‘How much power is my PC consuming?’. This is a question that must have had come in your mind at some point when you are working or gaming on your PC. So today I will try to show that how can you measure How much power is your PC consuming?.

There are many free softwares out there that show the power usage of certain components, but the total power consumption of your PC is harder to obtain. You can get a rough idea by adding up the individual wattage values, but that would be not accurate and in some cases, your PC may be not able to reach those numbers in real-world conditions. Some Softwares may claim to calculate the exact value of your PC power consumption, but believe me, they are just lying!

So let’s get to the point. How can we calculate how much power does our PC consume?

Let’s take a visit of some tools or some devices that you can use to measure the total power consumption of your PC or Laptop.


Microsoft provides us with the tool called Joulemeter. It measures the power draw of the laptops running off of the battery quite easy but using it with your PC might me tricky. Although you can manually calibrate Joulemeter if you know the power consumption of some of your PC parts but It would be quite hectic work to do. An expensive power-monitoring device would do this work quite efficiently.Microsoft's Joulemeter power consumption calculator

Power Supply Calculator

Another such web-based software is Power Supply Calculator. Just fill in the details, and you can get fairly accurate estimate PC power consumption value. You may not be able to measure the total power consumption of your pc in real-time, but it is quite handy to use if you are planning to build your PC. This tool is mainly for builders, but you can use it too just to get rid of your curiosity!Power Supply Calculator tool

OuterVision Power consumption calculator

If you can’t find out your components listed in Power Supply Calculator, here’s the updated one. OuterVision Power consumption calculator. You can find your latest Gaming components here and calculate you PC wattage. OR If you are planning to custom build your Gaming Rig, this is a good tool to get an idea about the power consumption.

Measure PC power supply


Kill A Watt meter

But what about Monitoring your PC power consumption in real-time?. Here’s I brought you the classic, the best, recommended by PC builders, Kill A Watt meter. This $23 little device works wonder and requires no software. It shows the power values on its LED screen. It supports watts, amps, KW/hours and other functions with real-time results that make observing the shift between idle states and full-load operation a snap. Kill A Watt still remains the go-to hardware device. Mainly because it is cheap and does what it says! Buy this and you will never ask yourself again ‘How much power is my PC consuming’!

Kill A Watt Power Supply Calculator

I would recommend that before building a PC, you should always check the total Power Consumption of your supposed system if you are taking into consideration the energy bills.