Speed, volume, sensitivity, polar pattern, tone, emotion, or impedance and frequency response count in on the most essential features for the Best ASMR Microphone.

In the world of ASMR microphones, the most popular brand is Blue Yeti. Microphones manufactured by Blue Yeti offer all the features that an audiophile demands. Blue Yeti designs dynamic, ribbon, condenser, USB, and preamplifier microphones. Some of them are dual-functional i.e they come with a USB mic and Snowball iCE condenser mic.

Our Verdict

Either you are podcasting, streaming live, facetime, video conferencing, or recording ASMR, BlueYeti is an exceptional, yet simple and easy to use microphone.  

Yeti mics are specialized in producing high-quality pristine recordings. Moreover, it comes in four different patterns that offer music, podcasts, record vocals, and audio. You will need multiple microphones for all of these patterns. Also, the price is minimal making it the best budget ASMR microphone.  

Price on Amazon

User’s Experience 

Blue Yeti has almost a five stars rating and it comes in at $129.99. The price varies with the colors. So, if you do not care about the color, you can buy it at a cheap price as well. According to the users, this best beginner ASMR microphone possesses a lot of remarkable features including; 

  • Made up of sturdy metal   
  • Comes with a USB cable and is compatible with Mac & PC
  • Can be folded down and make better to store
  • Cheap in price 

Key Features

  • Cardioid
  • Bidirectional
  • Omnidirectional
  • Stereo
  • Weighs 0.055 ounces
  • 4.9 x 4.7 x 11.6 inches
  • Tri-capsule array
  • Mute button 
  • Gain control 

Being an ASMRtist is not that easy as you not only have to be creative but also, you should have the means to create the best content that can stimulate a triggering sensation in your viewers. Therefore, the primary one has to be the best ASMR mic for stimulating triggering sensations. When it comes to the Best ASMR Microphone, you must be looking for the one that features noise-cancellation, the right recording direction that may be binaural or Omnidirectional mic, and an efficient USB Power source. And the one that could be totally up to your expectations is Blue Yeti USB Microphone, i.e., the best budget ASMR Microphone so far.

Why Choose Blue Yeti USB Microphone? 

Multiple specifications make it up the best ASMR mic 2020, and that includes its feasibility to use great and clear sound quality, and being cheap in price. If you are an ASMRtist who makes content over sounds like tapping, brushing, and dripping of water, you should need to buy this microphone.


This pretty amazing ASMR mic comes in a capsule-type design featuring multiple polar patterns that you are free to choose while recording. 

Polar Patterns 

With this astounding ASMR mic, you can record the sound up to 16-bit/48 kHz resolution. Also, this ASMR microphone offers many directions or polar patterns for recording, including cardioid, omnidirectional, bi-directional, and stereo direction. You can choose one as per your choice.



Cardioid Mode

- It picks up pattern from the front

- Best for; Gaming | Streaming | Webinars | Calls

Omnidirectional Mode

- It picks up sound from all the directions

- It sounds more distant

- Best for; Recording multiple people | Conference calls  

Bidirectional Mode

- It picks sound equally from front and back

- Best for; Interviews

- It is recommended to use a 2-person kit for better sound

Stereo Mode

- Clear separationg of pickup from left and right

- Best for; Recoding instruments 

Cardioid Mode 

Blue Yeti with the cardioid mode is the best for;

  • Podcasting 
  • Music recording 
  • Twitch streaming 
  • Voiceovers 
  • Instruments

This polar pattern allows a full-bodied sound when the sound source is directly placed right before the microphone. 

Cardioid Polar Pattern of ASMR Microphone

Stereo Mode 

To capture a realistic and wide sound image, this mode uses both left and right channels. This mode is best for; 

  • Recording acoustic guitar 
  • Choir 
  • ASMR videos recording 

Studio Polar Pattern of ASMR Microphone

Omnidirectional Mode 

It captures the sound equally from the surroundings of the mic. This polar pattern is the best for situations including;

  • Recording live performance 
  • Multi-person podcast 
  • Conference call 

Omnidirectional Polar Pattern of ASMR Microphone


It records sound from the front and the rear of the mic. It is the best for; 

  • Recording a duet 
  • Records two-person interview


The most remarkable feature that makes BlueYeti an exception is it;


Polar Pattern Modes

BlueYeti uses a proprietary tri-capsule, which allow users to switch between 4 different polar patterns as per the need.

A polar pattern determines the directions from which a mic can pick up the sound. You can switch between Cardioid, Omnidirectional, Bidirectional, and  Stereo polar pattern in your BlueYeti Mic for ASMR.

Customer Opinion

Multiple pickup patterns allow quick changing of the patterns during recording.

Headphone jack & Volume Control

Blue Yeti USB Mic Rear ViewPeople admire BlueYeti no-latency headphone monitoring.

Latency, aka “delay”, is the time a mic takes for the sound from the front of the house speaker to an output channel.

To learn in the simplest of the words, for instance, if you hit a key on the piano, the key takes its time to move the hammer, the hammer to strike the string, and finally the sound to reach your ear.

Customer Opinion

  • No-latency monitoring cancels out all the dealy while recording, which is a great benefit for beginners.
  • It eliminates the need to edit sound to treat any delay.
  • Along with the no-latency monitoring, BlueYeti comes with convenient volume controls that allow instant access during recording.

Gain Control

BlueYeti USB Gain ControlGain control determines how sensitive the mic is. BlueYeti comes with a mic gain control dial at the back.

Most of the microphones does not come with this feature.

It increases the amplitude of the mic signals. To make the mic compatible with the professional instrument, gain boosts the signal strength of the mic to the line level.


Customer Opinion

It does not require any software to adjust the gain levels with sound editing software.

Gain control in BlueYeti, offer a quick and nice tweaking of the gain up and down as per the loudness of the mic.


Frequently Asked Questions

Why The Blue Yeti Is Bad?

Blue Yeti may work badly because of four main reasons including; 

  • Keeping your microphone closer to your mouth 
  • Operating the incorrect settings 
  • Operating a USB hub 
  • Software related problems 
  • Interface/Mic combos reduce the sound quality 
  • Bad USB bus power
Are Blue Yeti Mics Good?

Blue Yeti mics are very good and offer a lot of features that make it good and those include;

  • It offers the control of sound’s direction.
  • Cheap in price.
  • Its 3 condenser capsules allow you to record every situation. 
  • Comes with multiple pattern selection.
  • It has a 100dB signal-to-noise ratio

The following video will help you in understanding the features, pros, cons, and working of Blue Yeti ASMR Microphone:

Customers’ Reviews Over The Best ASMR Microphone

If you have the best ASMR microphone, it will not only assist you in recording the best content so far, but also you will go through the essence of doing something professionally. Again, Blue Yeti will make you capture more audience and better responses that you are working for. And buyers say that Blue Yeti works accordingly.

Reviews also tell that if you have a Blue Yeti Microphone, you can also adjust the volume as per your need. Also, you have the freedom to change the settings and polar pattern of this microphone by using the controls revised onto the front of this ASMR Microphone.


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