!” The high number of customer ratings is proof that this is the best bike helmet under 100.

Customer reviews:

4.7 out of 5 stars

5,197 customer ratings (as of yet)

2. JBM International Adult Cycling Bike Helmet


  • Suggested Rider Age Range: Adult
  • Helmet Size: 6.5 inches by 12 inch
  • Construction: PVC & PC, EPS Foam
  • Fit System: Adjustable System
  • Visor Included: Removable
  • Est. Helmet Weight: 371 grams


  • Excellent ventilation
  • Comes with a free drawstring fabric bag
  • Unisex style
  • Very economical
  • Aerodynamic design


  • Strap adjusters on the side do not lock

This helmet by JBM International is the safest road bike helmet as it is certified by the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). It is made of top quality materials like PVC & PC and EPS foam (deemed superb to absorb shock waves and protect the head during a crash). This makes this helmet ideal for professional use and hardcore usage like rock climbing, mountain trekking, etc. Many people have claimed this to be one of the best mountain bike helmets under 100.
It can fit a head size of a minimum of 22 inches and a maximum of 25 inches. The adjustable headlock on the rear allows you to tighten and loosen the helmet according to your want.

Despite the availability of multiple vents, this model has an aerodynamic design, making it a treat for its low price. So, you can enjoy the airy feel of the summer breeze around your head while cycling speedily on the highway.

Comparing this to our first model, this weighs more by 15 grams. However, you should not consider it heavy by any means. Secondly, unlike Schwinn Thrasher, this is available in 18 colors!

The only drawback is that the strap adjusters on the sides do not lock, so the straps can slip out of proper adjustment. Although proper fitting is crucial for helmets, this may work fine for you depending on your head shape and size.

Overall the majority of customer reviews are positive and most customers are satisfied with the quality of this product. A customer reviewed in the following words, “Very lightweight and easily adjustable, chin strap is comfortable and doesn’t rub. Carbon fiber design. Ladies heads up! Low pony-tails only!”

Customer reviews:

4.5 out of 5 stars

1,898 customer ratings (as of yet)

3. Zacro Adult Bike Helmet


  • Suggested Rider Age Range: Adult
  • Helmet Size (cm): 54-62 CM
  • Construction: PVC & PC, EPS Foam
  • Fit System: Adjustable System
  • Visor Included: Removable
  • Est. Helmet Weight: 253 grams


  • Super lightweight
  • High durability
  • Unisex style
  • Comes with a free headband


  • No notable cons reported as of yet

The Zacro Adult Bike Helmet is one of the lightest bike helmets on our list. It weighs only 253 grams (0.6 pounds). If you are searching for an extremely lightweight and professional helmet then this is the right one for you. This is also CPSC certified, so be confident with your decision to buy it. It is tough and durable, made of PVC & PC, EPS foam material. Therefore, quality wise it is superb.

The 54 cm to 62 cm adjustable strap is perfect for most cyclists. Additionally, this helmet uses a quick-release buckle that allows buckling and unbuckling without changing the adjustment. There is also a retention dial at the rear of the helmet. This Zacro model features a detachable visor as well. Visors always come in handy on rainy and sunny days. Moreover, the multiple vents allow for excellent ventilation.

As if, this wasn’t enough Zacro gives you a free 25 by 46 cm headband with this! You can use this as a scarf, hijab, bandana, or tie it around your bicycle as a cute vehicle accessory! This makes the best women’s bicycle helmet!

The strong exterior of this helmet saved the life of a customer, who commented and I quote, “……I firmly believe that without this helmet, I would be in the hospital or worse, the morgue, right now…..if you are debating about whether or not to even get a helmet, I say what are you thinking? Buy this helmet! It costs less than dinner out for one and it might save your life.” A lot of cyclists have claimed that this is one of the best road cycling helmets.

Customer reviews:

4.6 stars out of 5 stars

1,861 customer ratings (as of yet)

4. Raskullz Mohawk


  • Suggested Rider Age Range: 5-8 years
  • Helmet Size (cm): 48-52 cm
  • Inner Material: EPS Foam
  • Fit System: Adjustable System
  • Est. Helmet Weight: 377 grams


  • Highly certified
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Very economical


  • No notable cons reported as of yet

Are you sick and tired of your toddlers for not wearing helmets? Well, we’ve got the best solution for you! These exciting Rakullz Mohawk LED helmets are a child’s dream come true. Coming in fun and exciting colors and designs, your child will probably never take it off!

Children’s safety is of utmost importance. That’s why we bring you this super-reliable product which is certified by a wide range of authorities like CPSC, ATSM, Taicang ACT Sporting Goods Testing Co. So be rest assured as this complies with stringent standards of safety. These certifications make this the best budget bike helmet.

Talking about the design, the Mohawk has the option to light up in two modes, steady glow, and flash. It also automatically shuts off to prolong battery life. It fits head sizes of 48 to 52 cm. Adjustable straps are also available for your child to attain the desired level of grip. Soft cotton pads are placed on the inside for comfort. Moreover, on the sides of the Mohawk, vents are opened for your child to have a cool cycling experience. This is the best affordable bike helmet for your child.

Customer reviews:

out of 5 stars

2,456 customer ratings (as of yet)

5. Retrospec CM-1 Classic Helmet


  • Suggested Rider Age Range: 14+ years
  • Helmet Size (cm): Small (51-55), Medium (55-59), Large (59-63)
  • Inner Material: EPS Foam
  • Fit System: Adjustable System
  • Est. Helmet Weight: N/A


  • Excellent ventilation
  • Unisex style


  • No notable cons reported as of yet

You know this helmet is unique just by looking at it. This low-key Spartan styled helmet is suitable for all outdoor activities like cycling, skating, hoverboarding, etc. Its certification by U.S. CPSC for Bike, Skate, and Ski makes it one of the best road helmets.

It is available in three sizes, small, medium, and large. If your head is too large or too small and you cannot normally fetch the perfect size, Retrospec’s size range will be a blessing for you. It also comes with adjustable straps. There are a total of 8 vents to keep the helmet well ventilated. The interior features interchangeable foam pads for a comfortable custom fit.

This model is available in a variety of colors so you can pick one which represents you the best. Overall, due to its great quality and reliability, it is safe to say that this helmet is the best commuter helmet.

Customer reviews:

4.5 out of 5 stars

2,814 customer reviews (as of yet)

6. Basecamp Specialized Bike Helmet


  • Suggested Rider Age Range: Adult
  • Helmet Size (cm): 57-62 cm
  • Construction: PVC & PC shell material, EPS foam
  • Fit System: Adjustable
  • Visor Included: Detachable
  • Est. Helmet Weight: 270 grams


  • Features an
  • Excellent ventilation
  • Super lightweight
  • Comes with a free portable backpack
  • LED light (comes with an extra spare battery)


  • No notable cons reported as of yet

The distinctive feature of this sleek bicycle helmet is its diamond-shaped LED light, featured at the rear of the helmet. It has 3 modes; one mode 1 it simply turns on, on mode 2 it steadily flashes, and on mode 3 it flashes very fast. This is a remarkable feature that will come in handy while trekking in the mountains with your friends and guiding people behind you.

This is highly crash and shock resistant so you call it as loyal as a dog. Its reliability is certified by U.S. CPSC as well as CE (conformance with European regulations). It is manufactured using high-quality materials so it is very durable. Due to its outstanding resilience at such a low price this for sure is the best budget mountain bike helmet.

It comes with a detachable visor. You can put it on sunny days while taking it off when you don’t need any shield for your eyes. If you have sensitive eyes, or you live in dusty areas, it is advised to keep the visor put at all times.

This helmet easily fits a standard-sized head and is also equipped with adjustable straps and retention dials. The perimeter of the helmet is 22.4 – 24.41 inches. Comparing this with all other helmets on this list, it comes second in terms of lightness (after Zacro Adult Bike Helmet).

Moreover, the ventilation praiseworthy; this helmet features 22 integrated flow vents. The interior is also bedded with foam for comfortable resting of the head against the helmet.

Conclusively, customers are very pleased with this product. Some have even purchased it multiple times. A customer exclaimed, “Great price for quality product. Very stylish for either road or mountain biking. Very pleased.” With the price tag this comes at, it for sure is the best commuter bicycle helmet.

Customer Reviews:

4.4 out of 5 stars

897 customer ratings (as of yet)

7. BASE CAMP Adult Bike Helmet


  • Suggested Rider Age Range: Adult
  • Helmet Size: 55-60 cm
  • Construction: PC shell material, EPS foam, nylon straps
  • Fit System: Adjustable
  • Visor Included: Detachable
  • Est. Helmet Weight: 281 grams


  • Built-in detachable rear light
  • Detachable interior padding
  • Unisex style


  • No notable cons reported as of yet

Last but certainly not the least, we have the stellar Base Camp Adult Bike Helmet. With its modern and sophisticated style, it steals the show! Its city urban vibes make it the best cycling helmet for everyday use.

It is certified by U.S. CPSC, therefore it will keep your head safe and sound. The built-in detachable rear light adds to the practicality of this helmet and makes it one of the best road bike helmets. Whether you are racing with your friends late at night or cycling on a busy road, it will be highly effective in avoiding accidents. The light has two modes; steady light and flashing light. If for some reason you do not like the light, you can easily push it out with a stick.

You won’t be bothered by the weight of this helmet on your head as it weighs only 281 grams. If you are someone whose claustrophobia is triggered by enclosing on your head, this will make you feel secure with its 9 vents. The interior is padded with foam. This too is detachable. You can take it out and wash it or insert a new one if it gets too worn out. The padding, the vents, the lightweight all make the comfort level of this helmet a solid 10/10!

This only comes in one size that can easily fit a standard sized head. Adjustable straps at the side and a retention dial at the rear of the helmet will assist you in the fitting. A customer had this to say, “The helmet fits well and is extremely comfortable. It looks great to. Great quality for the price. Would recommend this product.”

Customer reviews:

4.5 out of 5 stars

1,040 customer ratings (as of yet)


Getting a helmet is not an easy task as you have to purchase something that has the potential to protect you against injuries. We hope you found a helmet that struck your fancy. If you ask us, all of these helmets are the best of best due to their high-quality and low price. Since most of these helmets have similar features, just consider your budget and preference and you’ll make the right choice.
Safe travels!


  1. Does cycling give you a flat stomach?
    Cycling is a great calorie-burning workout.
  2. How far is too far to bike to work?
    5 to 10 miles.
  3. How do cyclists get big legs?
    They do bilateral knee exercises, unilateral (single leg) exercises, and hip dominant exercises.
  4. What burns more calories jogging or biking?
    Jogging as it uses more muscle.
  5. Recommend the best cheap bike helmet?
    Best Overall Bike Helmet: Giro Fixture MIPS.
  6. What is the best bike under 100?
    Stowabike 26″ Folding – Shimano Mountain Bike.
  7. Suggest some bikes under $100?
    Huffy Hardtail Summit – Ridge Mountain Bike
    Avigo Double Divide – 26″ Mountain Bike
    Women’s Kent KZR – Shimano Mountain Bike
    Dynacraft Alpine Eagle – Women’s Mountain Bike
    Mantis Orchid 26″ – Full Suspension Mountain Bike
  8. What is the best bike under 100 dollars with a front baby seat?
    Front Mount Baby Carrier Seat Bike. Check on Amazon:
  9. Why are cyclist’s legs so veiny?
    They are veiny due to low body fat and high flows of blood through the legs.
  10. What exercise machine is best for bad knees?
    Recumbent Bike.

People having small wrists usually face problems when it comes to finding a fitness tracker. A tracking device that hangs loosely around your wrist can pose a lot of problems during workouts. Most fitness trackers in the market don’t come with a highly adjustable strap, and thus don’t fit small wrists.

Fitness trackers now play a very important role in our daily lives. So, it is also vital to get one that fits you perfectly. Our team has formed a list so you can choose the best fitness tracker for small wrists.

Editor's Pick


Fitbit Alta – customizable fitness tracker for small wrists

☞Manufactures: Fitbit
☞Weight: 1.0 Ounces

Features to look for in the best fitness tracker for small wrists

  • Smallest and Biggest Strap Size

While looking for a fitness tracker for small wrists it is important to focus on the maximum and minimum strap size. If you get a device that needs to be adjusted to the smallest setting, you would have a large portion of the strap hanging loose. To prevent this, you could look for a device that fits your wrist on its maximum strap setting.

  • Size of the Display

We would suggest that you choose a fitness watch with a size of 40 mm or smaller. This size would look sleek and fashionable on a small wrist. However, it is also important to consider how thick the display is. A bulkier display would be uncomfortable.

  • Heart Rate Measurement

We recommend buying a product that gives you more features than just fitness tracking. You should definitely consider one that has a heart rate monitor if it comes under your budget. Heart rate measurement can help you in preventing overexertion and improving fitness levels.

  • Activity Database Size

Your fitness tracker should provide you a wide range of information. This should include how many stairs you climbed, or keeping track of your CrossFit sessions.

  • Price

Basic fitness trackers that count steps cost around $75-$100. As the features increase, the price also increases. Devices that track activities like running, swimming and ones that use GPS can cost you between $100-$250+.

  • Daily Usage

If you are someone who wants to track your walking distance on a daily basis, then you should get a fitness tracker. However, if you run, cycle or hike regularly then you should invest in a fitness watch that has a GPS.

  • Weight of the Watch

You should consider getting a fitness tracker that has a simple design and doesn’t weigh a lot. Mostly, watches having longer battery lives tend to be heavier

  • Extras

You should look out for extra features that wrist watches could have. These features could include floors climbed, recovery time, interval time, etc.

Each device has its own operating system and application that it works with. Each brand has a unique ecosystem, however, the functions performed by them are more or less the same. Just consider this while choosing a fitness watch for yourself.

Top 8 Best Fitness Trackers For Small Wrists

Fitbit Alta

☞Weight: 1.0 Ounces
☞Manufactures: Fitbit
Price on Amazon
Fitbit Charge 3

☞Weight: 7.36 Ounces
☞Manufactures: Fitbit Inc
Price on Amazon
Fitbit Zip

☞Weight: 0.32 Ounces
☞Manufactures: Fitbit
Price on Amazon
Withings Activite Pop

☞Weight: 6.56 Ounces
☞Manufactures: Withings Inc – SPORTS
Price on Amazon
Moov Now

☞Weight: 3.2 ounces
☞Manufactures: Moov Inc.
Price on Amazon
Fitbit Charge 2

☞Weight: 0.6 ounces
☞Manufactures: Fitbit
Price on Amazon
Withings Go

☞Weight: 1.2 ounces
☞Manufactures: Withings Inc
Price on Amazon
Jawbone UP3 ­­

☞Weight: 6.4 Ounces
☞Manufactures: Jawbone
Price on Amazon

1. Fitbit Charge 3 – best fitness tracker for small wrists

Fitbit Charge 3 – best fitness tracker for small wrists

Price on Amazon

Key features:

  • Weight: 7.36 Ounces
  • Manufactures: Fitbit Inc


  • Big display size
  • Light-weighted
  • 100% waterproof


  • In-built GPS unavailable

The Fitbit Charge 3 is one of the most popular devices offered by the company. Even though this device was launched in August 2018, it is still one of the best fitness trackers in the market due to its innovative design.

This device has several modes that track your exercise, sleep cycle as well as your heart rate. The Fitbit Charge 3 is more light-weighted than its predecessor. It also has a bigger screen and is waterproof. The next model, Fitbit 4, has an in-built GPS that this device doesn’t have.

Overall, the Fitbit Charge 3 is a great device, but its important to keep in mind that it isn’t a smartwatch.

2. Withings Activite Pop – easy to use fitness tracker for small wrists

Withings Activite Pop – easy to use fitness tracker for small wrists

Price on Amazon

Key features:

  • Weight: 6.56 Ounces
  • Manufactures: Withings Inc – SPORTS


  • Eye-catching design
  • Application is easy to use
  • Battery life lasts 6 months


  • Doesn’t have a heart rate tracker
  • Has limited features related to fitness

The Withings Activité Pop is a device that has a very unique design. The smartwatch doesn’t have a common, huge display. It looks like a regular analog watch. The body has a glass front and a raised design. However, due to its design, you can’t interact with the watch face.

All the functions of this smartwatch can be controlled by your phone. This device would allow you to always see the time as well as the step count. The Activite Pop has a silicone strap.

This smartwatch with a unique design is great for tracking fitness, however, it just lacks a heart rate tracker.

3. Fitbit Zip – smallest fitness tracker

Fitbit Zip – smallest fitness tracker

Price on Amazon

Key features:

  • Weight: 0.32 Ounces
  • Manufactures: Fitbit


  • Price is very low
  • Tracks your steps
  • Tracks distance traveled and calories burnt
  • Has battery life of up to 6 months


  • Doesn’t track floor climbed or sleep cycle

The Fitbit Zip is not designed to be worn on your wrist. It is a clip-on fitness tracker and can get attached to your belt or pocket. This type of design causes it to be a highly discreet fitness tracker. It might not be the most attractive device, but it is affordable.

Even though this device might lack certain features like tracking sleep, it helps you gain access to the Fitbit ecosystem. The Fitbit application is very easy to operate and gives you several resources and tools to stay healthy.

This is one of the most affordable options you can consider, however, some users find that the device doesn’t provide a 100% accurate stride count while running.

4. Fitbit Alta – customizable fitness tracker for small wrists

Fitbit Alta – customizable fitness tracker for small wrists

Price on Amazon

Key features:

  • Weight: 1.0 Ounces
  • Manufactures: Fitbit


  • Stylish design
  • Highly customizable
  • Battery life lasts for a week


  • Screen isn’t as sensitive as it should be
  • Device isn’t waterproof

Fitbit has finally incorporated a heart rate monitor in a device with a smaller band. This device has a stylish look and comes from a reliable company. This device also gives you accurate data regarding your steps and other activities.

The Fitbit Alta has very strong battery life. It lets you keep track of your movement as well as rest periods so that you could set relevant goals. The device has an OLED display and doesn’t have any buttons. SmartTrack feature on the device automatically recognizes exercises and is customizable.

Overall, this device fulfills the requirements of a good fitness tracking watch, however, some customers found it slightly difficult to set up.

5. Moov Now – affordable thin fitness tracker

Moov Now – affordable thin fitness tracker

Price on Amazon

Key features:

  • Weight: 3.2 ounces
  • Manufactures: Moov Inc.


  • Price is very low
  • Good range of fitness tracking
  • Long-lasting battery life


  • Doesn’t have a screen
  • Doesn’t have a very fashionable design

Moov Now is a fitness tracker that you can take swimming with you, or wear during a boxing workout. This device is also very budget-friendly and attractive. This device comes in several colors.

It is very light-weighted and has only one button on the top. You would click on this button whenever you start a workout or when you want to sync your fitness data. The device is so light that sometimes you will feel like there is nothing on your wrist or ankle.

This is a device that has several useful features, however, some customers found their device dropping Bluetooth connections occasionally.

6. Fitbit Charge 2 – comfortable fitbit for small wrist

Fitbit Charge 2 – comfortable fitbit for small wrist

Price on Amazon

Key features:

  • Weight: 0.6 ounces
  • Manufactures: Fitbit


  • Big display
  • Strap is comfortable
  • Tracks multiple sports or activities


  • Shows Limited smartphone notifications
  • Doesn’t have GPS
  • The straps are expensive

The Fitbit Charge 2 is a small device that comes with a strap in the box. This device isn’t waterproof, however, it is water-resistant. This means that it can easily handle splashes of water while you wash up or even sweat when you are working out.

The Charge 2 comes with an OLED display which makes the information easy to read. The device is the first in the Charge range to have a touch screen. Even though the touch isn’t completely responsive, an extra tap would work.

This device is a good option that would allow you to enter the Fitbit ecosystem. However, most users feel like the sleep tracker is completely accurate sometimes.

7. Withings Go – waterproof small activity tracker

Withings Go – waterproof small activity tracker

Price on Amazon

Key features:

  • Weight: 1.2 ounces
  • Manufactures: Withings Inc


  • Small device with simple design
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Device is waterproof


  • The display doesn’t show time unless you tap it

8. Jawbone UP3 ­­– stylish small activity tracker

Jawbone UP3 ­­– stylish small activity tracker

Price on Amazon

Key features:

  • Weight: 6.4 Ounces
  • Manufactures: Jawbone


  • Design is more secure
  • Application is impressive
  • Sleep tracking feature works effectively


  • Sensors remain underused
  • Charging mechanism is not great

The UP3 is has a sleek design and is very light-weighted. This device utilizes a side-sliding system to get wrapped around your wrist. All the controls for this smartwatch can easily be managed from your smartphone.

This device is available in several different colors and has a textured body that is common on Jawbone products. The smartphone app for this device also sends you notifications when the battery life starts getting a little low. This helps you keep your device charged before going out.

This smartwatch is a good option you can consider while looking for the best smartwatch for small wrist. However, some users think that the strap should have safety chains to prevent it from falling off.


The list above makes it evident that there are a lot of good options to consider while looking for the best fitness tracker for small wrists. We recommend that you measure your wrist before buying a fitness tracker. This would allow you to make a more informed decisions and you wouldn’t end up with a device that is loose around your waist.

You should also keep in mind all the other features you need in a fitness tracker. Thus, you would be able to pick the device that suits you best.


Which Fitbit Is Best for Small Wrists?

Fitbit has different variants that would be suitable for small wrists. The best fitness tracker for small wrists is the Fitbit Charge 3. It has a sleek design and also provides its users with great features.

What Is the Smallest Fitness Tracker?

The smallest fitness tracker that we could find is the Fitbit Zip is the smallest fitness tracker. Even though this device has a small design, it is not designed to be worn on your wrist. You can clip on to your belt or pocket.

Can You Get Replacement Straps for Fitness Trackers?

Yes, you can surely buy replacement straps for most of the fitness trackers in the market. We recommend choosing a device that has good strap options when it comes to materials and sizes.

Should You Measure Your Wrist Before Buying a Fitness Tracker?

You should make sure you measure your wrist before you buy a fitness tracker. The maximum and minimum size range of a strap is mostly provided by manufacturers.

Do Fitbits fit small wrists?

There are two standard sizes available in Fitbits; small and large. So, if you have your wrist measured beforehand, you can choose the size range that fits you best.

What size is a small wrist?

Mostly, a normal size for a fitness tracker is 7 inches. Hence, a wrist smaller than 7 inches can be considered a small one.

Having fun with the boys or just fooling around with family. Gaming is for everyone. But the one thing that can cause a stump in all the fun is your controller running out of charge in the middle of an important play.In order to get longer playing time in between charges, buying a quality charging station is a must.

Editor's Pick


☞Weight: 19 pounds
☞Number of Batteries: 2 X 1000 mAh

In this article, we covered everything you need to know about the best Xbox One charging station and reviewed the top 8 stations available on the market.

Matters to think about before choosing the best Xbox one charging station

A new Xbox one does not come with rechargeable batteries. Considering this strange policy of Microsoft, buying a charging station with rechargeable batteries that suit your controller is a better option than buying a new non-rechargeable battery every time it stops working.

Choosing a charging station from an external source could be a very tough decision to make. But don’t worry! We have done all the hard work for you.

Keep the following things in mind before buying any charging station for your Xbox one.

Battery longevity

When you talk about a charging station, the most important thing to consider is the battery life it provides. An average charging station should provide you with at least 30 hours of battery life. Buying an external charging station seems to be a burden on the pocket but once you buy it you would know how much of a blessing it is.

Speedy charging

Another important aspect is the time taken by the charging station to fully charge a battery. If you are a type of person who is always on his/her Xbox and only has time to charge the controller while you are asleep. The charging speed must be very important for you.

Ideally, a charging station should not take more than 2 hours to charge completely. Charging stations that take longer than that can be very frustrating.

Helpful extras

Apart from the performance of the Xbox’s charging station. Certain non-functional things could prove to be very handy. For example:

  • An LED light that lets you know when a battery is charged completely
  • Ease of connection between the controller and a charging station etc.

Multiple controllers

If you are the type of person that uses two controllers to play regularly with family and friends. Charging each controller separately would be a very tiring thing to do.

Some charging stations allow charging two or more controllers at the same time. Go for these charging stations as they save a lot of time and effort.

Play and charge

Some charging stations provide you with play and charge feature. You can play your favorite game while charging the controller at the same time. They are particularly helpful for people that are not punctual with putting the batteries onto the charger.

So, if your controller is about to die during a game, you do not have to worry, as it allows you to continue playing while charging.

Official Xbox charger

Microsoft has this strange strategy of not providing charging stations with Xbox one. You must buy them separately. In addition to that, Microsoft gives licenses to some charging station’s manufacturing brands.

Look for the ones that have an official Microsoft licensing as they are more compatible with the Xbox one console in comparison to non-licensed brands.


Price is the deciding factor in every purchase and charging stations are not any different. You must spend at least 15$ to 30$ to buy a good charging station. The price of the charging station is usually decided by the time it takes to fully charge a battery and the expected battery time of a fully charged battery. 

List of the top 8 best Xbox one charging stations


☞Weight: 19 pounds
☞Number of Batteries: 2 X 1000 mAh
Price on Amazon
Icespring Xbox One Charging Station

☞Weight: 2 ounces
☞Number of Batteries: 2 X 600 mAh
Price on Amazon
Sliq Gaming

☞Weight: 2 ounces
☞Number of Batteries: 2x 800 mAh
Price on Amazon

☞Weight: 06 pounds
☞Number of Batteries: 2x 1100mAh
Price on Amazon

☞Weight: 022 ounces
☞Number of Batteries: 2 x 600mAh
Price on Amazon
Nyko Charge Block Solo

☞Weight: 10 ounces
☞Number of Batteries: 1 x1,200mAh
Price on Amazon
Microsoft Xbox One Play and Charge Kit

☞Weight: 5 ounces
☞Number of Batteries:
Price on Amazon

☞Weight: 6 ounces
☞Number of Batteries: 2 X 600 mAh
Price on Amazon

1. Fosmon – best Xbox One charging station

Key features:

  • Weight: 19 pounds
  • Number of Batteries: 2 X 1000 mAh

This Fosmon’s product is the best alternative to buying a non-rechargeable battery every time an old one fails. It offers up to 1000 charge cycles which means it is equal to buying 1000 non-rechargeable batteries.

You might find buying a charging station, a burden to your pocket at first. But it will save you a lot of your money in the longer term. The station allows you to charge two of your controllers at the same time, which saves a lot of your time and effort.

The station is not restricted to Xbox one only, but it is compatible with ONE S and ONE X as well. The station comes with two 1000-mAh batteries that take about 4-5 hours to fully charge it. Once fully charged, the batteries can last up to 30-33 hours.

The best thing about this station is that you do not need to remove the battery. In order to charge the controllers, you just need to simply put the controllers on the docking station and an LED light will let you know about the current charging status of the controller.


  • Offers 1000 charge cycles
  • Charges two controllers at the same time
  • Led light lest you know about the current charging status


  • Bad customer service

Price on Amazon

2. Icespring Xbox One Charging Station – best xbox one controller charger

Key features:

  • Weight: 2 ounces
  • Number of Batteries: 2 X 600 mAh

This charging station offers compatibility with both Xbox One and Xbox One S. The product comes with two 600mAh batteries and a USB charging cable. The Icespring Xbox One Charging Station being lightweight offers great portability and ease of use.

If you are a fan of playing multiplayer with your family and friends, charging each controller separately would be very frustrating for you. This product allows you to charge two or more controllers at the same time. The charge indicator on the station will keep you updated with the current charging status.

Although it’s a great product some users have reported issues with the controllers not fitting well on the charging base. Also, the charge indicator of the station is a bit faulty.


  • Lightweight
  • Charge two controllers at the same time
  • Compatible with Xbox one S as well


  • Issues with the controllers not fitting well on the charging base
  • The charge indicator of the station is a bit faulty

Price on Amazon

3. Sliq Gaming – best charging station for xbox one controllers

Key features:

  • Weight: 2 ounces
  • Number of Batteries: 2x 800 mAh

The station comes with two 800-mAh batteries. Once fully charged, the battery can last up to 35-hours. It offers 1000 charge cycles which means it is equal to buying 1000 non-rechargeable batteries. The station is intelligent as it preserves the lifespan of the batteries by stopping further charging once the controller is fully charged.

This charging station allows you to charge two controllers simultaneously which saves a lot of time. The product is best when it comes to compatibility. It works well with all Xbox One type controllers including controllers of Xbox One X and Xbox One Elite.

Users have reported that the batteries have a short life span and don’t last for long.


  • Offers compatibility with all Xbox One controllers
  • Automatically stops charging once the batteries are fully charged
  • Batteries offer 1000 charge cycles


  • Batteries have a short life span

Price on Amazon

4. PowerA Charging Station with Elite Door

Key features:

  • Weight: 06 pounds
  • Number of Batteries: 2x 1100mAh

This highly-rated product is licensed by Microsoft and hence one of the most reliable. Its beautiful charging design lets you charge two controllers at the same time. The batteries are highly durable and work well even after they have been used for a while.

The LED light indicator on the station keeps you updated with the current charging status. This charging station offers compatibility with both Xbox One and Xbox One S controllers.

Some users reported that the battery got hot while charging, which caused some damage to the controller.


  • Highly rated
  • Affordable
  • Licensed by Microsoft
  • Offers compatibility with both Xbox One and Xbox One S


  • Battery heats while charging

Price on Amazon

5. KingTop Dual Charger Station for xbox one

Key features:

  • Weight: 022 ounces
  • Number of Batteries: 2 x 600mAh

This highly expensive charging station is one of the most reliable stations available on the market. It allows you to charge all types of Xbox One controllers. The best thing about this product is that it comes with 2 cooling fans that keep the controllers cool at all times.

The station comes with two 600-mAh batteries that take 2.5-4 hours to fully charge it. The station allows you to vertically place two chargers at the same docking station. The product comes with a 1-year warranty and 30-days money-back guarantee.

You don’t need to remove the batteries to charge them. You just need to simply put the controllers on the docking station and an LED light will let you know about the current charging status of the controller. The green light indicates that the controllers are fully charged while a red light means the controllers are currently charging.


  • High-quality product
  • Comes with 2 cooling fans
  • 1-year warranty and 30-days money-back warranty
  • An LED light will let you know about the current charging status of the controller


  • Expensive

Price on Amazon

6. Nyko Charge Block Solo – top rated xbox 1 charging station

Key features:

  • Weight: 10 ounces
  • Number of Batteries: 1 x1,200mAh

This comparatively inexpensive charging station is great in terms of quality. The product is one of the easiest to use as it facilitates one-hand use. It comes with only one 1200-mAh battery that is capable of providing many hours of battery time.

The product allows you to charge one controller at a time. If you don’t play multiplayer very often and prefer to play online mostly. This type of charging station will suit you as it is comparatively cheap and occupies less space.

It requires a lot of effort to put the controller exactly on the spot otherwise it won’t work. Some users reported that its battery heated up.


  • 1200-mAh battery
  • Occupies less space


  • It requires a lot of effort to put the controller exactly on the spot otherwise it won’t work
  • Some users reported that its battery heated up.

Price on Amazon

7. Microsoft Xbox One Play and Charge Kit – separate xbox one charging station

Key features:

  • Weight: 5 ounces
  • Number of Batteries:

Microsoft doesn’t give rechargeable batteries with Xbox One, but it officially sells separate charging stations and earns profit through it. This official Microsoft station comes with only one 1400-mAh battery that takes under 4 hours to fully charge it. Once fully charged, the batteries can last up to 30 hours.

The unique thing about this product is that it allows you to continue playing while your batteries are getting charged. So, if your controller is about to die during a game, you do not have to worry, as it allows you to continue playing while putting it on the charge.

It is quite expensive as compared to other charging stations offered by third party manufacturers. Some users reported that its battery stopped working after a few months.


  • 1400-mAh battery
  • Allows you to continue playing while your batteries are getting charged
  • Official Microsoft product


  • Expensive
  • Reportedly its battery stopped working after a few months

Price on Amazon

8. Prodico- budget efficient Xbox One Charging Station

Key features:

  • Weight: 6 ounces
  • Number of Batteries: 2 X 600 mAh

The station comes with two 600-mAh batteries that take about 2-hours to fully charge. The product is lightweight and offers great portability and ease of use.

You don’t need to remove the batteries to charge the controllers. Whenever you are not playing, just put the controller on the docking station and it will charge the batteries for you. The charging station is compatible with only Xbox one controller.

If you are the type of person that uses two controllers to play regularly with family and friends. Charging each controller separately would be a very tiring thing to do. This product allows you to charge two or more controllers at the same time.

Users have reported that once fully charged it lasts only 4-hours. In addition to that, the controllers do not hold on to the docking station and keep falling out.


  • Comes with multiple controller options
  • You do not need to remove the batteries to charge the controllers
  • Offers portability


  • Once fully charged, it lasts only for 2 to 4 hours
  • Controllers do not hold on to the docking station and keep falling out

Price on Amazon


Stop wasting your money on buying non-rechargeable batteries every time your original battery completes its lifespan. Invest in a charging station that comes with rechargeable batteries. These batteries take less time to get fully charged and offer you hours of playtime.

We have listed the top 8 best Xbox one charging stations available on the market. Choose the station that suits you the best and enjoy gaming without ever worrying about the controller dying during a crucial game.


1. How do I know when my Xbox One controller is fully charged?

An LED light will let you know about the current charging status of the controller. The green light indicates that the controllers are fully charged while a red light means the controllers are currently charging.

2. Will the Xbox One controller charging station fit all my controllers?

It depends upon the type of charging station that you are buying. Some charging stations offer compatibility with all types of controllers while others stick to a certain type.

3. Can I charge my Xbox One controller and play at the same time with my controller charging station?

Yes, some charging stations provide you with play and charge feature. You can play your favorite game while charging the controller at the same time. They are particularly helpful for people that are not punctual with putting the batteries onto the charge.

4. Do I need an Xbox One controller charging station that can charge multiple controllers at once?

Yes, but only if you are the type of person that uses two controllers to play regularly with family and friends. Having a charging station that can charge multiple controllers at once will save a lot of time and effort. Charging each controller separately would be a very tiring thing to do.

 5. Why do you need to buy a separate charging station with Xbox One?

Because a new Xbox One does not come with rechargeable batteries. Considering this strange policy of Microsoft, buying a charging station with rechargeable batteries that suit your controller is a better option than buying a new non-rechargeable battery every time it stops working.

Whether you are a pro or a beginner, dry lanes are a nightmare for everyone. Though it might be a bad omen in a player’s life, still they must face it at least once in their whole career. Here we will discuss what ball, style, and techniques might be the best to polish your performance and to face the demon called dart lanes.

Editor's Pick


 NFL Dallas Cowboys

☞Weight: 6-16 lbs.

Our team has spent 134 hours to find the best bowling ball for dry lanes, just for you. So, let’s get started.

Buyer’s Guide


The USBC specification standards state that the diameter of a ten-pin bowling ball should lie between the range of 8.500-8.595 inches or 21.59-21.83 cm, which should have a circumference of 27 inches or 69 cm. There might be 12 holes in a ball at most but typically, there are only three. Legally, a bowling ball should weigh 6-16lbs or 2.7-7.3kgs.

A specific type of ball suits a certain style and technique. Custom made balls for hook shots are available in the market. Straight bowlers can also get customized balls suiting their technique. The difference in theses balls is based on the mold of the core and the substance used for the manufacturing of the coverstock.

Urethane or plastic balls are preferred by players in dry lane situations. Large hooks could be avoided with the aid of emerging technologies. Other Them this, straight bowlers choose balls that are more compatible with such lanes. Hence, select the ball based on these three specifications:

  • Lane’s Condition:

The market is crowded with different kinds of balls for different techniques such as hook hot or straight bowling and different skill levels like a seasoned player or a beginner. So, while looking for a ball to buy, do not make a hasty decision. Analyze what is the condition of the lane, that you would be playing on and what kind of balls other players are using. When you have analyzed the condition of the lanes, you are good to go for the matching cover stock. Typically, lanes are of these types:

  • Dry Lanes:

Such lanes work best with a pearl and sturdy cover stock which will slide to the pins with the utmost ease.

  • Slightly to completely lubricated:

A solid cover stock works best with such lanes. For improved gripping, choose a coverstock based in polyurethane.

  • Cover stock:

Bowling balls compatible with hook shorts are generally made of specific coverstocks such as resins. Such coverstocks absorb oil which aids them in sliding smoothly in the underoiled areas of the lane hence increasing the collective hooking rate of the ball. They are four different types of coverstocks available in this category:

  • Solid reactive cover stock: Increased number of pores.
  • Pearl reactive cover stock: Works best on drier lanes due to added mica. Pearl cover stock having tiny silica particles which work with increased efficiency on dry lanes.
  • Hybrid reactive cover stock: perfect for best performance on the back end.

The balls which have more pores have the capability of absorbing the oils on the lubricated end of the lane providing suitable friction for it to slide properly on this part and using the absorbed oil on the rare end of the lane. However, such a result is not observed while using smooth-surfaced balls that slide easily on the lubricated portion but have friction and deviate on the unlubricated area.

Perfect Scale:

A perfect scale is a form of performance and quality measuring scale which uses mathematical formulae and the producer’s existing scale to make a unanimous standard for the buyers and sellers overall. The scale ranges from 5-300, plastic balls being the lowest on the scale having a rating of 5. The highest value reached on the scale until now is 237.7. There is a room left for improvement as the emerging technology might open new avenues of quality products in the field of bowling balls. Choose the balls with the highest scale ratings to get the perfect hook swing.


Weight plays a crucial role in the style and technique of a player. The ease of throw and the ability to swing a ball is entirely dependent on the weight of the ball. Typically, a ball weighs between 6-16 pounds. It is suggested that the ball used by the player must weigh 10% of their body weight. Hence, if a person weighs 100 pounds, then the perfect ball for him/her would weigh 10 pounds. Although these are the suggestions of professional players and analysts, one should always choose the ball they are comfortable with whether it be higher or lower from the suggested.

8 best bowling ball for dry lanes

NFL Dallas Cowboys

☞Weight: 6-16 lbs.
Price on Amazon
!Q Tour Emerald By Storm

☞Weight: 12-16 lbs.
☞Color: Black/Green
Price on Amazon
Pathogen Blue Dot

☞Weight: 12-16 lbs.
☞Color: Grey/Silver/White
Price on Amazon
Pyramid Pathogen Plague

☞Weight: 14-16 lbs.
☞Color: Black
Price on Amazon
Storm tropical surge pearl

☞Weight: 10-16 lbs.
☞Color: Blue/Pink/Black
Price on Amazon
Ebonite Maxim

☞Weight: 13-15 lbs.
☞Color: Purple/Royal/Silver
Price on Amazon
Path Rising Pearl

☞Weight: 14 lbs.
☞Color: Aqua/Silver Pearl
Price on Amazon
Hammer Purple Pearl

☞Weight: 15 lbs., 16 lbs.
☞Color: Green/Smoke/Gold
Price on Amazon

1. NFL Dallas Cowboys best bowling ball for dry lanes By KR Strikeforce

Key Features

  • Weight: 6-16 lbs.
  • Color: Smoke/White/Blue/Black

The NFL Dallas Cowboys Bowling Ball is the true embodiment of the term beauty with brains. It is deemed fit for display due to its beautiful appearance and is perfect for competitions because of the performance outcomes associated with it.

The ball weighs 14 pounds and has a plastic-based coverstock. This ball was first manufactured in 2019 and hence is one of the latest models out there.

As there is no pre-drilled version of the ball available in the market, it causes a bit of inconvenience. However, it is perfect for straight bowlers.


  • 6-16 lbs. options available
  • Ideal for save rate.
  • Phenomenal balance and power control
  • Single buff finish
  • Effective for dry lanes


  • No pre-drilled variant.
  • Spare ball matching with straight bowlers.

Price on Amazon

2. !Q Tour Emerald By Storm – top quality dry lanes bowling balls

Key Features

  • Weight: 12-16 lbs.
  • Color: Black/Green

With R2S pearl reactive coverstock, !Q Tour emerald is an emerging product in the market. The core wraps around the C3 weight block, giving it the density to stay on the launched trajectory.

The ball weighs 15 pounds and has a high-performance index.

It has been observed that there is no pre-drilled version of the ball available which means that the customer must get it drilled. The other issue is that there is no variant of the product available under 12lbs.


  • Efficient control at the breakpoint
  • Core yields optimum performance
  • 12-16lbs variants
  • Perfect for aggressive hooking


  • No pre-drilled version
  • No version weighing less than 12lbs.

Price on Amazon

3. Pathogen Blue Dot Bowling Ball By Pyramid for dry lanes

Key Features

  • Weight: 12-16 lbs.
  • Color: Grey/Silver/White

Featuring SG19.5 dual-density Asymmetric Core with a gleaming polyester coverstock, Pathogen Blue Dot Bowling Ball has all that it takes to make a good player a champion. This ball offers an excellent hook and strong motion.

The ball is the ultimate solution to any dry lane condition. Having a perfect scale value of 65.8, RG of 2.48, differential of 0.039, and flare potential ranging medium, this is a bowling ball of miracles.

Many customer reviews express the amazement of the players who bought and used these balls. They noticed a prominent change in their performance aptitude and skill.


  • Nice hook ln dry lanes
  • Numerous drilling options
  • Versatile style
  • 12-16lbs. variants available
  • Approved by USBC
  • Long-lasting


  • Need Monster Tech cleaner for best outcomes
  • No variant under 12lbs. available

Price on Amazon

4. Pyramid Pathogen Plague – pyramid curse bowling ball

Key Features

  • Weight: 14-16 lbs.
  • Color: Black

Specially designed to give high results on dry lanes, this ball has a solid, strong but still a gentle motion. Such lanes might be difficult to manage when using other balls, but that is not the case with Pyramid Python Plague.

With a urethane cover stock, called all-new GPS Navigational Urethane, the ball has been designed for the dry lanes especially. This ball allows the player to maintain optimal power without opting for an aggressive approach.

The reviews suggest that the ball, despite being one of the best out there, has some minor flaws. It has a moderately aggressive reaction, which is difficult to handle for novices, but seasoned players show no concerns about this.


  • Engineered coverstock
  • Excellent performance
  • Beautiful finishing
  • Unique core
  • Customized to bear result in dry conditions
  • Controlled movement


  • Moderately aggressive reaction

Price on Amazon

5. Storm tropical surge pearl – storm symmetrical drilling guide

Key Features

  • Weight: 10-16 lbs.
  • Color: Blue/Pink/Black

Have you ever heard of a bowling ball that smells like something other than finishing and sweat? If not, then you are in for a treat. The Storm Tropical Punk/Purple version comes bearing the exotic smell of a delicious birthday cake.

comes with a pear-shaped coverstock which gives a fast response and gives excellent results when. Having a surge core, the ball allows a good hooking action. There are seven different weight variants. A version of the product is also available in the weight range of 10-16 pounds.

The reviews suggest that the overall performance and experience of the ball are sufficient other than the fact that there is no available version under 10 pounds.


  • Scented
  • Produces long skid motion
  • Easy hooking practice
  • 7 weight variations
  • Best performance on dry lanes


  • No version under 10lbs
  • Not pre-drilled

Price on Amazon

6. Ebonite Maxim – ebonite symmetrical bowling balls

Key Features

  • Weight: 13-15 lbs.
  • Color: Purple/Royal/Silver

Imagine a plastic ball that works best on dry lanes, shocked? Do not be. Ebonite Maxim is a new Revolution in the world of plastic bowling balls. This ball can fill perfectly on dry lanes and deliver maximum results.  This is the perfect ball for anyone new to the world of bowling.

It is lightweight, easy to control, and has the build that helps it to maintain its motion. The ball weighs 10 pounds and is available in three different colors.

Customer reviews state that this bowling ball being a nice addition to plastic balls, still has some minor inconveniences. Firstly, there is no drilled version of the ball available and sometimes it changes direction from the focus


  • Hugh performance
  • 3-piece core
  • Best for beginners
  • Lightweight
  • Multiple color options


  • No pre-drilled version

Price on Amazon

7. Path Rising Pearl- best bowling ball layout for a stroker

Key Features

  • Weight: 14 lbs.
  • Color: Aqua/Silver Pearl

The path rising pear bowling ball has a New Era 139 symmetric core which gives it a lot more perfection when it comes to a variety of drilling. The combination of this core with path reactive pearl cover stock provides an elegant bowling motion to the players of every skill level.

This ball has a perfect scale value of 181.30 which makes it a reasonable choice. The flare potential of the ball is medium, ranging from 3-4 inches. The outer finishing of the ball is done with 1500-grit polish which makes it look clean, shiny, and provides a sharp ball action.

Customer reviews state that the overall performance of the ball is good but still there are some drawbacks to it. As it turns slightly to the left.


  • Ideal for dry lanes.
  • Best entry-level ball for optimum performance.
  • 30 perfect scale rating.
  • Available in multiple weights.
  • 7 colors available.


  • Monster Tech cleaner needed for the best results.
  • Turns slightly to the left.

Price on Amazon

8. Hammer Purple Pearl – high end bowling balls

Key Features

  • Weight: 15 lbs., 16 lbs.
  • Color: Green/Smoke/Gold

The ball is a bridge between the old and new technologies, Hammer Purple Pearl can improve length while reducing the aggressiveness of the action.

The core is light bulb-shaped, which is popular among old balls, but still has some additions of the new technology. The finish of the ball provides good length and makes it deliver high performance. It features an advanced urethane cover and has the perfect smooth arc.

It is a great bowling ball but has limited weight options.


  • Advanced Urethane cover
  • Short oil pattern performance
  • Traditionally designed core
  • Smooth arc


  • Mild reaction
  • Limited weight variants
  • Old cover stock design

Price on Amazon


Dry lanes are important for this wonderful game and you cannot stay away from them.

You will require the correct sort of bowling balls to play on burnt paths. We investigated the most famous and best bowling balls for dry lanes.

Likewise, ideally, the bowling tips for dry paths will help you as well. These might look like bowling tips for fakers, yet they are the ones that will incredibly impact your game and the outcomes.

As not all bowling paths are made similarly, every genuine bowler will truly require the suitable hardware to assist them with boosting their scores. It is not difficult to locate the best dry path bowling ball regardless of how overwhelming the errand may appear. Remember our tips and proposals, and you will surely choose the bowling ball that is meant for you.


1. What sort of bowling ball is useful for dry-back closures?

Balls that have less forceful responses at the back end will be simpler to control during such conditions. Balls with a forceful backend execution might be excessively unusual for most.

2. How to bore a bowling ball for dry paths?

Beside the path conditions, you ought to likewise c what you need the ball to do while picking a penetrating design for it. Along these lines, various bowlers have various responses to the inquiry raised. It will be ideal to do your exploration and get some information about this before settling on a choice.

3. How to toss a bowling ball on dry lanes?

The most ideal approach to play on a dry path is to ensure that your ball has a decent measure of speed to it. This makes it harder for the ball to hold the path and snare from the get-go. There are different approaches to speed up, and the absolute most mainstream approaches to do it are the following:

  • Speed up your methodology.
  • Relax your leg and arm muscles while tossing the ball.
  • Make your backswing somewhat higher.

4. What balls do proficient bowlers use?

Half breed or molecule coverstocks are, normally, the ace exhibition extend bowling balls and are accessible from 12 – 16 lbs. Normally, the coverstock is the most significant, single factor in deciding the correct decision of expert bowling balls yet don’t disregard the significance of the inward center structures.

5. What does cleaning your bowling ball do?

Cleaning is utilized to lessen the grinding on the outside of a ball. There are numerous kinds of shines accessible available. From shines that wipe off grime and belt marks, to shines that are accessible in various coarseness levels for medium oil conditions to dry conditions.

 6. Are Bowling Lanes level?

No, Bowling paths are not level. Even though they give off an impression of being with the unaided eye during the 60ft stretch of bowling path it might have a few plunges, bends, waves, or slants.