Apple didn’t really change much in the recently released iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. Except Water Resistance, New Home Button, Improved Hardware/Specs and obviously the Dual Camera system in the iPhone 7 Plus. The upcoming 10 months will be a really difficult time to wait as we anticipate the iPhone 8 or the 8 Plus. Yes you read it right!

The iPhone 7 just came and went. The reason why iPhone 8 is going to be a massive upgrade is because for the first time in three years we are going to see a new design. We are going to see some crazy tech that we have never seen on an iPhone before. I am not saying we haven’t seen this tech before. Apple is going to be heavily borrowing from Galaxies and from many other Android phones. I got to say you know no shame Apple is going to do as long as it makes the iPhone 8 better.

So the iPhone 8 in three years is going to get a new design, a new display and new tech.

So here we will share everything we know about the iPhone 8 right now! The fact is we know a lot that I am myself actually surprised about how much there is going around about iPhone 8.

Now before going any further into iPhone 8, I would like to talk about iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. We already knew most of the stuff before its release. There should be no surprise if same happens again. Talking about iPhone 7 and 7 Plus only three or four rumors were wrong out of many others which were obviously a blue color, a smart connector, and true tone display from iPad which we never saw.

There were only a few things which were wrong versus many things which were right and that was months and months prior to the release of iPhone 7 and 7 Plus.

The rumors which I am going to be mentioning are not just made up. They are coming from reliable Apple analysts who have a good reputation from history and from the sources that are proven again and again to be reliable.

iphone 8 render

credit goes to Apple iDesigner for these amazing renders

So let’s begin with the iPhone 8

What will it be called?

There’s a little dilemma here as it will the 10th century of iPhone since iPhone 2G from 2007. So this means Apple could actually change the naming scheme of the iPhone 8 or 8 Plus.

How Many Models will be there?

There will be three iPhone’s iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and an Unnamed iPhone. Which will be an exclusive flagship with the organic led display. A new design and it’s going to be completely different from the standard lineup. The reliable sources the Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg reports that this is going to happen.

What will that Exclusive Unnamed Flagship look like?

Well in Jony Ive’s own words it will look like a flat pane of glass which means the front and back both will be completely made out of glass. It will be the cleanest sleekest looking design on an iPhone ever although we don’t know about the sides whether they will be made up of glass or metal.

Will the iPhone 8 have a Home Button?

No, the iPhone 8 will not have a Home Button. It will feature a futuristic design. If we talk about iPhone 7 and 7 Plus they both technically don’t have a Home Button but a piece of glass which doesn’t press but makes it feels like it is being pressed by the help of Taptic Engine.

iphone 8

In the upcoming iPhone 8, it will have a fully integrated Home Button, which won’t be physical which means no cut out for a home button. A plain glass pane on which we can use touch id anywhere and obviously it will be an incredibly clean front look on the phone.

The Front Camera will be Fully Integrated in the Organic LED Display. Yes the question is why Apple is going to use glass in the upcoming iPhone 8. There are three answers to these questions. Which are Glass itself looks beautiful with glossy look, it is less prone to scratches as compared to Jet Black iPhone 7 which is basically a metal Painted Glossy Black and the final reason is the transmission of energy which means with the help of glass Wireless Charging will surely come to the iPhone 8 . Yes it is coming to the iPhone 8.

Also there is a 50/50 rumor that Apple might feature wireless charging from a distance. This is quite unsure at the moment but sources suggest that Apple has partnered with multiple firms to overcome this issue but in any case, we are getting normal wireless charging in the upcoming iPhone 8.

A couple of differences that we are quite skeptical about are that the standard iPhone 8 and 8 Plus will not have an OLED Display. Which means OLED Displays will only be reserved for the Higher end unnamed flagship iPhone only. The Dual Camera system will be available on the Higher End Model and the standard iPhone 8 Plus. They both will have the same camera but the iPhone 8 will have a single lens shooter. Though it is unclear that if it will have that camera bump on the back or it will have a flat design. The dual camera system on the exclusive iPhone and 8 Plus will have Optical Image Stabilization on both the lenses.

Lastly I would like to talk about the actual power. The current A10 chip on the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus is blazing fast even if we see it in GeekBench scores or if it is in real life the results are mind blowing.

TSMC the manufacturer of Apple chips spoke and mentioned that A11 will receive 20 percent increase in terms of power compared with A10 and a huge 40 percent decrease in consumption of power which means much more longer lasting battery also the A11 chip will be based on 10-nanometer structure instead of 16-nanometer.

So guys this is all we know about the iPhone 8 at the moment. We will update you with everything we come to know about the iPhone 8 in the future.

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