When you play Clash of Clans, it is not enough to just play according to the rules of the game as well as the tutorial. You cannot become successful in Clash of Clans without getting out of the box. Thus, you should be able to formulate strategies that would be useful enough to help you successfully attack enemy bases as well as defend yours. It is very helpful to use the Clash of Clans apk but apart from that, you should improve the defense of your village. This article discusses to you in particular how you should position your clan castle correctly to be able to have a good defense within your village as well as how to use the Clash of Clans APK to improve the state of your game.

The Clan Castle

Probably, the clan castle is one of the most useful structures in the game that provides good defense. However, you can only make the most out of this if you place it at the middle or center of your base. By placing the clan castle at the center, whenever an enemy troop is dispatched on your village, the troops within the clan castle will be able to have a long range before attacking the enemy. You should keep in mind that the troops inside the clan castle will be able to hop or jump over your walls allowing them to attack nearby enemies.

Positioning the Clan Castle

However, if you place the clan castle outside your walls, your enemy can simply drop a troop that will act as bait for the troops within the clan castle to come out. These troops will then be attacked by your enemy or even be put into the poison spell thereby decreasing their usefulness. If you keep your clan castle within your base, they would have to take damage and take down your walls before they can even reach your castle and the troops within it.

Requesting for Troops

At the lower levels of the Town Hall, it is a good idea to have archers within your clan castle. They will act as good defenses because they will be able to attack your enemies while being inside the walls. They can then shoot down the barbarians and the giants without taking any damage. However, for the high levels of Town Hall, it is better to keep dragons or even golems to defend the village.

Using the Clash of Clans APK

To upgrade the Clan Castle to that you will be able to request for more troops from your clan, you need to have some resources available. If ever that may be a problem with you, then you can instead use the Clash of Clans apk to obtain the resources needed to upgrade the Clan Castle.