As we all know Battlefield 1 Server Rental Programme has just rolled out, It’s the only way you can own a Battlefield 1 server on your PC. Unfortunately, it comes with certain major problems that I am going to point out. Before going to Rent a server, you should take a look at the following Battlefield 1 Server Rental Problems first.

In the previous titles i.e,Battlefield 3/4, you could rent the servers from 3rd party websites but now it’s all done internally. You have to order them directly from DICE. It’s not bad provided we get better tools to control the server, but here come the problems.

Let’s take a look into this one-by-one

Battlefield 1 Server Rental Problems

DICE Developers say that they are going to constantly update the game, but at its launch, there are many things that should be in the Server management options are absent. I will take you to the given Server Rental interface that is in the game.

In the details option, you can obviously change the Map name and message. In the Maps/Modes you can set the map rotation and the Game mode but now the problem comes in.

Battlefield 1 Server Rental


You can’t set the Players limit. Yeah, you heard me right. However, you pay the set amount and get a 64 slots’ server. But if you want to put small game modes like Domination and Rush, your server will automatically be limited to the lowest player count i.e, 24 slots.

Battlefield 1 Rent a server

As you can see in the pic below, you can limit weapons types but you can’t limit the specific weapons like gas grenades or some other gadgets. This means we will have to continue taking on our mask as every player has “two gas grenades” in the game which becomes really disturbing sometimes. Same goes with the Vehicles. Once a class is banned, it won’t let you choose a weapon from that class.

Battlefield 1 server rental problems

Under the MISC and rules, you get basic options like Kill Cam. Friendly fire, 3D spotting etc.

Lastly, you pick your region and here comes the real problem. Less than a week after the launch of Battlefield 1, you could no longer order a server from Europe and US-East because the capacity has already been reached. This problem is still there. So you have to wait at least a month more before more capacity is added.

Battlefield 1 server rental regions

In Battlefield 3/4 there was pricing per slot while in Battlefield 1 you have to pay a set amount of money and you get 64-players server. This means if you want a server for you and your friends to enjoy having 12-24 slots, you have to pay the full price of 64 players to get it. However, Dice is looking forward to these issues and we know that they listen to the community. See the prices of the servers below.

Battlefield 1 server rent prices

  • 1 Day > EUR 2.99
  • 7 Days > EUR 11.99
  • 30 Days > EUR 42.99
  • 90 Days > EUR 89.99
  • 180 Days > EUR 139.99

So these are the bunch of options available to you. You can also check these out in the Store menu in the game. Now let’s move on to the greater Battlefield 1 Server Rental Problems.

Suppose you have bought a server and you are enjoying playing on it, but a player comes in trolling/abusing/ or whatever, there are no controls to Ban or simply KICK the player. This sounds disgusting, isn’t it? You got to rely on the automated system to deal with it.

Another thing that’s going to hurt the content creators is that you can’t password-protect your server and once a player gets in you can’t kick him too. We also can’t hold tournaments with the current system because anybody can pop-in the tournament map and worst of all you cant kick him. Worst case scenario, suppose that you have your server running but there are already 64 players playing, now you can’t kick any player to make room for you. We don’t know if there’s a hidden set of options once you buy the server but these options are currently not on the list.

For the one who is running a server they really should have as much control as possible over how its run. You can’t set a custom limit of players needed to start the game. Surprisingly, this feature is already available on the console, but not available on the first build on the PC. Moreover, you can’t change the weather effects like fog etc which some players don’t like it as they find it intrusive in their gameplay.

There are a lot of other problems like no local servers available for South Africa and Asia region, and they have to play on 200-300ms ping on the EU servers. Battlefield 1 developers should take a stand for this and at least provide them with some local servers so they can also play with good ping.

The Server Rental Programme has failed to make an impression on the initial stage. But this is still in the beta stage and we expect DICE to update the games and get rid of these problems.

So these were some Battlefield 1 Server Rental Problems. We hope DICE get rid of it ASAP.

Let us know in the comments what do you this about the Server Rental Programme and how can it be improved?

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