Because of the Factory Reset Protection embedded in the Android 5.0 version of the Android operating system, it can get very difficult for you to access your phone again after factory resetting it in case you have bought the phone from a third party or when you forgot your Google account username or password. Fortunately, there is a solution to this problem. The solution is to Bypass Google account verification. This article will discuss to you when you should bypass the google account verification thereby helping you in a situation when you need to get access into your phone.

When You Want to Sell your Phone

When you want to sell your phone, you should factory reset it so that your files and personal information will be erased and the person to whom you will sell the phone will not have any access to it. This way, your privacy and personal details can get protected. You should factory reset your phone then bypass the google account if ever you cannot seem to access the phone, especially after factory resetting your Android version 5.0 lollipop. Do this especially if you do not really know the person whom you will be selling your phone to.

When You Want to Give Your Phone

Sometimes you just want to buy a new phone but you do not want to keep it anymore or you just want someone else to make a use of it so you will give it to someone else. In this case, you would want the person who will receive the phone to think that he or she will be the real owner of the phone. So what you should do is to erase everything from the phone including your personal information and files. A way to do that is to factory reset it so that the phone will appear brand new to the new owner. So you should bypass google account when you factory reset your phone in this case.

When You Bought or Received a Phone from Someone

If you bought or received a new phone from someone, then you may not be able to factory reset it if you cannot bypass the Google account verification stage. So you should rely on bypass Google account to be able to gain access and use it.

When You Forgot Your Google Account Details

If for some reason, you have forgotten your google account details such as your email and password and you cannot access your phone anymore after factory resetting it, then you should bypass Google account to be able to access it once again.

These are the situations when you should bypass Google account. Take note of these reasons so that when you encounter them, you already know what to do.