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Best Microphone Under 100 – The Buying Guide 2020

Capture a number of instrument recordings with a best microphone under 1oo. The things that should be kept in mind for the final choice is the durability of the product along with its diaphragm size and the directionality.

In this article, we have suggested the 8 products that will make your search for the microphone a lot easy.

Editor’s Pick

MXL 770

☞ Multi-reason condenser mouthpiece
☞ Protected plan
☞ Offset bass reaction
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MXL 770 is the editor’s pick for the best microphone under 100 because of its sturdiness and other features.

Things to Consider


  • If the best microphone under 100 under consideration all has the same features, at that point go for that one which has the least complex arrangement.

Diaphragm size

  • Some of the best microphone under 100 in the market have huge diaphragm uncommonly intended to catch progressively stable subtleties.
  • Some mics are given little diaphragm intended to get the higher SPL, for example, guitar intensifiers, drums.


  • All the condenser receivers are given various sorts of directional examples of polar examples.
  • For voice-over and studio recording reasons, an engaged directional and cardioid or hyper-cardioid polar example would be perfect.


  • Everyone has an alternate point of view, go for that one which is moderate just as takes care of business.

Top 8 Best Microphone Under 100

MXL 770

☞ Multi-reason condenser mouthpiece
☞ Protected plan
☞ Offset bass reaction
Price on Amazon


☞ 32mm weight angle condenser case
☞ Gold-faltered
☞ MXL-57 separation stun mount accessible
Price on Amazon

AKG Perception 170

☞ Recurrence reaction: 20Hz to 20kHz
☞ Max SPL: 155 dB
☞ Affectability: 15 mV/Pa
Price on Amazon

Audio-Technica AT2020

☞ Clamor level is 20 db spl
☞ A practical and great structure
☞ High spl dealing
Price on Amazon

Blue Snowball

☞ Add clear sound to accounts for YouTube.
☞ Snowball iCE is a USB 2.0 gadget
☞ Custom condenser container
Price on Amazon

Samson C01

☞ Gold-plated XLR connector
☞ Ideal for vocals
☞ Multi-reason studio condenser receiver
Price on Amazon

Shure MV5

☞ 3 DSP Preset Modes
☞ Worked in earphone yield for continuous checking
☞ Accessible in 2 hues
Price on Amazon

Razer Seiren X

☞ Great form quality
☞ A basic yet useful plan
☞ Dampens vibrations
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1. MXL 770


  • Multi-reason condenser mouthpiece
  • Phenomenal for vocals, pianos, stringed instruments, and percussion
  • Offset bass reaction with very good quality lucidity
  • Low recurrence move off to decrease undesirable thunder
  • Low clamor FET preamp with adjusted, transformerless yield
  • Protected plan


  • A basic yet utilitarian plan that just works.
  • Solid incorporates quality that attaches to the predictable execution.
  • A lot of genuinely uncommon highlights.


  • No Cons

Price on Amazon

With such a significant number of various brands contending in a restricted market, everybody is attempting to convey something one of a kind gadget.

They are doing an incredible inverse and it is the motivation behind why they are picking up in prevalence. This brand packs model, for example, MXL 770 best budget microphone, which is about as ordinary as they regularly get. Nonetheless, this mic works.

Some of the time solid execution is superior to showy new highlights. Discussing which, MXL 770 is nothing to kid about. This best mic under 100 accompanies a high pass channel just as a – 10dB cushion.

2. MXL V67G


  • Enormous 32mm weight angle condenser case
  • Gold-faltered, 6-micron thickness stomach
  • Strong state preamp adjusted transformer yield
  • MXL-57 separation stun mount accessible


  • To some degree gaudy vintage plan that looks smart.
  • Extraordinary arrangement of equipment that is truly improved for execution.
  • Great accessibility of secondary selling adornments.
  • A solid sound that permits you to gain proficiency with the ropes productively.


  • It doesn’t accompany any adornments beside the case.

Price on Amazon

With regards to crude value for the money esteem, there are just a bunch of alternatives out there. As for reasons unknown, MXL makes a decent number of them.

Models like the MXL V67G, the best microphone under 100 truly make it simple to fabricate an OK home chronicle studio. The best microphones under 100 have it essentially all. From vintage conspicuous looks to execution.

3. AKG Perception 170


  • Recurrence reaction: 20Hz to 20kHz
  • Max SPL: 155 dB
  • Affectability: 15 mV/Pa
  • They are frequently bought two by two for overhead applications


  • The suspension that was worked to work under genuine, antagonistic conditions.
  • Extraordinary sound quality particularly when used to record uproarious instruments.
  • Has enough artfulness to catch the shade of acoustic instruments.


  • You will most likely need two of these for the best outcomes.

Price on Amazon

Concerning huge brand names, you won’t discover much preferred or greater over AKG. Their best usb microphone under 100 is amazing without a doubt and a significant bit of various world-class recording studios.

What makes this brand incredible great is the way that they offer a portion of that quality and soul in their sapending arrangements. AKG Perception 170 is one.

Being a pencil mic, you would expect Perception 170 to be exceptionally constrained from various perspectives, however, that isn’t the situation.

AKG has done its enchantment again and conveyed the best cheap microphones that have enough punch, artfulness, and capacity to serve in an assortment of uses. It doesn’t beat this at this specific value point.

4. Audio-Technica AT2020


  • Perfect for venture/home studio applications; The clamor level is 20 db spl
  • High spl dealing with and wide unique range give unequaled flexibility
  • Exceptionally built low mass diaphragm gives broadened recurrence reaction and prevalent transient reaction
  • Cardioid polar example lessens pickup of sounds from the sides and back, improving disengagement of the wanted sound source.


  • A practical and great structure that has great post-retail support.
  • Great decision of equipment focused on a strong generally speaking execution.
  • Extraordinary compared to other section level plans available.


  • Accompanies no adornments, no mounts, or links.

Price on Amazon

Sound Technica is one of those brands that have found some kind of harmony among the cost and execution of their items.

Sound Technica AT2020 best affordable microphones is that racehorse with regards to their condenser amplifiers. There’s not another approach to portraying this mic other than great.

You are getting an ideal combo of usefulness, incredible structure, appropriate equipment, and great execution.

While it may not be something numerous experts would use for the top of the line ventures, best microphones on a budget have ended up in various lover grade and even semi star recording studios all around the globe.
On the off chance that you are searching for an inside and out great entertainer, look no further.

5. Blue Snowball


  • Custom condenser container offers a completely clear sound for Skype, Messages, and FaceTime
  • Record vocals, make digital recordings and add portrayal to your home motion pictures
  • Add clear sound to accounts for YouTube.
  • Simple fitting and play legitimately to your Mac or PC-no drivers to introduce
  • Snowball iCE is a USB 2.0 gadget


  • The minimized structure makes it appropriate for use in a hurry.
  • Extraordinary form quality that is standard for Yeti condenser mics.
  • Extraordinary nature of sound and a quite not too bad polar example.


  • Comes up short on the artfulness for the increasingly genuine account of acoustic instruments.

Price on Amazon

In case you’re uncertain about whether or not condensers are something you need to get into, there are arrangements, for example, Blue Snowball iCE which might be an appropriate trade-off.

This best wireless microphone under 100 is a condenser receiver yet it doesn’t require apparition capacity to work. Rather than requiring an XLR link, you can simply plug it into your PC utilizing a USB link.

With regards to execution, this best condenser mic under 100 packs a serious pleasant punch. You’re taking a gander at a decent account design followed by an all-around custom-fitted affectability profile.

6. Samson C01


  • Multi-reason studio condenser receiver
  • Cardioid pickup design with great off-pivot dismissal
  • Ideal for vocals, guitars, stringed-instruments, drums and then some
  • Rough mic structure with substantial measure work grille
  • Gold-plated XLR connector


  • A straightforward, work arranged plan that just works.
  • Snappy plan and plenty of shading subjects ensure that you’ll locate a decent blend.


  • The absence of any sort of highlights is to some degree baffling.

Price on Amazon

Samson is one of those brands that are about a simple exhibition at the cost of Samson C01. There is nothing rapid about this amplifier.

It is about astonishingly nonexclusive as far as to plan. This best budget condenser mic packs a 19mm diaphragm, which gives it a lot of capacity to get further subtleties of your voice. The mouthpiece works very well with most amps and isn’t excessively critical or fastidious.

The main drawback is the total absence of constriction or onboard sound enhancement. Truth be told, we’re prepared to let that fly thinking about the cost.

7. Shure MV5


  • 3 DSP Preset Modes (Vocals, Flat, Instrument)
  • Worked in earphone yield for continuous checking
  • Exceptionally tuned amplifier case gives top tier sound
  • Accessible in 2 hues dark with dark froth and dark with red froth
  • Included anodized aluminum work area stand and coordinated string mount well with any standard 1/4″ camera tripod string


  • Shure quality that is obvious from the second you unload MV5.
  • Great nature of sound immediately.
  • Extraordinary arrangement of utilitarian highlights planned for assisting amateurs.


  • It is somewhat clumsy without a stand.

Price on Amazon

Shure, being one of the experts in the business, is loaded with shocks even in the reasonable fragment of the market.

Shure MV5, the good cheap microphone, offers something very invigorating which might be appropriate for new clients and the individuals who simply need to record music. As you can most likely advise, it is a USB mic that includes a vintage plan and considerably more.

As an advanced condenser, one of the best budget microphones offers better than expected definition and sound quality for this portion.

Notwithstanding, it genuinely exceeds expectations in highlights. Rather than disturbing you with polar examples, constriction, and different things, Shure, the best budget mic, has worked in a few unmistakable chronicle profiles.

Thusly you can choose a Vocals profile in case you’re recording voice or the Instrument profile for acoustic instruments.

8. Razer Seiren X


  • Utilizes a super-cardioid pickup amplifier to dispose of diverting clamors further away from the receiver for proficient evaluation stream sound
  • Dampens vibrations to help secure against knocks for smooth and continuous sound
  • Allows for constant in-stream observing without confounding reverberations


  • Great form quality that has been equal with Razer of late.
  • A basic yet useful plan and agreeable measurements.
  • All things considered serious execution with regards to recording quality sound.


  • The entire gaming part of the mic is fairly constrained.

Price on Amazon

This one of cheap but good microphones is gradually crawling into the universe of superior quality sound.
Razer Seiren X, the best inexpensive condenser mic, is an exceptionally intriguing condenser, shrouded under the pretense of offering a superior gaming experience to its clients.

This best usb condenser mic under 100 packs some intriguing arrangements. First of all, we have worked in stun mount which works genuinely well. At that point, there is the super-cardioid polar example which implies more accuracy and increasingly directional information.


With everything taken into account, looking for the best budget condenser mic for vocals is generally down to your inclinations and what you require in a mic. Focus on the specs and have a perused of a portion of the surveys.


1. What is a good cheap microphone?

Out of all the products above, MXL 770 is the best budget voice over microphone because of its durability and reviews by customers.

2. What’s the best cheap microphone for recording?

Samson C01 is considered to be the best dynamic microphone under 100 if the budget is the thing you are not willing to compromise on. It will give you results like any other good quality microphone provides.

3. What is the best cheap condenser microphone?

Audio-Technica AT2020 is durable and the best cheap condenser microphone.

4. What is the best condenser microphone?

Blue Snowball is the best condenser microphone available today in the market.

5. How do I choose a microphone for recording?

The things that you should be considering are the durability, diaphragm size, and also the price you are willing to spend. If you are a beginner these things will assist you to have a great buy for yourself.

6. Which microphone should I buy?

It all depends on what you require from a microphone, you can choose any of the above microphones that are suitable for your needs and it will be worth the money. MXL 770 is the one that is recommended because of its durability at the low price.

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