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Best Skateboard Wheels for Cruising + Buyers Guide

best skateboard wheels for cruising
D on’t feel like driving? Pull out your skateboard, avoid the traffic, enjoy the cool breeze and the city lights!

Skateboards bring pure happiness, whether you go exploring the city, whether you go for a quick cruise downtown, whether you want to stop by at your favorite fast food place for a snack, or whether you just want to practice some tricks. You will instantly notice an uplift in your mood.

But to be able to experience all this fun with a skateboard, you need to have your skateboard in good condition. The most important component of the skateboard is the wheels. So, if you feel that the old ones are worn out then you certainly need to look for new ones.

Skateboard wheels are also available in different kinds, some are designed for long distances, some are designed for smooth surfaces and some are for all kinds of terrains. We have put together the top 10 best skateboard wheels for cruising so that when you don’t feel like walking or driving, you have your skateboard all set for cruising!

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So, let’s immediately jump to the descriptions of skateboard wheels to find out all the details.

Orangatang Kegel 80 mm Downhill Longboard Skateboard Cruising Wheels (Set of 4)

The first skateboard cruising wheels in our top picks are by Orangatang. The 80mm downhill longboard cruising wheels are available in two colors. Once the color is blue and the other is purple.

These skateboard cruising wheels have been designed for maximum speed. They are great for downhill skateboard racing, hard carving, and even pumping. The set of these wheels comes with eight wheels and extended inner raceways. We usually think that the skateboard wheels may not be able to roll over rough surfaces but these ones are very strong, they can roll over cracks, rocks, and even uneven surfaces. With these wheels, you will experience maximum traction as well. Due to the high-performance of these wheels, we highly recommend these to all the people who intend to go skateboard cruising.

Major Features:

Supportive care: The supportive core provides quick acceleration.

Maximum traction: The wheels have sharp, square lips that are capable of providing a decent grip and smooth sliding.

Large diameter: The large diameter of the wheels, allow to roll over rough surfaces smoothly.

  • Buttery smooth slide of the wheels
  • Available in two colors
  • Made with durable material
  • No separate spacers or speed rings are needed
  • The wheels may get cracks when rolling over extremely rough surfaces

FREEDARE Skateboard Wheels 60mm 83a with Bearings and Spacers Cruiser Wheels (Pack of 4)

Then come to the FREEDARE skateboard wheels, they have a decent diameter and are made with Polyurethane. These wheels are one of the most popular ones among skateboard enthusiasts. They are known to be durable and high-performance.

This is an affordable set of four wheels, and steel bearings and spacers have already been installed to the wheels. You will feel the smoothness that these wheels have while rolling on the flat surface. On the skate park terrain, these wheels are extremely smooth.

When you are cruising in the streets of the city, you will definitely enjoy the smoothness of the wheels as they are pretty smooth on concrete and asphalt as well.

Not only are these great for your own skateboard but if you have friends or family who enjoy skateboarding then you can get these for them as a present. They will definitely be super thankful to you!

Technical Details:

Item Weight: 1 pounds

Major Features:

Pre-lubricated bearing steel: The bearing steel of the wheels is pre-lubricated. It improves the speed and durability of the wheels.

Easy to install: You can easily install the wheels to your skateboard just by placing the wheels on the axle.

  • Great speed and durability
  • Easy installation without any complex methods
  • They are great for concrete and asphalt
  • These FREEDARE wheels may be too tall or too wide for some skateboards so make sure that you check the compatibility.

Powell-Peralta Mini Cubics 57mm 95a Skateboard Wheels (All Colors)

The Powell-Peralta mini cubic skateboard wheels are tremendous for cruising because of their shape and the material they are made with. These wheels are suitable for all kinds of terrains so you will not have to worry about skateboarding on rough surfaces. The strong and durable wheels roll pretty well on uneven surfaces. However, you will observe smoothness on flat surfaces.

These wheels are great for everyday use. If you want to make a quick stop at the grocery store or your favorite restaurant then you can certainly do it with these wheels on the skateboard. They come in five colors that are black, purple, white, green, and blue. You can pick a color that matches with your skateboard.

The only drawback of these wheels is the inner mold, it may not be in a very great condition. You may have to clean it so that the wheels can properly work.

These wheels are highly recommended because they roll over pavements, streets, and all other surfaces very easily.

Technical Details:

Item Weight: 1.1 pounds

Major Features:

Warranty: These wheels come with a warranty.

Hardness: With a 95A hardness, the wheels can roll over all pavements and streets.

Quiet wheels: The wheels don’t make noise when they rollover.

  • Great for slides and even for cruising
  • Amazing grip and provides great control
  • Very smooth when rolling
  • The inner mold of these wheels may not be very good.


Ricta Wheels Clouds 92a Skateboard

Next up, we have the Ricta Wheels for your skateboard. All the people out there who are fans of white will definitely fall in love with these wheels. Since these are made with a softer urethane formula, these are amazing to roll over rough terrains. If you reside in an area where there are rough terrains then these skateboard wheels will be of great value for you.

Unlike ephemeral skateboard wheels, these wheels are made with high-quality materials and due to this, they will last you for quite a while. The coolest thing about these skateboard wheels is that they are not designed for specific situations, rather they are designed for most of the situations. Some people will appreciate the white color for its grace but on the other hand, some people will not like it because it becomes dirty very quickly. If you are looking for white, durable, and sturdy wheels then we highly recommend the Ricta wheels to you all.

Technical Details:

Shipping Weight: 1.2 pounds

Major Features:

Hard and soft: These wheels are hard enough sliding and at the same time, they are soft enough for easy rolling.

Classic wheel shape: The classic wheel shape is great for all kinds of scenarios instead of specific scenarios.

Colors: These wheels have a white base color and have blue and black details.

  • These wheels provide a nice grip
  • Soft and hard at the same time
  • They roll very smoothly on all surfaces
  • They will get dirty quickly.


FREEDARE 70mm Longboard Wheels with ABEC-7 Bearings and Spacers(Set of 4)

Here we have another set of skateboard wheels by FREEDARE. You can get these in four different colors including red, yellow, blue, and green. Whether you intend to skate on park terrain or whether you want to go street skating, these wheels are a great option for you. You will definitely feel the smooth rolling of the wheels.

High steel bearings and spacers have already been installed in these wheels so you will not have to spend time and money on them. If your skateboard has worn out wheels then putting the FREEDARE wheels on will definitely bring a new life to your skateboard. Skateboarding will become even more fun with these wheels because you will have a super smooth experience.

No more wasting time on high steel bearings.

Technical Details:

Product Dimensions: 2.8 x 2.8 x 2 inches

Item Weight: 1.6 pounds

Major Features:

Delicate design: These wheels have a delicate design that will definitely add to the overall appearance of your skateboard.

High steel bearings: This skateboard comes with ABEC-7 high steel bearings and spacers so you don’t have to waste time and energy on them.

Durable material: The durable material allows the wheels to roll over small cracks and rough terrains, very smoothly.

  • Affordable price
  • Available in four different colors
  • These wheels are durable so they will not wear out quickly
  • The bearings may not be very fast.


Cloud Ride Wheels Cruiser 69mm 78A Urethane Longboard Wheel Set

All those guys who have been looking for amazing looking and amazing performing skateboard wheels should definitely check these ones out. These skateboard wheels are made with urethane and are suitable for all types of riding. Another cool feature about these wheels is that they are lightweight and offer you great control over the skateboard.

Even when you are going downhill, you will be very confident because of the control that these wheels provide. These wheels have been produced while focusing upon durability so they will last you for a decent period of time. Due to this, you will not have to invest in skateboards wheels again and again. So, without further ado, get your hands on these and off you go!

Technical Details:

Shipping Weight: 1.5 pounds

Major Features:

Thane lines: These wheels will leave fat thane lines wherever you skateboard.

Lightweight: Each set of these wheels weighs only 1.45 pounds.

Designed for all situations: These wheels are not designed specifically for a certain condition; these wheels can roll smoothly over all kinds of terrains.

  • Available in cool colors and designs
  • Lightweight and provide a better grip
  • These leave thane lines
  • Provide you superior control
  • Each color combination and design has a varying price.

Slick Revolution 120mm Foamies Electric Skateboard Wheels | Patent Pending Foam Core Technology | 78A Translucent Urethane| 78A Translucent Urethane

The Slick Revolution skateboard wheels are great for cruising and for skateboarding on the hard ground. Unlike other wheels, you don’t have to worry about a puncture. These wheels are great for everyday use. You can simply pull out your skateboard and make a quick run to the post office or a nearby grocery store. These wheels provide a great grip!

The color options of the Slick Revolution skateboard wheels are electric purple and green. The bright colors definitely add a pop of color to your old skateboard. The only problem with these wheels is that they are compatible with specific skateboards. So, make sure that you check the compatibility before you get your hands on these wheels.

Technical Details:

Shipping Weight: 4.8 pounds

Major Features:

Vibration-free: These wheels are vibration-free and provide greater control.

Foam core technology: It provides unparalleled comfort on hard ground.

  • Great grip
  • Better carving for control over the skateboard
  • Long lasting wheels
  • These wheels are expensive as compared to other skateboard wheels.

Spitfire Skateboard Wheels Bighead with Bones Reds Bearings

Need cool looking wheels for your skateboard? Well, these ones not only look eye-catchy but they work really well as well. These skateboard wheels roll over surfaces pretty smoothly. Along with that, they are very easy to fix because they come with bone reds bearings. The only drawback of these wheels is that the bearings are not preinstalled so you will have to install the bearings.


The cool color combination of a white base with red and black details adds to the overall look of your skateboard. We highly recommend these wheels to those people who don’t have a problem installing the wheels and bearings.

Major Features:

Easy to adjust bearings: These wheels come with bearings that are not preinstalled but you can easily install them.

Soft and hard: These wheels are soft and hard at the same time so you can slide easily and the wheels roll over surfaces smoothly too.

  • Easy to put together even with no preinstalled bearings
  • Affordable price as compared to other wheels
  • Solid bearings
  • People with no prior experience of installing bearing will have trouble


Playshion 70mm 65mm Longboard Wheels for Carving,Sliding, Cruising and Downhill (Set of 4)

If you have been in search of an affordable set of skateboard wheels for cruising then these ones are definitely a great option. They are affordable and are also available in three bright colors. The colors of these skateboards include pink, red, and yellow. They also come in two different sizes so you can pick out the one that is suitable for your skateboard.

We highly recommend these skateboard wheels because of their affordable price, cute colors and amazing performance.

Major Features:

Quick acceleration: These wheels have a quicker acceleration as compared to other wheels.

Easy to install: These wheels are very easy to install.

  • Available in bright colors
  • Excellent performance
  • These wheels are made with superior quality materials
  • Durable and sturdy
  • They need bearings for installation
  • Some people may find the installation of bearings difficult


Landyachtz Chubby and Fatty Hawgs Wheels 60mm/63mm 78a [Multiple Colors]

These wheels have the ability to absorb energy from the bumps and they give you a cushy ride. Since these wheels are soft and are easily slidable, they are great for cruising. Whether you are going downhill or whether you are riding through the street, these wheels will provide you smooth movement. Also, these wheels are available in different colors.

We highly recommend these wheels because they will provide you a smooth ride.

Major Features:

Skatepark capable: These wheels have the ability to absorb impact and they are also capable of providing smooth movement in the skatepark.

Super-fast: These wheels don’t compromise the speed, that is why they are super-fast.

  • Smooth rides
  • Allow you to practice tricks
  • Great for skatepark
  • Some people might find these too soft


We are certain that by looking at the list of best skateboard wheels for cruising, you will be all ready to replace the old and worn out wheels of your skateboard. But wait a sec! Before you pick out a pair, we have some buying considerations to ensure clarity.

The buying considerations are elucidated below:

Buying Considerations:


Depending upon the size, hardness, material, and other features of the skateboard wheels, the price of the skateboard wheels varies greatly. They are available in different prices so you can get the ones that are affordable and you can also find some that are expensive.


The skateboard wheels come in different colors, some are neutral and some are bright. You can get your hands on the colors that look cool with your skateboard.


The durability of the wheels is very important. You certainly don’t want to invest in ephemeral wheels for skateboards. Durable wheels are strong and sturdy, they don’t get worn out quickly. All the skateboard wheels that we have picked out for you all are durable so they will definitely last you for quite a while.


The material of the skateboard wheels is responsible for the durability. If the material is strong, the wheels will definitely be strong and durable. There are some materials that are used to make wheels for specific situations however, there are some materials that are used to make wheels for all situations. So, make sure that you know, what kind of material is being used in the making of skateboard wheels.


The hardness or the softness of the wheels is also essential. The softer wheels are great for cruising as they absorb the impact and provide a smoother ride on the rough tracks or terrains. On the other hand, harder wheels are great for sliding or for skateparks. There are some wheels that are both soft and hard, soft enough to roll over smoothly and hard enough to slide. If you are specifically looking for wheels for cruising then make sure that they are soft. Similarly, if you are looking for wheels for skateparks then make sure that they are hard.


Then comes the size of the wheels. Different skateboards require different sizes of wheels so make sure that you get the size of the wheels according to your skateboard.


Some skateboards have bearings already installed so it is easy to pretty easy to attach them to the skateboard. Once you have attached the wheels to the skateboard, you can start riding. But wheels that don’t have bearings preinstalled can be slightly difficult to put together for some people. People who don’t have prior experience of installing bearing should get preinstalled bearings to save themselves from the hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When do you need to replace the wheels?

When you are riding the skateboard with worn out wheels, you will definitely notice a difference in the ride because it will not be as smooth. Also, if you look at the wheels, you may see tiny cracks. When your ride starts becoming bumpy and the wheels become super dirty with cracks on them, then you will know that the wheels are worn out and they need replacement.


Can cruiser wheels be attached to regular skateboards and longboards?

Cruiser wheels work amazing with longboards, you get a smooth ride and you enjoy cruising. The regular skateboards can also work just like longboards with skateboard wheels for cruising. However, the regular skateboard may be slightly smaller so taking turns might be slightly difficult for some people. So, you can attach the wheels to the longboard or the regular skateboard, depending upon your comfort and experience of skateboarding. But longboards are preferred for cruising.



In this article, we highlighted the key points relating to the best skateboard wheels for cruising and we also picked out the top 10 best skateboard wheels. We hope that this article will be helpful for you and you will be able to find the most suitable set for your skateboard. Let’s go cruising!

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