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Best portable basketball goals for your Home, Driveways etc

What if I tell you that you no longer have to leave your basketball hoop/goal at home while going on a fun trip with your friends. Generally, these hoops offer wheels, making the movement and relocation much easier. Just lighten the base by removing the water/ sand filling and it can be moved around with ease.

We spent 48 hours analyzing the available products in the market and came up with a list of best portable basketball goals. Read ahead, and make your pick.

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Backboard-Size: 44”
Backboard-Material: High-Density Polyethylene
Base: 27 gallon

What to look for in best portable basketball goals

Here are the factors that you should focus on while purchasing the portable basketball goal.



If you want a portable basketball goal for use in the home, you should have it with board size between 44 to 60 inches. You can also have a 50-inch backboard for use in a backyard.



A variety of goals made with different materials are available in the market. We always a tempered glass basketball goal. It is budget-friendly and uses acrylic in its production. It has only one drawback. Sometimes it can’t bear a hard short and break down.


You can have any one of three types of rim. It can be standard or breakaway, the breakaway is further divided into spring down and spring cover. Standard is fine with the players who don’t want to dunk the ball or hang with the rim.

If an extra pressure is applied in the rim, the breakaway rim automatically falls down to avoid damage.

  • BASE

The base is the part that always keeps your goal stable. The more the weight capacity it has the more it will be stable. There’s a capacity of 27 gallons if you are having a small base. In the medium one’s 35 to 40 gallons.

You can put sand or water in the base to fill its capacity. If you’re having a portable goal with a bigger board you should prefer a base with the high weight capacity. It will keep it stable otherwise your goal is not going to be stable.

If you live in an area with cold temperatures, you should prefer sand instead of water. Once water converts to ice then it can damage the base. You can also use any antifreeze agent if you want to use water anyway.

Sand is also preferred because it is not going anywhere while water can leak if your base has a hole in it.


Three pole steel design is used in most of the mid-range portable goals. It can be adjusted up to the height that is compatible with you. Goals with one single pole are also available but it is a headache to place them in your home after playing. Although a single pole is always more stable than the three-pole design. Also, take care of the frame material. It should be made up of steel with aluminum used here and there.


The frame is used to brace the backboard of the portable basketball board. Steel is often used in its construction. In some of the goals, sides and bottom are supported by it but in some, it is also used to support the back of the board. The backboard becomes more stable with it.

Top 7 Best portable basketball goals


☞ Backboard-Size: 44”
☞ Backboard-Material: High-Density Polyethylene
☞ Base: 27 gallon
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Silverback NXT 54” 

☞ Backboard Size: 54”
☞ Backboard Material: Polycarbonate material
☞ Base: 30-gallon
Price on Amazon

SKLZ Pro Mini

☞ Backboard Size: 33”
☞ Backboard Material:  Clear polycarbonate backboard
☞ Base: 42-gallon
Price on Amazon

Portable Height - Adjustable

☞ Backboard Size: 28”
☞ Backboard Material:  Hard-plastic backboard
☞ Rim: heavy-duty steel
Price on Amazon

Spalding NBA 54" 

☞ Backboard Size: 54”
☞ Backboard Material:  Acrylic
☞ Base: 34 gallons
Price on Amazon


☞ Backboard Size: 30”
☞ Backboard Material:  durable material
☞ Rim: standard rim
Price on Amazon

Spalding Youth One-On-One 

☞ Backboard Size: 24”
☞ Backboard Material:  Eco-Composite plastic
☞ Base: 1 gallon
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1. LIFETIME 90040 

Key Features

  • Backboard-Size: 44”
  • Backboard-Material: High-Density Polyethylene
  • Base: 27 gallon
  • Rim: solid-steel rim
  • Height: 7.5 – 10 feet


  • The backboard is 44-inch polyethylene made
  • Steel pole ranges from 7.5′ 10′
  • 27-gallon base
  • Wheels to move easily
  • Red steel rim
  • Net is strong


  • Seams can leak
  • Unstable backboard with powerful shots
  • It takes time to fill the base

Price on Amazon

Lifetime 90040 is a beautiful portable basketball goal in a dark theme. Its height is also adjustable. Its backboard has a very unique style. A 44-inch back is decorated with a dark basketball image and made up of polyethylene.

The front end of the board is more clearer than the rear one. This is because of the edges of the boarding point towards the backside of the board. To make sure that your shots are on the target there’s an inner target border. The steel pole and the portable goal are round and divided into three parts.

It can be adjusted in the range from 7.5 to 10 feet. The color of the steel rim is red and looks beautiful with the backboard. Rim is produced using steel. A white net hanging downward is very well pointed and helps you in scoring points.

You can fill your portable base with water or sand. Its capacity is 27 gallons. You can also move it using the wheels and set it into the position you like.

2. Silverback NXT 54” 

Key Features

  • Backboard Size: 54”
  • Backboard Material: Polycarbonate material
  • Base: 30-gallon
  • Rim: breakaway rim
  • Height: 7- 10 feet


  • 90-minute to install
  • Authentic rebounds
  • Resistant to bad weather
  • Give you sufficient room under the rim


  • A bit costly

Price on Amazon

Silverback is a trusted name in the world of basketball goal manufacturers. Solver back NXT is another product which has further promoted their name with its excellence. There are two designs available. One has a backboard with 50 inch and the other comes up with a backboard, 54 inches in width.

It’s rebounding power is very good as compared to the other boards in this range. Transparent polycarbonate stuff is used in its production. Its rigidity is also increased as it can be folded in the backward direction.

You can easily join the rim with the rest of the parts while assembling it. A covered breakaway rim is used to make the chances of any damage minimal. You don’t need to worry about the bounce of the rim. It is kept up to the standards. Long-lasting martial is used to produce the hoop. That’s why it is so durable.

The base of the goal is designed keeping in mind all the frequent needs of players. It can store up to 30 gallons in it. Stabilo frame is used to increase the strength of the base. Also, it makes it stable so that it doesn’t fall while you are taking the shots.

You don’t have to worry about the hoop. Enjoy all your dunks and even you can hang after a dunk. It is also easily moveable. Wheels make it so easy for you to place it anywhere.

3. SKLZ Pro Mini

Key Features

  • Backboard Size: 33”
  • Backboard Material:  Clear polycarbonate backboard
  • Base: 42-gallon
  • Rim: Breakaway
  • Height: Height-adjustable 3.5 ft. to 7 ft.


  • Lightweight
  • Portable
  • Easy to install
  • Budget-friendly


  • Miniature
  • Not that durable

Price on Amazon

SKLZ Pro Mini is a very underestimated basketball hoop system. It gives you all those features which are available in a bit costly systems. Spring action breakaway is there to reduce the probability of damage while dunking.

Board is constructed using transparent polycarbonate material. It is also a shatterproof board. 7-inch rubber basketball is also included in the package. The size of the rim is 14.5′ and it is reviewed as a professional-grade rim.

It doesn’t matter if any minor is playing or any adult wants to have some fun. Its portable height makes it perfect for all. You can increase or decrease the height from 3.5 feet to 7 feet.

The quality and weight capacity of the base is also up to mark. You can place it anywhere in your house or take it with yourself on a picnic. It is very easily manageable and you can transport it anywhere you like.

It is best for young players or even toddlers. Toddlers will learn at a very good pace. Also, it can be the main source of joy for them.

4. Portable Height – Adjustable Good Basketball Hoops

Key Features

  • Backboard Size: 28”
  • Backboard Material:  Hard-plastic backboard
  • Base: N\A
  • Rim: heavy-duty steel
  • Height: 6.5-8 feet


  • Easy installation
  • Compatible with children


  • Max height can be a bit high for children

Price on Amazon

If you want to see your children play professional basketball it is very important that they start now. This basketball system is perfect for the beginner. They can use it where they like. They can practice alone indoor or have it with them and play with their friends anywhere they like.

It is a portable and height-adjustable hoop. Easy to transport and compatible with children. Quality is not compromised while conducting this handy portable basketball system. Durable steel and polyethylene are used as ingredients while making it.

Net can withstand any weather conditions. The base is good enough to handle the shots of the children. You can fill it using sand or water. It will go along with your children.  You don’t have to change the hoop soon. With an increase in the height of the children, it will also increase its height accordingly.

5. Spalding NBA 54″ 

Key Features

  • Backboard Size: 54”
  • Backboard Material:  Acrylic
  • Base: 34 gallons
  • Rim: Pro Slam breakaway rim
  • Height: 7.5-10 feet


  • Amazing quality
  • Heavy-duty
  • Stable
  • Portable
  • height-adjustable


  • No labeled hardware
  • Angles make it a bit difficult to move
  • Need 6 hours to install

Price on Amazon

If you are an adult and looking for a hoop system that can provide you durability, stability and can handle your power, Spalding is the right choice for you then. It is composed of a backboard constructed using polycarbonate that is very durable.

Furthermore, Padding is excellent, it gives you the touch of arena style. Breakaway rim technology is also part of the package. It makes it possible for you to dunk without any fear. The exact height lift system is installed in the product to make it height adjustable. So now it’s not about your age, you can adjust the height accordingly and have fun.

Stability is never an issue while using it. It has a massive capacity of 34 gallons. You only have to fill it with sand or water then it is not going to go anywhere.

You can take it with yourself or move it on the wheels. There are two wheels to make it easy for you. You will have a feel of the professional game with it. The only issue with it is that it takes 6 hours to assemble it.


Key Features

  • Backboard Size: 30”
  • Backboard Material:  durable material
  • Base: N/A
  • Rim: standard rim
  • Height: 47”-72”


  • Stable
  • Fast installation
  • Height can be adjusted using the adjustable button.


  • Sturdy rim

Price on Amazon

HANMUN is designed basically for the kids but you can also have fun with your children and okay with them. This is highly light in weight and a portable set. Don’t ever think that if it is for kids, its quality will be low. It is a high-quality system with amazing durability.

As in most of the hoop systems, its height is also adjustable. You can just the pole height from 47 to 72 inches. Also, sand or water is used to fill the base to make it stable. Another advantage of this system is that it doesn’t take a lot of your time in assembling.

The only drawback you have is that the rim of the system can be sturdy.

7. Spalding Youth One-On-One 

Key Features

  • Backboard Size: 24”
  • Backboard Material:  Eco-Composite plastic
  • Base: 1 gallon
  • Rim: 10″ rim diameter
  • Height: 32”-52”


  • Fully set
  • Easy to use
  • Light-weighted


  • Pro players had some issues with it

Price on Amazon

As it is clear from the name this basketball hoop system is best for young players. Its rim is made up of plastic and has a diameter of 10 inches. The backboard is also produced using plastic material and is 24 inches in width.

You can adjust the height of the pole to make it compatible with your height. It can change the length from 32 inches to 52 inches. Our research suggests that it is one of the most durable hoops. Yet light in weight and easy to move.

The base has a capacity of one gallon which is a little less. But according to its size, it is a perfect match. You only have to fill it to make the system stable and use it then as you like.

It can be used inside and outside of your home. The only reason why it is underrated is that it is not much suitable for pro players.


Our only goal to design this review is to make you capable of choosing the most suitable portable basketball hoop system for you. There are many systems available in the market with different types of features and formations. Often it is very difficult to choose the best when everyone has a claim of being the best.

We have made your job easy. Now you just have to read all the reviews carefully and select the system with the features you need. Good luck with your hunt!


1. Do they have wheels to move?

Yes, most of the products have wheels to make it easy for you to move them. Wheels complete their claim of being portable.

2. How can I choose a durable backboard?

These all the above-reviewed models have very long-lasting and durable boards. You can check the weight and material of the board to check its durability.

3. Will the hoop of the portable basketball break easily?

You should follow the instructions of manufacturers to avoid any inconvenience. Also, avoid hanging with the rim it can damage the hoop. If you treat them well there are fewer chances of any damage.

4. does hoop have a universal size?

Some of the top manufacturers only build the hoops with universal size. Otherwise, the size varies from hoop to hoop.

5. Are these basketball systems easy to install?

Time varies with different types of hoops. Some hoops take less time and only one person is required to assemble them. At the same time, some of the hoops take at least 3 hours to get installed and also require an extra person to help out.

6. Is dunk allowed on a portable basketball system?

A: Yes, hoops with a breakaway rim allows dunks. Though the hoop with a standard rim can break down.

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