About Us

The Hub of Latest Technology News Covering Reviews of Gadgets, Video Games and Much More. Giving People an Insight of What to Buy.

The team consist of :

Nehal Nasir
Nehal Nasir is Founder of CuzGeek. He is also a player of CS:GO and Battlefield 4/3. Being a tech enthusiast, he loves to express his thoughts on smartphones, laptops and other tech related stuff, He handles the business matters and the blog itself!
Hassan Kumail Ali
Hassan Kumail Ali a.k.a Kumail Khan is Co-founder of CuzGeek. Proudly represents PC Master Race :).He plays CS:GO,Battlefield 1/4, Rocket League (don't say it's a kids' game :@). He covers the news, reviews and his favorite topic "Top 10s" at CuzGeek.Also Handles the social media links of this website.He is always interested in upcoming tech and to tell everyone about it. Peace out!