Subwoofer is the heart of a car. If it is working, you are enjoy driving your car and if it is not as per your desire, you can not appreciate it. That is why, I am here with a list of the best car competition subwoofer. All are not only reasonable but also durable ensuring the longevity and better functionality. You would not regret spending money over it, so let us move towards them.

A Buying Guide To The Best Car Competition Subwoofer

Before buying competition subwoofer, there are multiple points to consider including sound quality, speaker size and dimensions, bass boost, technical aspects, and whatnot. By comparing these factors, you can surely make the best purchase.

Sound Quality

  • The essential job of subwoofers is to augment bass. If the SPL is too high, the bass is less crisp.
  • You need a subwoofer that adjusts the quality and pressing factor of your sound waves.
  • The peak power (PP) reveals to you how much beating voltage the speaker can withstand without tearing.
  • Aside from the subwoofer, you need an amp 75% to 150% of your speaker’s RMS.

Speaker Dimensions

  • Vehicle subwoofers are introduced in the storage trunk. They come in sizes going from 6 inches to 15 inches.
  • Smaller speakers are simpler to install, while a 15-ich subwoofer could fill your trunk. Bigger subwoofers push more air, which means they have higher SPLs.
  • The best competition subwoofers have bigger spiders, voice loops. Their cones are higher in quality, and the speakers have a higher RMS of 1,000W or more.

Bass Boost

  • The more profound your bass, you more your vehicle vibrates.
  • In any case, a lot of basses can shake your teeth and shake your windows, so pick SPLs that function admirably with your vehicle model.
  • You need to dodge sound mutilation as well.
  • Pick a subwoofer with natural controls so you can without much of a stretch change the settings.
  • Exceptionally higher sensitivity subwoofers can accomplish a boisterous, profound bass without utilizing a lot of electrical power.
  • Lower frequencies give more bass, so watch that as well.

Technical Features

  • The most well-known subwoofers are 4 ohms. You can likewise purchase 2-ohm and 8-ohm speakers.
  • Impedance depicts the measure of obstruction in your subwoofer, so in case you are utilizing speakers, watch that they coordinate the impedance rating of your subwoofer.
  • You can likewise choose whether you need a double voice coil or a solitary one.
  • The quantity of loops influences the spread of obstruction.
  • At last, consider the packaging or encased in an area where your subwoofer sits.
  • If it is an enclosed case, the acoustics are improved and your bass is additionally fulfilling.
  • The sound stays sharp and crisp, even at lower volumes.
  • If it is an open subwoofer, it might have a port or a detour.
  • These subwoofers offer stronger volumes however less bass, so choose your need before you purchase.

Top 6 Best Car Competition Subwoofer

For your comfortability, I have prepared a list of the best car competition subwoofer and all are decided on the basis of the buying guide. So, let us move towards them.

ImageNameCheck Price
American Bass USA XFL 1244

1,000 watts peak power
2,000 watts RMS power
3 inches voice coil
Price on Amazon
Orion HCCA15 12″ Car Subwoofer

5,000 watts peak power
2,000 watts RMS power
Polypropylene cone woofer
Price on Amazon
Skar Audio ZVX-12v2 D2

Dual 2 ohms SPL
3,000 watts peak power
1,500 watts RMS power
Price on Amazon
Skar Audio DDX-15

Dual 2 ohms woofer
1,500 watts peak power
1,000 watts RMS power
Price on Amazon
American Bass 8″ Competition Woofer

400 watts RMS
800 watts Max
Non-pressed paper cone
Price on Amazon
Power Acoustik MOFO-154X

Weighs 0.07 pounds
4 layers voice coil
Die cast aluminum voice coils
Price on Amazon
  1. American Bass USA XFL 1244- Competition Level Subwoofers

American Bass USA XFL 1244 2000W Max Dual 4Ω 12" Subwoofer

Price on Amazon

Key Features

  • 1,000 watts peak power
  • 2,000 watts RMS power
  • 3 inches voice coil
  • Die cast aluminum basket
  • Uni rubber gasket

If you are trying to buy the best car competition subwoofer, nothing could be more perfect than this American bass speaker. Furthermore, the specs on this American Bass speaker are genuinely high. The subwoofer has two voice coils that each offers 4 ohms of current, which means you have a complete impedance of 8 ohms. In numerous items, 12-inch speakers are the baby of the family and you would not count on it. Not so with American Bass.

Inside this American brand range, 12-inch speakers are the bigger model. They have a mounting profundity of 7.6 inches. And keeping in mind that a few speakers have aluminum formers, this one uses a rubber corner to hold its magnet set up. Up top, the rubber gasket has a ribbed, adjusted surface that just takes into account two sweep settings. The distinction in these radii is outwardly irrelevant, however it works.

The speaker cone is made of non-squeezed paper and diecast aluminum sewed together. The paper is strengthened with carbon Kevlar and thickly pressed froth. The 220 ounces magnet itself is triple-stacked to help the 3-inch voice loops. As far as power output, this subwoofer has a peak intensity of 2,000W and RMS of 1,000W. The speaker uses Conex insects to chill off.  This 38 pounds American Bass XFL speaker is hefty for various world records. Its perfect sound and steady output make it a firm top pick among sound systems. Go and take a profound look over it on Amazon to buy yours.

  1. Orion HCCA15 12″ Car Subwoofer- Orion Competition Subwoofers  

Orion HCCA15 12" Car Subwoofer 2000 Watts - Old Model

Price on Amazon

Key Features

  • 5,000 watts peak power
  • 2,000 watts RMS power
  • Polypropylene cone woofer
  • Rubber tri radius surround
  • Enhanced voice coil cooling system

From the start, it could be difficult to perceive how this Orion is not quite the same as the others. All things considered, it has a lower top power of about 4,000W. The peak power just alludes to eruptions of sound, so the previous model can withstand more enthusiastically beat drops than this one. Yet, their RMS is the equivalent of 2,000W for both meaning they can utilize indistinguishable amplifiers.

Another key contrast is its buildup quality. Their edges have marginally various shapes that this model has a more extensive edge at the top, which influences the mounting cycle. Additionally, this model is more profound at 16 inches, and its voice loops are more extensive at the base. These measurements will intensely impact how you mount your subwoofer, remembering its area for your trunk and the size of its nook.

The 4-ohm Orion has double voice loops with 2 ohms each. When it comes to the sensitivity, know that it is 87.4 dB, which is higher than the human security threshold of 80 dB. So, while this speaker will shake the entire vehicle, do not sit excessively near it or you may damage your eardrums. The copper voice loops are mounted on an aluminum formers. Both are amazing conductors, so they get chill down quicker. Truly, this subwoofer is bigger than its previous models, estimating 17 inches for what it is worth the money. It weighs 90 pounds so be cautious as you mount as you do not need your vehicle getting base bulky.

  1. Skar Audio ZVX-12v2 D2- Competition Car Audio

Price on Amazon

Key Features

  • Dual 2 ohms SPL
  • 3,000 watts peak power
  • 1,500 watts RMS power
  • 3″ 8-layer Copper Voice Coil
  • Advanced Air Flow Cooling Design

If you need a subwoofer that is on the more accommodating side, the Skar Audio 12-inch functions admirably. It is genuinely ground-breaking for a speaker of its size, with 3,000W peak power and 1,500W RMS. The subwoofer reacts to frequencies between 30 Hz and 400 Hz, which means it has a more extensive scope of bass. The subwoofer has a wide base, however its 3-inch voice loop making it smaller.

The ZVX-12v2 has two voice loops, each offering 2 ohms of impedance. The 3-inch copper loop twists multiple times around its tube-shaped triple-stack attractive base. This permits it to withstand exceptional temperatures while cooling sufficiently quick to forestall short circuits. The subwoofer cone is made of grade paper encompassed by high move froth. The two of them decrease contortion. This subwoofer is tolerably amazing in output, and its SPL is 83.7 dB. The Qts for this current subwoofer’s walled in area is 0.45 so the subwoofer should be totally fixed in.

To keep your speakers at ideal working temperatures, Skar utilizes a cooling configuration stream that is exceptionally cutting-edge. While the subwoofer’s frequency range is 30 to 400 HZ, the speaker has frequencies of 44 Hz before move off. Then, the Xmax of its voice loops is 29 mm. The triple-slug magnet weighs 306 ounces, so it successfully counters the speaker’s 4-ohm absolute obstruction. Its Bl is 21.8.

  1. Skar Audio DDX-15- Best Car Competition Subwoofer

Skar Audio DDX-15 D2 15" 1500 Watt Max Power Dual 2 Ohm Car Subwoofer

Price on Amazon

Key Features

  • Dual 2 ohms woofer
  • 1,500 watts peak power
  • 1,000 watts RMS power
  • 5 inches copper voice coils
  • Air flow cooling design
  • 20 Hz to 250 Hz frequency range response

As far as settings, the Skar Audio 15 inches could have similar specs as its more modest choice. A few models have 3-inch voice loops, 1,500W RMS, and 3,000W peak power. It covers a marginally more extensive frequency scope of 25 Hz to 400 Hz. There is a bigger 18-inch model that extends frequencies to 20Hz and ups its peak power and RMS to 3,200W and 1,600W individually.

All things considered this specific model is not essential for the ZVX arrangement. And maybe, it is from the DDX family. Its particular model number is DDX 15D2. This implies it is a 15-inch speaker, however its double loops just have 1 ohm of impedance for every coil. So, while ZVX speakers have 4-ohm of obstruction, this DDX just has 2 ohms. Its voice loop is smaller as well, with a measurement of 2.5 inches.

This speaker is less amazing. Its peak power is 1,500W and its RMS is 1,000W. Yet, its SPL is higher at 90.6 dB, and its magnet is super loaded instead of the triple-slug ones introduced in ZVX subwoofers. It uses a similar sort of cone however – sewed high froth roll and paper. It cools as fast yet has a lower Fs of 33.6 Hz and a frequency scope of 20 Hz to 250 Hz. The 202 ounces super load magnet in this subwoofer is a solid match for its 2.5-inch loops. Its external cone breadth might be bigger however all its internals are more modest, lighter, and more conservative.

  1. American Bass 8″ Competition Woofer- Competition Car Speakers

Price on Amazon

Key Features

  • 400 watts RMS
  • 800 watts Max
  • Non-pressed paper cone
  • High density foam surround
  • Has cast aluminum basket

This 8 inches American Bass subwoofer is outwardly explicit. While it uses a similar carbon-kevlar aluminum basket, the base of the container is woven, giving it a more finished look. However, the remainder of the cone actually contains high roll sewed froth and non-squeezed paper. It has a similar ribbed and adjusted elastic seal at the top, and a similar 4-ohm double coils.

Yet, it is practically half as light at 15.35 pounds, and its external measurements are 7.5 inches inside and out and 10 inches in width. The peak power on this speaker is 800W and its RMS is 400W, which means it is scaled down both in size and electrical output. A comparative, marginally more remarkable adaptation offers 1,200W top power and 600W RMS, so twofold verify what you are purchasing.

Being a low-power system, this subwoofer is best for low-bass music inclinations. So, it is appropriate for vocal feeds like book recordings and webcasts. Music-wise, it works for old style, instrumental, delicate, traditional, or high pitch jazz. If you attempt to play hip-bounce or bass-heavy jazz or drum-led rock, you will be disappointed. However, it is a decent decision if your vehicle has a smaller than usual incubate or little trunk. Outwardly, this speaker is slight and you may excuse it. Its capacity output is on the lower side too. However, if you generally need it for sound reading and simple tuning in, it turns out great.

  1. Power Acoustik MOFO-154X- Best Competition Subwoofers

Price on Amazon

Key Features

  • Weighs 0.07 pounds
  • 4 layers voice coil
  • Die cast aluminum voice coils
  • Dual Poly cotton spiders

If you are on a chase for a cheap subwoofer, at that point this is the most ideal alternative for you. Power Acoustik brings you one of the first-class competition subwoofers that you can discover in the market today. These are sold at a value that you could concede to and performs truly well. The speaker itself weighs around 32 pounds and has a component of 9 inches by 9 inches in height and 9 inches in width. It likewise has a 15 inches profundity so you know that it can fit a nook box well.

Notwithstanding, the guarantee for this one is just 90 days which is not that awful by any means. It runs on a 3,000 watts power output and 1,700 watts RMS. It has 8 measure pressure wire terminals that encase the wires so it remains set up regardless of whether the speakers are pounding. It likewise accompanies aluminum support balances with a dust cap so dust can not get accumulated.

With these, you make certain life expectancy of your speakers can keep going quite a while. The subwoofer is constructed with super loaded magnets with 340 ounces of strontium ferrite. There are double Conex webs inside just as 2.5 inches of 4-layer loops on aluminum previous making it stronger contrasted with different brands.


Extracting the best car competition subwoofer was pretty challenging and it me a profound research over multiple factors and find the best ones. You can undoubtedly count on them. Check them on Amazon and make your choice as per your desires. I will recommend you to go for American Bass USA XFL 1244. But if you find any other subwoofer more decent, you can count on it without any stress.


What is the best car competition subwoofer?

In the list of the best car competition subwoofer, you can count on the following:

  • American Bass USA XFL 1244
  • Orion HCCA15 12″ Car Subwoofer
  • Skar Audio ZVX-12v2 D2
  • Skar Audio DDX-15
  • American Bass 8″ Competition Woofer
  • Power Acoustik MOFO-154X

What is the most powerful car subwoofer?

Powerful car subwoofers are very much required to enjoy an enormous bass, and in the race of powerful subwoofers, the following always win:

  • American Bass USA XFL 1244
  • Orion HCCA15 12″ Car Subwoofer
  • Skar Audio ZVX-12v2 D2
  • Skar Audio DDX-15
  • American Bass 8″ Competition Woofer
  • Power Acoustik MOFO-154X

Are 15 inch subs louder than 12?

In this manner, the less specialized response to the inquiry is that any remaining factors being controlled, the 15 inches will be stronger than the 12 inches. You can take care of it more power and get more volume, and for low-frequency signals, that is in fact significant, as they might be generally intangible.

What size subwoofer is best for bass?

12-inch subwoofer is likely the most adaptable size as it can deal with a wide assortment of music. It is a typical secondary selling purchase and it is famous with audiophiles with a greater bass hunger. A 12-inch subwoofer is incredible for creating additional bass and it works wells with plenty of frequencies.

Does a capacitor help subwoofers?

If the amplifier draws more flow than is accessible from the electrical framework simply, the capacitor conceals the distinction to it put away limit. The battery is not over-burden and the vehicle voltage stays consistent. The capacitor will help guarantee your music does not go level, yet has the dynamic quality you love.


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